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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 326: SEARCHING FOR HER

Two ropes fell from the helicopter and seven men came down. They tracked down Mu Feng and Hugo's GPS signal and found them here. They were all professionals and knew what was wrong.Two of them wearing scuba diving suits jumped into the river in a flash. The other two went up to look for what caused the avalanche.Three other men greeted Mu Feng and Hugo. One of them was Hugo's secretary."Is big brother coming?" Mu Feng asked."He will be here in ten minutes." Hugo's secretary replied."Is there any news about Yan Su and her friends? Miss Qi is poisoned." Mu Feng said."Don't worry Second Master. Miss Zheng Yan Su called Young Master and said that Miss Qi is fine. They are heading back to the hotel. Young Master hired four bodyguards for them." He replied.Mu Feng sighed in relief. He was worried about Qi Ying.Hugo's secretary didn't ask anything even though he was dying to know. He gave Mu Feng and Hugo two bottles of brandy to make them warm.Hugo took his secretary's cell phone and dialed a few numbers. He was ashamed of himself that he couldn't protect Mu Lan.Mu Feng ordered the other two men to search the whole area if there were any clues of the accomplishes who caused everything. He had a basic idea that there were two of them and after they did their job, they probably left. Still, he wanted to get some clues.At the same time, the local police arrived after they got to know of the tourists attack."Sir, did anybody from your family fall in the river?" A policeman asked."Yes, my sister-in-law. My brother is coming soon." Mu Feng replied."Sir, can I check you papers? You can't just bring in your men without authorization. Even though you are helping us in a way, it is still illegal." That officer said.Mu Feng knew the rules of Germany. So he was well prepared. He opened his backpack and took out some documents. The second policeman checked the papers and saw that the papers were authentic. So they didn't cause any trouble and only said, "Sir, if you don't have any problem, can you tell us what happened?"Mu Feng replied politely, "How about I go to your station after everything calms down. I'm sorry to trouble you but I'm really worried about my sister-in-law." He didn't want to share unnecessary information with them, for it would become an international issue.The officers understood his mental condition and just said, "Then we will wait for you at the entrance. We have already closed the gates so that the locals and paparazzi don't bother you."Mu Feng's heart was filled with gratitude. He said, "Thank you very much." Exactly ten minutes later, Mu Liang's helicopter came and Mu Liang too came down with a rope. Just like the other helicopter, this one too was on standby at the helipad. Mu Liang came with a terrifying expression. Others couldn't help but shudder.Mu Liang saw that Mu Lan was yet to be found. His expression become even more terrible. He coldly glanced at Mu Feng and said, "Xiao Lan." Mu Feng bit his lower lip with guilt before answering, "We have been looking for her for almost forty minutes, but no result.""Tell me everything in detail." Mu Liang looked like he could kill anyone right now.Mu Feng told him everything in detail without leaving a gap. Mu Liang heard everything and clenched his fist. After that, he calmly said, "You are dismissed from this task from now on. Call your team and take them to investigate the source of the poison. It cannot be delayed."Mu Feng nodded and asked, "What about searching the area?"Mu Liang silently glanced at Hugo. Hugo answered, "I contacted our largest team in Germany. They will be here in a few minutes and then they will start to search the whole area."Mu Feng nodded and then contacted his own team before he left. He needed to talk to the police before he went to the hotel.After Mu Feng left, Mu Liang began to take off his own clothes. Hugo immediately guessed what his boss was going to do. He said, "Boss, please don't act rashly. We have already sent our top two scuba divers. If they can't find Young Miss, then she must have been found her way to the bank."Mu Liang stopped unbuttoning his shirt. He was worried sick. He said, "Then, I'll follow the river current and look for her." Saying that, he left.This time, Hugo didn't stop his boss.Two hours later, the Mu Feng's German elite team searched all the nearest areas of the river but couldn't find Mu Lan. Mu Liang ordered them to look into all the cities which were attached to the Elbe river. Then the team went to Meissen, Torgau, Wittenberg, Dessau, Magdeberge, Hanburg, Stade, Cuxhaven. In the next five days, they checked all the hospitals, police stations and talked to the locals. None of them saw any Chinese woman, dead or alive.Five days and five sleepless nights, Mu Liang didn't stop searching. When he realized that there was no trace of Mu Lan, his eyes narrowed. He could guess that Mu Lan was alive and someone deliberately made her disappear.'Looks like I have to take the other route.' Thinking of that, Mu Liang called Mu Feng."Big brother, any news?" Mu Feng asked worried."Check with the national security of Germany. Search every area of that time through the satellite. I'll give you a day." Mu Liang said.Mu Feng was silent for a while and then said, "Okay. What about those criminals?" Mu Liang's team, found out the most wanted criminal who did all the deeds. He personally interrogated them. He was more ruthless than Mu Feng. In ten minutes, those criminal confessed everything to him that someone gave them money and they just followed his orders.Hugo looked into the cell phone of the criminals and found out a number which was connected on that day. They investigated it and found out that it was Li Sheng's secretary.

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