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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 329: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NORMAL LIFE AND MAFIA

Mu Feng called his secretary and said, "Go to the Control Room and search into the nation security of Germany. Search the areas of the Elbe river and find out where Xiao Lan was found and who took her. Also the details of the person. You have only ten hours."His secretary was about to sleep after a long day. After receiving such an order, he got out of his bed and said, "Yes, boss."Mu Feng also felt bad for him. He could guess what kind of cyclone was blowing away over his subordinates. He said, "After this mission completes, you can have a week off."Mu Feng's secretary was in tears. He emotionally said, "Thank you, boss!"After hanging up, Mu Feng called his brother, "Big brother, the video you sent to Li sheng's secretary, did he took it?"Mu Liang answered, "No. It was in the hotel room. My man destroyed it." He would never leave even a simple trace to make anyone suspicious.Mu Feng chuckled and said, "I know you have a copy. Send it to me. I already ordered my secretary to find sister Lan. He will find her within ten hours. Don't worry too much."Mu Liang agreed and sent him the video clip through an email. Immediately Mu Feng opened it and began looking into it.In the meantime, Qi Ying came out of the bathroom after a nice bath and saw Mu Feng was watching something horrifying. A soft hearted girl like her couldn't handle the cruelty and fell down on the floor. Her face turned white and she began to shiver.As soon as Mu Feng heard the sound of her falling down, he was startled and looked behind him. He was shocked to see Qi Ying's pale face. He instantly got up and quickly came towards her."Don't touch me!" Qi Ying screamed. Her voice quivered and tears ran down. She rejected him the same way she did five years ago.Mu Feng hands paused. He felt hurt at her reaction. He was the King of the European Underworld. He lived with the cruel world. Nothing could make him feel weak except this tender woman crying in front of him."Why.. why did you kill these innocent children? What did they do to harm you?" Qi Ying shivered as she asked. She dared not to look at Mu Feng.Mu Feng bit his lips and began to say, "It's not me-""But he's your man!" Qi Ying screamed again. It was the first time she screamed like this way. She never did it even when they broke up five years ago. "Children are innocent. How could you-""So children can be innocent. But if sister Lan is adult, she can't be innocent?" Mu Feng's expression changed dramatically. When it was about his family or lover, he gave them full support. Even now he was talking to the woman he loved, and he didn't forget that his sister was an important part of the family too.Qi Ying could differentiate Mu Feng's changethe change in Mu Feng's behaviour. She looked at him with teary eyes and said, "What this children have to do with Xiao Lan? They didn't hurt her.""But their father did." Mu Feng calmly said. His eyes were calmer than deep sea."Why didn't you hurt their father?" Qi Ying couldn't understand Mu Feng's logic."Because he didn't hurt my big brother, but his most loving family member.""It doesn't make sense!" Qi Ying refused to believe why they had to kill those innocent children."Ying, our mafia world is unlike your normal innocent world. We don't deal with normal people. We always deal with people who are of our kind. We have our rules and we follow them. The man who hurt sister Lan was part of Chinese mafia. Of course as European mafia, we needed to teach them a lesson for acting out of their territory." Mu Feng explained as much as possible."But the children and the old people" Qi Ying couldn't continue and sobbed."One person in the family is mafia, then the whole family automatically becomes part of the mafia. Don't you remember that you got poisoned? Why do you think you were poisoned? It's because the moment you accepted to be with me, you are part of the mafia. If someone has grudge on me, they will try to hurt the weakest spot, and that is you! Whereas, I have to punish those criminals with their family. Then, will you question me why did I hurt them? If you want to do that, you should ask them first, why did they hurt you. And if you ask them, it will be the most idiotic thing you have ever done." Mu Feng knew that he was acting harshly. However, if this soft hearted woman wanted to stay by his side for the rest of their lives, then she had to know the reality of the world sooner or later, or she would be greatly affected by it in future. He knew that it was the best time to make her realize the life of the Queen of European Underworld."You are right. Those children were innocent. It is also true that sister Lan is innocent. What did she ever do to harm those guys? Still, her parents were taken from her, the family she grew up with didn't like her, they played with her heart and then destroyed her life which could have been very beautiful. And now my brother who waited almost four years for her finally had her in his arms. But then, she was attacked by those who couldn't bear to see her alive. Why would my brother let them off? They knew the consequences and yet, they gave blind eyes and hurt someone my brother cared about the most."Mu Feng sat beside Qi Ying and said softly, "Ying, we can be even crueler than you can actually imagine. It is your choice whether you want to stay in the bloody family or not. You already know our family history. I already told you how my brother wiped out my father's cousins' families. He didn't spare the children or elders. Ying, do you still want to stay with me, even knowing these cruel things?"

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