Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 320: I MISS YOU

The next day when Mu Lan wanted to go to the convention center, her friends protested heavily and didn't let her go alone anywhere. They took her on sightseeing and kept their eyes on her till it was evening. They knew that after evening Mu Lan would have no interest left in going to the convention center because the program would have ended by that time. Mu Lan checked the internet and saw that the German team had won the prize. It was a sniper game. She didn't feel sad because more than the game contest, her friends were more precious to her. She didn't want to make them sad and hence got along with them.In the evening, they went to shop in the supermarket. The one who shopped the most was Yan Su and then Qi Ying. Yan Su bought dresses and shoes for herself and Qi Ying bought laces and fabrics for her upcoming fashion show.Mu Lan didn't buy anything except ties for the two gentlemen in the house. The violet tie for Mu Liang and the royal blue tie for Mu Feng. She didn't see Mu Liang wear any other color other than black or dark ash. She found them boring. He secretly bought a red bow tie. As for herself, she already had everything bought for her. She didn't need to buy anything.From the corner, Mu Feng, who was following Mu Lan and her friends told Hugo, "Sister Lan Lan is definitely buying the blue tie for me. Ah, her choice is so good." He grinned.Hugo thought, 'Why am I with him?'Xue Lin glanced at the prices and frowned. She didn't buy a single thing. Looking at her, Yan Su felt bad and bought her two dresses and shoes secretly.Actually, even Mu Lan and Qi Ying did the same thing. Unknowingly, Xue Lin got six dresses and shoes.Yan Su suddenly said, "I'm planning to take you guys to Saxon Switzerland. So let's sleep early, so that we can leave early in the morning and reach there to see the beautiful sight.""What is Saxon Switzerland?" Xue Lin asked."Saxon Switzerland is a hilly climbing area and it is also a national park. It is situated around the Elbe valley south-east of Dresden in Saxony, Germany. Together with the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic, it forms the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. I have been there before. I know the place. You guys will love it." Yan Su said excitedly.Qi Ying at that time was buying a red tie for Mu Feng. She said, "I'm not feeling well recently. Can I not go?"Yan Su said, "As long as you don't have your period, you definitely have to go."Mu Feng wanted to chop off Yan Su's tongue. "That girl! If my Ying doesn't want to go, she won't go. Why is she forcing her?" He was about to go but was held back on time by Hugo."You cannot go and let them know that we are here. Do you want to miss your holiday? You can use this holiday to go and visit a place with her." Hugo tried to convince him.Mu Feng found Hugo's words very logical. He asked, "Since when did you become so intelligent?"Hugo became speechless. 'Fine, I'll pretend that I didn't hear anything.' He thought.When Mu Lan and the others reached the hotel, Xue Lin found out that she got six dresses with matching shoes. She felt very touched. However, it was her principle, she didn't like to take from others if she didn't give them anything in return. Therefore, she rejected.However, could she fight against three?When she became breathless while getting tickled by her three friends, she realized that it wouldn't be such a great idea to reject their offer. After all, they did it with good hearts. They didn't look down on her.Mu Lan texted Mu Liang to let him know where she was going tomorrow.Mu Liang already knew about her plan from Mu Feng. He was glad that she didn't go to the convention center today. He called her and said, "It's a good place. Just be careful on the road."Mu Lan smiled and said, "Of course."After a while Mu Liang called her name, "Lan?""What is it?" Mu Lan asked naturally.Mu Liang's voice was deep and husky. He said, "I miss you."Mu Lan's face flushed immediately. She answered, "I-I will come back soon.""Hmm. I will wait for you." Mu Liang didn't want her to feel guilty. He made her heart race and he felt happy about it. But the more time they spent together, the more he wanted her only for him. He was becoming greedy day by day. As planned, all four of them slept early after packing their bags for tomorrow. Their plan was to stay for a night and hence they didn't take more than what was necessary.When they reached there, it was nine in the morning. Everything was covered in snow. It was such a beautiful sight."I never came here in winter. I did a good thing choosing this place." Yan Su said proudly. She was on the lead.They were walking on the hilly track. It was a little slippery, so they were very careful. Mu Lan was behind Yan Su. She looked down and saw a river flowing calmly. "It's river Elba, isn't it?" She had read about this place last night."It is." Yan Su replied shortly.Mu Lan took the smell of the snow and instantly got addicted to it. She suddenly got an idea. She wanted to eat the snow. She looked back and saw Qi Ying's red face. Mu Lan asked worriedly, "Are you alright?"Qi Ying smiled and said, "I'm fine. I'm feeling better than last night."Mu Lan didn't say anything in return. She glanced at Xue Lin and found her tasting the snow. She asked her, "Is it good?"Xue Lin answered, "If you want to know, try to taste it yourself."Mu Lan took a little bit of snow and tasted it. It was just ice and soft, cold. It almost numbed Mu Lan's tongue with coolness.She looked at Xue Lin with accusation in her eyes. Xue Lin gave her a blind eye.

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