Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 323: AVALANCHE!

Everything happened in a split second and none of them were prepared for it.They were walking down the hilly track. All of them were alert except for Mu Feng and Qi Ying, who had already fainted in his arm. The other three girls were nervous.Boom!Suddenly there was a sound of dynamite and before anyone could react, they were shaken by a slight earthquake. Then, there was a sound of something falling. No one had the time to collect themselves or to find out what the sound was.Mu Lan didn't get the time to even blink. Before she could, she was thrown away by a heavy snow which fell from the high hills.All the others were left dumbfounded seeing the sudden outcome. No one expected this to happen.When the whole area shook, Mu Feng sat down and hugged Qi Ying tightly in his arms. He heard a massive sound from his back. His heart shook at recognizing the sound.'Avalanche!'However, it was too late when he looked back. As he glanced back, he saw a massive snow which covered the hilly track. So the people from the other side got stuck. When his gaze followed downhill where the remains of the avalanche was, his handsome face ashened seeing a figure sliding down the snow.Behind Mu Lan was Xue Lin and Yan Su. When the sudden earthquake shook the narrow hilly track, tiny Xue Lin was almost thrown off the hill. If it wasn't for Yan Su who gripped her left hand tightly, she would have faced the same fate as Mu Lan.Both of them were astonished and helpless as they saw Mu Lan falling down. They were so scared that they froze on the spot. When they realized what just happened, they screamed together, "Lan!"Their screams echoed in the whole area. Meanwhile, in Paris, at the Mu Corporation, Mu Liang was signing some papers. Suddenly, his index finger was cut by a paper. Looking at the small cut and blood dripping from it, he had a feeling of some bad prediction.Mu Liang took his cell phone and called Mu Lan. When the call didn't reach, he remembered that she was out with her friends. So he called Mu Feng. However, his phone was out of signal.Mu Liang frowned. His heartbeat became faster. He tried to call Hugo and got the same result.Mu Liang realized that something must have happened. He immediately got out of the seat and rushed out of the room. He called Hugo's secretary."Boss?" Hugo's secretary answered the call. "Take your B team to Saxon Switzerland in Germany and see what has happened. Hugo and Feng have lost signals. I'll give you an hour to give me a proper answer." Mu Liang went to the garage and saw Ronald who was sitting in the driver seat, and was resting."Okay boss." Hugo's secretary hung up. Getting a sudden mission was his normal daily routine. He instantly connected all six members of the B team who were trained for special mission in hilly areas. In fifteen minutes, the B team along with full resources took their special mission helicopter to fly to Germany.In the garage, Ronald who was sitting lazily, sat up straight seeing Mu Liang in the garage.Mu Liang didn't wait for Ronald to open the door for him. He got inside the car and said, "Home. I'll give you fifteen minutes.Ronald was used to his boss's temperament. Without any delay he drove the car to the Mu Mansion. As they reached, Mu Liang ordered, "Prepare my second helicopter. We are heading to Germany."Ronald didn't get a chance to even breath. He prepared everything that was needed knowing that something happened in Germany.In another ten minutes, Mu Liang's fastest helicopter flew to Germany.Back in Germany, in Saxon Switzerland, after the booming sound, Hugo, who had already reached the road, glanced back. He was trying to hire a car. But now his body ran towards the hilly track again. He heard the screams of the girls calling "Lan!" His heart shook in worry as he sped up.The fifteen minute road took him less than seven minutes. Hugo looked at unconscious Qi Ying and Mu Feng who was sitting on the track with a deathly pale face. Then he saw the snow wall behind Mu Feng.However, on watching Mu Feng who was looking down, Hugo followed his gaze but only saw snow falling down and didn't see anything else. With years of experience, Hugo realized what happened. Mu Feng glanced at Hugo and urgently said, "Go down!"Hugo didn't hesitate before jumping off the track. As his body smoothly slid down, his sharp eyes looked for Mu Lan's body. Going a few seconds, he finally saw Mu Lan's scarf covered with blood.When Mu Lan was thrown away, the only thing she had in her mind was, 'I was their target.' At the crucial moment, her brain was cleared. However, before she could think of anything else, her head crashed on the tree in front of her. Pain numbed her whole body. Even though, she tried to grab on something. But again, she crushed into another tree. This time, she got hit in her belly.The pain was unbearable as blood covered her head. Luckily she still she had her conscious, yet she could do nothing but slide down. Her brain wasn't working either.As her body slid down the snow, she got hit numerous time with trees and stones, getting hurt all over her body. Her body filled up with injuries. In winter, it hurt more than it hurt in summer.At the end of the land, there was the Elbe river, calm and cold. When Mu Lan's half-conscious body fell on the cool river, she felt like thousands of needles pricked her whole body, making her breathless. The last beat of sense which she could feel when her body got numb. Slowly her body started to freeze.Because of the heavy clothes and her backpack, her body slowly drowned in the cold river.

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