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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 321: HERBAL MEDICINE

When they reached their destination, Qi Ying sat on the ground which was covered with snow and Xue Lin flatly laid down without hesitating.Mu Lan still had some energy left. She was stunned noticing her own strength. 'Probably because I have been "exercising" with Liang Liang from the past few days.' She thought. Her face slightly blushed. As she was about to sit on the floor, her attention suddenly went to Qi Ying. Qi Ying's face turned blue. Her body was shaking. Mu Lan immediately came closer to her."Are you feeling sick?" Mu Lan asked worriedly. 'We should have been more careful.' She thought.Yan Su and Xue Lin also glanced at them. They noticed Qi Ying's unusual behavior. They sat closer to her."What happened?" Xue Lin asked."I want to throw up." Qi Ying took her time to answer.Mu Lan and Yan Su took her close to the edge of the hill and Qi Ying vomited. After a while, Qi Ying calmed down and Xue Lin offered her a bottle of hot water. Yan Su asked her, "Are you going to share any wonderful news with us?"Mu Lan smirked and didn't say anything. Xue Lin asked, "What news?" She got no clue what her friend was talking about. Yan Su sighed as she heard the question.Qi Ying answered, "I can swear that I'm not pregnant. I'm taking Dr. Feng's herbal medicine as he prescribed."Mu Lan and Yan Su understood what she meant by herbal medicine, because both of them were taking the same thing.Xue Lin asked again, "What herbal medicine?" She definitely had no clue where the conversation was going. Furthermore, she was interested in Lu Feng's new invention."Birth control medicine." Yan Su and Mu Lan replied in unison.Immediately, Mu Lan understood what a big mistake she made and Yan Su, Qi Ying and Xue Lin gazed at her dumbfounded. "Y-you" Xue Lin stuttered."Xiao Lan.." Qi Ying blushed."Congrats Lan dear! Finally you crossed the virgin road" Yan Su enthusiastically said.Mu Lan stared at the ground. She saw the snow and wanted to dig a hole to bury her head.Yan Su continued, "I was thinking why you looked so mature and juicy from the day we met you at the airport. I thought I was wrong. Haha. Now, I realize that I was so nave to think that I was wrong. Elder cousin finally devoured you at last. Haha. He must have waited for a long time." She couldn't control her laughter as she spoke.Mu Lan felt like she was a thief who was caught red handed.Yan Su still spoke, "Your breasts have grown bigger. Does my cousin love them a lo-""Xiao Ying, if you are not pregnant, why are you feeling unwell? Is it food poisoning?" Mu Lan couldn't take Yan Su's mature words anymore, so she diverted the direction of the topic. Xue Lin thanked Mu Lan in her heart. She felt like her ears had lost their virginity after she became Yan Su's friend.Qi Ying also felt glad that the subject of their conversation had changed. She instantly answered, "It's not food poisoning. I haven't eaten anything unusual."Yan Su pouted. 'Too innocent.' She thought.Xue Lin asked, "Can you describe how you are feeling?"Qi Ying thought for a while and replied, "How to describe? I'm feeling weak and a little dizzy. I feel nauseated after I eat. Ever so often, I feel like my body is burning slightly." Mu Lan's expression changed. She had quite a good idea about how it felt like to have a burning body. She immediately asked, "Is it very painful?""No, it isn't. I mean, most of the time I don't feel anything at all. When I feel it, I can endure it." Qi Ying answered carefully.Xue Lin asked, "Have you ever endured this sort of a pain before?"Qi Ying smiled sadly. Her mind went back to five years ago when she was drugged. She faintly answered, "Yes, I did. That was a long time ago and it was so extreme that I was about to die. But this time, it isn't like that."Mu Lan became weary about Qi Ying's situation. She knew that Qi Ying's past was hidden from others and she didn't know much either. She only found out after she was rescued by Mu Liang. She asked, "Have you felt this slight burning sensation before?"Qi Ying's face instantly turned pale and she didn't know what to say. Her personality was different from her friends. She wasn't straightforward like Xue Lin, shameless like Yan Su, or friendly like Mu Lan. She was a girl who was timid and kept her feelings to herself. She rarely shared any of her troubles like her three other friends.Yan Su grabbed her shoulder with a little bit of strength and gave her the courage to speak up. She said, "Take your time. Only if you share with us, we can help you."Qi Ying smiled faintly and yet sadly. As the cold winds blew over them, she shuddered. She replied, "I'm afraid that even if you know, you cannot help me. Because you don't know the enemy."Mu Lan's frown became deeper. She asked, "What do you mean?" She was having a bad feeling about it."It isn't the first time I'm experiencing this kind of a feeling. I have felt it before too during the days when I was dating Feng." Qi Ying looked at Mu Lan and said, "I did tell you about it. I said that someone tried to break mine and Feng's relationship. At that time, they not only threatened me, but also poisoned me.""Why didn't you say it to second cousin then?" Yan Su fired up. It was the first time she heard about it.Qi Ying's voice became faint. "I didn't tell anything regarding this fact to Feng because I felt that the person was really close to Feng."Xue Lin confirmed, "So, what you are trying to say is that as you re-established you relationship, someone is poisoning you again?"

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