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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 322: WHO IS THE TARGET?

Xue Lin confirmed, "So, what you are trying to say is that as you reestablished you relationship, someone is poisoning you again?""Yes." Qi Ying said timidly."Geez, Ying dear, now you are telling this!" Yan Su always thought that all of her friends were weird. One was a super genius, another one was a mind reader and the last one's mouth was super tight, even at a time when she would burst in an explosion, she wouldn't share her thoughts. Now she was confirmed about it."What medicine did you take back then?" Mu Lan asked. Her head was working like a roller coaster. 'Who could it be? There are plenty of people who know about brother Feng and Xiao Ying's relationship. To be so close as to poison her food, it has to be someone who is keeping an eye on our every move.' She felt a sudden chill run down her spine. She wasn't sure for what reason she felt the chill, weather or the thought that someone was following them. 'But aren't brother Feng and Hugo following us? Since they are always with us wait, the third day only the three of us went out of the room and Xiao Ying stayed back. Could it be that day? Since, brother Feng and Hugo's duty is to protect me, not Xiao Ying, this could be an opportunity for the enemy of Xiao Ying.'"I took the normal anti-poison medicine which Dr. Feng prescribed it and it worked well." Qi Ying replied.Xue Lin asked, "Do you have it with you right now?"Qi Ying shook her head and replied, "It's in the dorm. How would I know that I would get poisoned here?""You mean you were poisoned here in Germany?" Yan Su almost screamed.Mu Lan asked calmly, "Was it on the third day? "Qi Ying looked at her surprised and asked, "How do you know?""That day you were alone in the hotel room. When you asked for room service, then it is not impossible for the enemy to poison you." Mu Lan shared her theory.Xue Lin got up and said, "We should head back immediately."Mu Lan agreed. "Yeah, we can enjoy the scenery after Xiao Ying is cured.""This time, I'm going to tell about it to second cousin." Yan Su said. She also got up."I'm sorry guys. Because of me, all of you are in trouble." Qi Ying felt apologetic. Mu Lan's smile was reassuring as she said, "We are glad that you at least shared your problem with us. Next time, don't hold back. If you secretly suffer, we will feel bad too. Especially brother Feng."Yan Su reached out her hand and pulled up Qi Ying. As she got up, she once again felt nauseated and threw up in the corner. The other three felt bad for her and Xue Lin rubbed Qi Ying's back.Just then, someone came from behind. "What happened?" A familiar and yet a worried voice came from their back.Except for Qi Ying, who was in the verge of feeling unconscious, the three other girls were startled by the voice. They looked back and saw Mu Feng running over to them. Yan Su and Xue Lin were stunned on seeing him coming out of nowhere.Mu Feng didn't care if others were feeling shocked or not. His eyes were on the blonde woman who was currently vomiting her guts out. He came closer and hugged her from behind. "I'm here. I'm here. Tell me what's wrong."Mu Lan, who was still in her normal state, replied, "Apparently, she was poisoned while she was at the hotel on the third day. The antidote is at the dorm. We have to head back immediately."Qi Ying didn't have the ability to say or feel anything. She was feeling so weak. Mu Feng's face became solemn. He didn't ask anything about how she was poisoned or anything. He took out his walkie-talkie and said, "Emergency. Calling Blue Dragon. Over."However, he didn't get any reply. He frowned and said again, "Emergency! Calling Blue Dragon. Over!"Mu Lan guessed that Blue Dragon must be Hugo because of his blue eyes.Mu Feng called several times but he didn't get any reply.After a while, Hugo came running towards them. He opened his mouth before Mu Feng could say anything, "Someone jammed our line. As a result, I couldn't get your message."Everyone got chills running down their spines."You mean, we cannot ask our team for help." Mu Feng's face turned extremely ugly. Entire Europe was his area. Someone tried to overpower him in his kingdom! Who had such guts?"We can only go down and take our car." Mu Lan suggested.Hugo said, "It's not possible either. Someone punctured all the tyres of the car. I checked it with my own eyes.""What!" Yan Su screamed. It was her favorite car.Mu Feng said, "It's a clear set up. Ladies stay with me. Even if the tyres are punctured, we still have to go down. Hugo, you go first and check the area.""Got it." Hugo answered and immediately went down.Mu Feng hugged Qi Ying closer to him and said, "You guys go after Hugo. I'll follow you."Yan Su instantly protested, "You go first because you have Ying dear, or you can pass her to me."Mu Feng said, "Then you stay behind sister Lan and Ms. Lin."Yan Su nodded.They went down as planned. Mu Lan was right behind Mu Feng. Her head was thinking of what was happening.'Who is targeting Xiao Ying? What is their reason? Is their main target Xiao Ying or brother Feng? It can be that they are targeting his soft spot.'As she was thinking everything, she became airy headed.Suddenly with a loud sound, a huge boulder of ice fell from the peak of the hill and fell right over Mu Lan. Before she could think of anything, she was thrown away from the track and it was a straight downfall.

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