Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 325: YOU ARE DEAD

When Mu Lan fell into the river, a man with a binoculars sighed in relief. 'Mission success! I have to tell him.' He thought.However, he was confused. Even though he was following them for quite a while, he didn't understand what happened to the friend of the target.The man with the binoculars was confused. 'She seemed sick. Why would they hang out there if one of them was sick?'He didn't think much. After all, he had nothing to do with them. His only target was the Chinese girl wearing a Hello Kitty jacket (Mu Lan). His first task was to cut off the signal of the area. He called his friend and said, "You can do it now."His friend then cut off the signal and left in a hurry. Local police would come there immediately if they realize that something had happened.Then a man (Mu Feng) came to help the girls. The man was perplexed.'Who is the man? Where the hell did he come from? Is he their friend? I was planning to bury all the four girls, now a man came here. How disturbing!' The man with the binoculars frowned.Then another man came to the girls.'What is happening? Looks likes that girl is seriously sick. But if there are men with them, how can I kill the target?' He thought that he was going nuts. If they were to stay together, it would be hard to finish his mission. The money he was offered was pretty amazing. He needed lots of money and if he could successfully complete it, he could get out of the country without a second thought.Then the man saw that they were leaving. He got impatient.'My money is also leaving! I can't stay here and do nothing!' Thinking that, he pushed the button and the dynamite he had planted in the hill this morning, burst.Then everything happened like a dream. To his satisfaction, he saw Mu Lan, his target getting hit and falling into the river. After she drowned, the man smiled with relief and left the place in a hurry.After he went home, he dialed a number."What?" A cold voice received the call."I finished the target. I want my money." The man said."Five million euro, in the usual place. Take it from there." The man with the cold voice hung up and afterwards, he sent a message to his boss. The boss saw the text from his secretary and laughed loudly in the hotel room."Ahahaha Hua Lan, you sure are a stupid woman. I promised, didn't I, If you weren't dead, I would kill you all by myself before you could meet my brother? Now see, you are dead now. You will never show your disgusting face in front of my brother again. Now go to hell and burn." Li Sheng's voice was loud.Yesterday after the completion of the program, Li Sheng went to the shopping mall to buy some souvenirs for his family. There, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Mu Lan and he froze on the spot. Disbelief was written all over his face.'She isn't dead! She is in Germany! So who my brother saw yesterday was indeed her. But why didn't he find her afterwards and massacred the hotel room? Well, I shouldn't think more into it. I need to kill her for good.' Li Sheng dialed his secretary's number and said, "Finish her as soon as possible."Then his secretary took the matter in his hand and hired two of the most wanted criminals to kill the girl. They found out that Mu Lan and her friends were going to Saxon Switzerland. So they took action. They didn't know the fact that there were other people who were trailing the group of girls. That's why, when they saw Mu Feng and Hugo, even though they were unknown to the criminals, those criminals got nervous. Still, they finished their job successfully. The girl was dead.Li Sheng laughed for a long time. He stopped when he heard a knock at the door. He stood up and opened the door. He saw his brother.President Li asked after a while, "Why were you laughing like that?" Li Sheng smiled in ridicule and asked back, "Why? Can't I laugh?"President Li didn't ask anything further. He said, "I'm leaving. There is an urgent matter that needs my attention back in China. When everything is finished, you can go back." Then he left.Li Sheng looked at his brother's back till he disappeared.'Goodbye, my dear brother. Don't forget to have fun with you family. You have many reasons to celebrate.' His eyes were devious. Meanwhile, Mu Lan's unconscious body floated on the river. Even though the river was calm, it had its own current. After half an hour, her body stopped on the other side of the river.A man was walking and whistling on the snow with a rod and a basket. When he saw the body of a girl floating, he paused in his tracks. He came closer and poked the cheek of the body. It was hard.'Frostbite? Hmm.' Then he checked her pulse and was surprised. 'She is still alive? How come?'Then he took off her heavy clothes and carried the unconscious body and left the place. 'This is sure a big fish.' He laughed at his own joke.In the meantime, Mu Feng was shivering from top to bottom. He gave a painful look to Hugo and said while stuttering, "W-we h-have t-to l-look fo-or h-her. W-we c-can't s-stop. B-big b-brother w-will k-kill u-us."Hugo's condition was nowhere better than Mu Feng. He took his cell phone and he saw that there was still no signal. If it wasn't for a vacation, he would have prepared a backup. Now it was too late to regret.They finished the last drop of brandy and prepared to dive again. Just then, they heard the sound of a helicopter. Both of them looked up with full of hopes as the helicopter was hovering over them.

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