Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 324: WHERE IS SHE?

Hugo went down the river bank as he saw blood on the surface of the river. He began to take off his clothes quickly. When he jumped into the river, his body got numb in such icy cold water. He could hardly swim there. It wasn't easy to keep open his eyes for more than a second either. He forced himself to look for Mu Lan's body, but he couldn't find anything.In this cold weather, he couldn't stay there for long. He got up to take some oxygen and again he dived back to look for Mu Lan. Once again he had to go up to take oxygen. He did the same thing again and again and after ten minutes, his body couldn't take it anymore. He had a hard time to come back to the river bank.He hastily wiped his body with his shirt and took out a bottle of brandy from his backpack. He finished half of it instantly. Quickly his body turned warmer. Taking a three minute break, once again he dived into the river to search for Mu Lan.However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't find her.Meanwhile, Mu Feng put down Qi Ying and screamed, "Yan Su, are you guys okay?" Yan Su and Xue Lin's body were covered with snow. They were so busy in looking at Mu Lan fall down that they forgot to move away. They got out of the snow.Yan Su replied in shaky voice, "Second cousin, we are fine but Lan dear-""I know. Hugo went to rescue her." He paused for a while and then continued, "Can you two cut through the snow and cross the area? You guys have to take Ying with you to the hospital, she fainted. I'll help Hugo to find sister Lan."Yan Su said, "Let us try." She glanced at Xue Lin and saw that she was shaking from head to toe and her white face was slowly turning blue. Yan Su realized that Xue Lin's face was having a frostbite. She said loudly, "We need time."Mu Feng understood that something was wrong on the other side. He said, "I'll help you from this side as much as I can. But don't take too much time."Yan Su replied, "Okay." She opened her backpack and took out a bottle of whiskey. She took it in the morning to have some fun during their trip, never thought that it would become handy.She opened the lid and took it to Xue Lin and said, "If you don't want to die here, drink it." She knew that Xue Lin didn't like to drink that's why she gave her a reason.Xue Lin slowly looked at the bottle and opened her mouth to drink. Yan Su helped her. Slowly, Xue Lin's face got back it's original color.Yan Su packed her bag and said, "Follow me from behind. We are going to use our hands and legs to cut through the snow."Xue Lin nodded and followed Yan Su. However, it wasn't easy at all. The snow might be soft but it was heavy too. As they cut through some part of the snow, the place filled up with more snow again. It seemed endless. It was cold, so they didn't get tired. Yan Su found it hopeless. She looked at Xue Lin and said, "Lin dear, we have to act faster. Can you help me with it?"Xue Lin shortly said, "Okay."Both of them tried harder and faster. Still they got covered with snow. Lack of oxygen, drove them crazy. Finally, ten minutes later, Mu Feng's hands caught Yan Su and pulled her out of the snow. Yan Su lost her balance and fell on the road. She breathlessly tried to say, "Li-Lin"Mu Feng looked down and saw that Xue Lin had lost her conscious. He sighed and pulled her out too.Yan Su got up and gave some oxygen to Xue Lin through her mouth. When Xue Lin opened her eyes, Mu Feng said, "Yan Su, carry Ying, don't let her get hurt. Get to the closest hospital now. Then contact big brother. I think you will get signal there. I'll contact you as soon as I get back." Then he jumped off and took the same track Hugo did.Yan Su prayed so that Mu Lan would be alright. She looked at Xue Lin and said, "Can you walk with the bags of all the three of us?"Xue Lin nodded slightly.Yan Su carried Qi Ying on her back and Xue Lin took the bags as they went down.Soon they reached the road. They hired a car and went to the hospital. As soon as they reached there, Xue Lin took the initiative as she was fluent in German language and Yan Su called Mu Liang."Where are you? What happened?" Mu Liang immediately answered the call and asked her.Yan Su replied, "Elder cousin, someone tried to harm Ying dear and tried to kill her. But then, there was an avalanche and Lan dear fell from the hill and fell into the river.""What did you say? When?" Mu Liang thought that his heart stopped beating."Forty minutes or so. Second cousin and Hugo went in search of her. I am in the hospital with Ying dear and Lin dear. Ying dear is poisoned. Brother, it was a setup. None of us could get signals and there was the sound of a bomb-" Yan Su couldn't talk anymore."Stay where you are. I'll send you a helicopter." Mu Liang hung up the call. He squeezed his cell phone so tightly that his phone cracked a bit.In the meantime, Mu Feng reached to the back of the river and saw that Hugo was getting up. Hugo tried to act normal, but he couldn't stop himself from shivering.Mu Feng worriedly looked at him and started to take off his own clothes. "Rest for a while. I'll go and look for her.""G-go and search on the right side. I have already searched on the left side but couldn't find her." Hugo answered."Alright." Mu Feng nodded. 'Where is she?' He thought solemnly.

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