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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 327: FIVE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS

Mu Liang didn't need to guess what had happened. He searched in the CCTV footage of the shopping mall and found out that Li Sheng was in the same place while Mu Lan and the others were shopping. That's how, Li Sheng saw Mu Lan and made this devilish plan.Li Sheng never thought of hiding his trail because he had never dreamt that someone so powerful would back Mu Lan. So Hugo easily got every information they needed.At that time, if anyone was to see Mu Liang's expression, they would surely wet their pants.Mu Liang didn't touch a single hair of Li Sheng and his secretary. He sent a man from Mu Feng's A team to China. Mu Liang had every authority to order Mu Feng's teams and rule the underworld without Mu Feng's presence. At that time, Mu Feng was busy with Qi Ying's issue. So Mu Liang didn't tell him anything. He knew that Mu Feng would find out everything eventually.The man Mu Liang sent to China was a born killer. Mu Liang had personally trained that man. That serial killer was very loyal to him and he worked under Mu Liang since the very beginning of Mu Liang's reign in the underworld.The serial killer went to China and as per his order, he killed every single family member of Li Sheng's secretary. He used the most ruthless methods to kill and didn't show any mercy even to the children, let alone the three elders. Just in one night, the whole house became bloody. His parents, mother-in-law, wife, two daughters and two sons, all eight members of Li Sheng's secretary were slaughtered. The killer didn't forget to take a video of how he killed them, how they screamed, how they begged for mercy, how they screamed the secretary's name, how the children cried for their daddy. Afterwards, the killer burned down the whole house and he also took a video of it. After he was done, he went to Li Sheng's house. His house was full of bodyguards. Li Sheng had a girlfriend who was pregnant at that moment. He didn't go inside the house. He could have easily gone, but he didn't. With his sniper rifle, he killed the girl in less than ten minutes. Then, he left China with glory. In twenty hours of his stay, he killed nine people.When Mu Feng asked about the two men who tried to kill Mu Lan, Mu Liang's answer was, "In hell."Mu Feng didn't ask anything else and hung up. He knew that no matter how great was his interrogation skill, Mu Liang was much crueler than he was.These past few days, Mu Feng wasn't having any good time either. He discovered that someone was trailing Qi Ying from a couple of months and it was a man. He trailed Qi Ying and even came to Germany to get a chance to poison her.Mu Feng first caught his presence in the hotel in Germany. Then he used all his connection to get the details of this man. This man was from Italy and a wanted serial killer.Mu Feng's whole body shuddered. He was thinking, 'He was trailing her for months. If he wanted to, he could have killed her on that day itself in the hotel. No one could do anything. Even if I were to hunt him down and kill him mercilessly, my Ying would never come back.'Mu Feng clenched his fists. 'I'll hunt him down before he could take any further step.' Thinking that he ordered his A team to find him in five hours.A team was already exhausted. Still they didn't complain about it. But then five hours was too short. They found the man in France and he was living close to Lu Research Center where Qi Ying was currently staying.Mu Feng didn't wait any longer and ordered his men to capture him. At that time, his heart was beating crazily. In ten minutes, A team notified Mu Feng that the killer went inside the Lu Research Center. Mu Feng felt like his heart was almost in his throat. He called Lu Feng and asked him to tighten the security in Qi Ying's room.At that time, Lu Feng was in Qi Ying's room and Mu Feng and his team were still a mile away. Before Lu Feng could answer Mu Feng, Mu Feng suddenly heard that someone barged into the room, Qi Ying screamed and there was a loud sound before the phone connection was cut.Mu Feng swore to Buddha that if he could save his girlfriend and his childhood friend, he would not kill anyone for a week.Mu Feng took the charge of the driving seat and broke the traffic rules and reached there in five minutes. There was already tears in his eyes. He didn't take the public elevator and took Lu Feng's personal capsule elevator which was faster. In ten seconds he reached the fifteenth floor, and afterwards, he saw that the door of Qi Ying's room was open.With a trembling heart, Mu Feng entered the room and saw that the floor was all bloody, Lu Feng was also covered in blood while sitting in the corner, Qi Ying was deathly pale and a man was lying on the floor.Mu Feng first checked the man. There was a doctoral knife which pierced his heart. He was dead. It was the serial killer.Lu Feng was still catching up on his breaths. He took time to say, "He thought that I was a typical doctor who doesn't know how to fight."Mu Feng didn't look at that man anymore. He hugged Qi Ying tightly and calmed her down. Then he simply checked Lu Feng's wounds and sighed in relief that they weren't serious.Mu Feng's team came and took the body. They thoroughly cleaned the whole room. After that, Mu Feng took Lu Feng to the next room and took care of his wounds.Mu Feng wanted to interrogate that serial killer. However, he didn't feel bad that Lu Feng killed him first. If Lu Feng couldn't kill him, Mu Feng didn't want to think of what would happen next.

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