Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 328: YOU ARE MINE

After this incident, Lu Feng tightened the security of the Lu Research Center and Mu Feng ordered four bodyguards to stay with Qi Ying. As though it wasn't enough for Mu Feng, he even stayed in Qi Ying's VIP room and did all his work from there.Qi Ying told him to go home but he didn't listen. He almost lost his beloved thrice, he couldn't take it anymore. He was practically glued to Qi Ying. Even when Lu Feng came for treating her, Mu Feng didn't leave. It was hard for the nurses and the other doctors. However, since Lu Feng didn't say anything, they didn't bother to complain.Mu Feng tried to make Qi Ying more relaxed. He took care of everything. He fed her, bathed her, changed her clothes, combed her hair, and even massaged her whole body if her body was numb.Neither Mu Feng let her go out of the room, nor did he let her open the window. He waited till his team secured all the possible areas, if there was a sniper, Mu Feng didn't want to take even the slightest risk.Qi Ying didn't complain a single word. She was scared out of her wits. She was feeling very secure when Mu Feng was with her. She was also feeling happy when other female nurses would look at her with full of jealousy.That's how five days went by. Mu Feng was tired both mentally and physically. He had no clue how his dear older brother created a havoc in China.After talking to Mu Liang, Mu Feng called his secretary and got the news. Mu Feng was extremely mad and yet half satisfied thinking how his brother punished those who hurt Mu Lan. He was sure that it was just the beginning. His brother would show them hell sooner or later.Just as he predicted, while Li Sheng and his secretary were enjoying luxuriously at Germany, someone sent the secretary a video clip. He didn't think much. He was fooling around with a German prostitute. In the morning, when he saw the video clip, his whole life turned upside down. He tried to contact the people in China but he couldn't. He took the next flight to reach Beijing. By that time, his house had already turned into ashes. His whole family was buried in there. He faced such a traumatic experience that his body went numb. From then on, he couldn't walk or talk.Li Sheng was mad because he couldn't contact his secretary as he suddenly disappeared. He still had no idea what happened in China. In the morning, when he got the news of his girlfriend's death, he immediately went back to China. When he reached, his house had already turned into a funeral place.Li Sheng saw that his girlfriend was shot in the stomach. His child was almost nine months old in her belly. It was a son. While seeing his girlfriend like that, he didn't know what to do at first. Then there was only one face which he could think of.He barged into the house of that person and saw that the person was watching television and eating popcorn. He almost went nuts and nearly choked her to death.The girl struggled and tried to say, "S-sheng. Wh.. at.. a-are you.. do ing? L-let g-go!"Li Sheng was going crazy. He really liked this girlfriend of his. He knew his ex was jealous of his new girlfriend. However, he never thought that she would be so vicious enough to kill both his girlfriend and child."You killed her right? You are jealous of her. Didn't you try to kill her a few times before?" Blue veins popped in his left temple."W-what a.. re.. y-you.. ta.. lking.. a.. bout.?" The girl simply had no clue what was going on. She did try to kill Li Sheng's girlfriend after she found out that she was pregnant. But she never succeed. She didn't even know that Li Sheng's girlfriend had been killed.Li Sheng threw her on the sofa and tore off her clothes. "You wanted me right? Giving you one son wasn't enough. Ou want another one, right? Fine, I'll give it to you."The girl saw what was happening. She realized that something happened to his girlfriend and so, he came to her. She knew very well that Li Sheng didn't have the guts to kill her because they had shared very intimate moments together. There was no way that he would kill her. Therefore, she hid her smirk and passionately accepted his love. When everything had ended, Li Sheng called his secretary and the call didn't go through. He called Assistant Si Guen who was President Li's personal Assistant.When Li Sheng wanted to know about his secretary, Si Guen asked back, "Second Master, don't you know what happened?"Li Sheng was wearing his shirt. Hearing the question, his hands halted. "What happened?""Second Master, his whole family was burnt in the house. None of them lived. He was paralyzed. We took him to the hospital but the doctor said that he went through a huge shock and he would never recover.""How did it happen?" Li Sheng found it hard to believe."Short circuit. We thought that it was a murder and the fire service confirmed everything. There was nothing suspicious." Si Guen replied.Li Sheng frowned. He found everything very suspicious. In one night both of their families died. Even then, he didn't think that it could be because of Mu Lan. He thought that it had to be one of those gangs who tried to be rebellious. He swore that he would hunt them down.As he left the house, the girl on the sofa opened her eyes and gave a sultry smile. 'Darling it had been a while since we made love. I will not let you go again. I dare you to look at other women. From now on, I'll make sure that you only take care of me and our child.' She thought.'

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