Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 318: I HEARD HER

From Mu Liang's computer, she hadn't found out anything else about her previous life. But she could say with hundred percent conviction that he had deleted all her information.Mu Lan was a person who loved to solve problems like mathematics.Then, how could she sit back and never try to find out about her previous life?So when Mu Lan was in Germany, she wanted to try out if she could get back her memory.Definitely she found this convention center very familiar to her. She looked at every single detail and tried to recall her past. Unfortunately, she remembered nothing.However, she wasn't pessimistic. She walked around with her friends who didn't understand whatever people around them were saying. They felt rather bored.Mu Lan noticed Yan Su and Xue Lin's expression. She said, "Let's go out and eat something. I'm feeling hungry. After we finish, we will come back here."The other two nodded and came outside. It was chilling cold and they shivered. Fortunately, Mu Lan wasn't coughing anymore. They saw a street food van just outside the convention center. They hurried up and caught it. They took beef burger and crispy chicken. With a 'munch munch' sound they finished the delicious fast food and drank hot chocolate after savoring the delicious taste.Mu Lan was feeling a little happy with her s**-free life. It wasn't that Mu Liang was hurtful, rather he really knew how to give her pleasure. However, she felt like that she was still single when she was with her friends. Being in love and not being in love, both had different tastes and both were wonderful just like beef and chicken.Finally, once again they entered the convention center and they saw that the program was about to begin.Mu Lan chose a place in the corner of the room, from there they could see the huge screen for audience at the back. It was a good location.As the program started, the representatives of various companies and the organizers of the contest gave their speech. After that, the competition formally began.Each team was talented and they described their games while showing everyone the demo. They were very competitive and everyone eagerly waited for the result.After a fifteen minute break, the results had been published. Out of the twenty two groups participating, only five groups had been shortlisted to be competing in the next round.Mu Lan carefully noticed that all the games were about war or civilization. There were no other games.Mu Lan sneered in her heart. 'Can't they do something new? Is only war game fun? How about some brain works?'She already got some new ideas about online gaming. She planned on talking to Mu Liang about it later.'Haha, I'm such a genius!' She praised herself like a narcissist. With a victorious smile she looked beside her to see her friends and her smile froze. Both Yan Su and Xue Lin were sleeping soundly.Mu Lan was speechless. Such an interesting competition and those two were wasting their talents.Meanwhile, Mu Feng and Hugo were sitting in the opposite direction. Their sharp eyes always followed Mu Lan. Mu Feng was always interested in video games. So he was very happy to be there. However, Mu Liang made it impossible.Sometimes, Mu Liang would text his brother to ask him what Mu Lan was doing. At first, Mu Feng was sending Mu Liang photos of Mu Lan's excited expressions. Then he felt disturbed and gave his older brother a video call to let him show her live. This way, Mu Liang felt at ease.Finally the program ended for the day. Xue Lin and Yan Su sighed in relief. To them, it was such a waste of time.Mu Lan was interested in seeing the judges, but she was forcefully dragged out by her friends.While they were walking in the crowd, Mu Lan suddenly bumped into someone.However, she didn't have enough time to apologize because she was being dragged out in the crowd.Mu Lan loudly said sorry to whom she bumped into and never saw his face. She didn't realize that on hearing her voice, the man's whole body stiffed.Mu Lan got out of the convention center and went to the hotel in an hour. Mu Lan began to work something in the computer. She never thought of the incident that happened an hour ago.Meanwhile, Mu Liang's whole face was as cold as South Pole. He ordered Mu Feng, "Hack the surveillance cameras and delete Mu Lan's existence from it."Mu Feng's laptop was open. He didn't delay to obey his older brother's command. Unknown to everyone except Mu Liang and their circle was the fact that Mu Feng was an exceptional hacker.At the same time, someone else was shaking all over.'I heard her. I finally heard her. Her voice. Her honey soft melodic voice which was so irritating. Such a shameful voice! I heard it. I heard it again.'The man laughed aloud. He found her. He finally found her. He was right. She wasn't dead. 'She did everything. She poisoned my heart and took my happiness. Such a disgraceful woman! Even though she left, she didn't forget to remove her traces. Did she think that she could fool me? Who does she think she is? She thought that I wouldn't know how she hacked the Ministry of Homes and changed her destiny? Silly girl, you are in big trouble.'A cruel and yet fascinating smile was hanging on his cold lips.Li Sheng came inside the room and heard a crazy laughter. He paused in his tracks and frowned.'Brother hadn't laughed like this since the incident a year ago. What made him laugh after such a long time? Did that sl*t come back.? No. It's impossible. She died a year ago. If someone came back, it has to be her ghost. But no matter in which state she comes back, I will end her life before my brother gets the chance to see her.' Li Sheng's hands tightened his fists.

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