Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 319: THE FOOTAGE

As soon as Li Sheng knocked on the door, his brother stopped laughing immediately. Li Sheng entered the room. He saw his brother was drinking whiskey while sitting on the bed. His short was half opened and his tie was loosely hanging on his neck."Brother, are you busy?" Li Sheng asked.President Li glanced at him with his red eyes. He asked back, "Why are you here?" His tone was impatient.A year ago, after the incident, the two brothers' relationship had become worse. While the older one tried to search for Hua Lan the younger one didn't let him do that and took the responsibility on him. However, even in one year, Li Sheng couldn't find Hua Lan and President Li gradually understood that his brother had no interest in finding her. Therefore, he took the responsibility on himself. He spent millions of dollars to organize this competition. It would have been great if Mu Corporation would join them as producer, but not only Mu Corporation rejected the offer but they also didn't allow any French participants to join them. As a result, many prominent schools of different countries didn't allow their students to participate in this Online Video Game Contest. President Li was very gloomy over this fact. Because of Mu Liang's low profile, many didn't know about his personalities. So President Li assumed that Mu Liang was an arrogant man who didn't want any other Chinese business organization to do better than Mu Corporation. Therefore, he became stubborn and spent millions of dollars to make it successful.Li Sheng sneered in his heart and said, "Brother, I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow's plan."President Li interrupted him. "There is nothing to talk about. I'm not going to monitor tomorrow's program, you will be in charge." Li Sheng frowned and asked, "What will you do then?""What will I do and won't do, do I have to tell you everything in detail?" President Li bristled.Li Sheng realized that his brother was trying to hide something from him. He pursed his lips and said, "Okay brother." He left the room and thought, 'Sl*t, you wait. I'll make sure you disappear from the world. You will be sorry if you are still alive.'President Li walked towards the security room of the convention center. As he entered, the security officer stood up and said, "Good Evening sir, how can I help you?""I want to check today's footage of the entrance after the program ended." President Li said."Of course." The security camera typed in the computer and in a few minutes he got the video clip, saved it in a disk and gave it to President Li while saying, "This is the copy you wanted Sir. We don't have the authority to let you check in here, but you can definitely do it in your room."President Li took the disk and said, "Thank you." After he got out of the convention center, he went to his hotel. He was at the convention center for the whole day, so he was supposed to rest. But now, he was too excited to fall asleep. He immediately turned on his laptop and played the disk.The disk showed that after the program ended the entrance became crowded. People were leaving. When he saw himself in the screen, his heart raced. Soon, he bumped into someone and the girl didn't even look at him and moved away. President Li instantly paused the video and zoomed it. The girl's hand was grabbed by another girl, probably her friend. However, when he saw her face, his expression immediately changed.The girl was slightly fat and her face was unexceptionally ugly. President Li's face turned sour while looking at this face. 'How can such an ugly girl have her voice? So disgusting!' His excited eyes turned dim.He made a mistake. All this while he was mistaken and thought she was alive, having fun and mocking at him. He didn't want to accept that she could die so horrifyingly. 'Then who wanted her to disappear forever? Who were chasing her? They looked like the underlings of the underground master. Did she somehow offend them? What did she do to become someone's enemy and was forced to die at such a young age? What happened afterwards? Did she really disappear from my life? Can I not see that ugly face again?'Just as he thought that, President Li's blood boiled. He flung his laptop and it crashed with a loud sound on the marble floor and was destroyed. Then he threw away everything he saw in front of him. In a second, the room became a massacre.After an hour, he calmed down and called the lobby to request them to change the room. They sent some maids to take care of the disaster. President Li compensated for everything he broke and changed the room.When Li Sheng came to the hotel, he found out that his brother had changed the room. He asked in the front desk and found out that he created a havoc in the room and destroyed everything he saw. So he changed the room.Feeling satisfied, Li Sheng whistled and walked towards his own room. He realized that his brother made a mistake and didn't find out the girl he was looking for and he lost control over himself.'Dear brother, you have such a long way to go.' A creepy smile formed in his lips. His solitude slowly disappeared in the corridor.Meanwhile, Mu Feng sent a clip to his brother with a text.'Big brother, I didn't delete the video to make other suspicious. I altered sister Lan Lan's face and body structure. None can recognize her after seeing the ugly face.'Mu Liang saw the clip and smiled a little. He replied his brother, 'Take a vacation for three days after you are done with the mission.'Mu Lenf felt like dancing on the spot.

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