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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 317: THE HIDDEN MESSAGE

They came here two days before the contest would begin. They had plenty of time to explore Berlin city. The next day, they visited many places together. They enjoyed eating, gossiping, taking photos and hanging around.On the third day, Mu Lan got ready to visit the Online Game Convention Center. This convention center had been hired for the Online Video Game Contest. Xue Lin and Yan Su came along with her. Qi Ying wasn't interested in such gaming stuffs, so she stayed back at the hotel and worked on designing.The Convention Center was a huge place, just like a stadium. There were many students from different countries hanging around and talking to each other. All of them had laptops with them and they were talking about programing, algorithms, mathematics and all sorts of things. Some of them began playing online games. The contest hadn't begun yet, so everyone was relaxed, yet tensed. Mu Lan looked around the place and smiled seeing those intelligent people talking about something she was interested in. For some reason, she found this environment very familiar. She knew the reason very well.------Two months ago-When Mu Lan finished the video game Car Race4-99, she already found a few messages through the codes. But she never told anyone about it.When Mu Lan found those words, she noted them down. At first, the whole note was a puzzle to her since it was written in the form of a binary code. She racked her brains for about thirty seconds where usually a normal person would take at least three to four days when she finally decoded the whole message.She was right. The message was written by a girl which meant the game was created by a girl. She must have created it for her lover and planned on giving it to him. The message was-*My beloved man, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you under the cherry blossoms. And when I saw your cold eyes glaring at me, I didn't find them intimidating. Rather, I found them very lonely. That day, I decided to bring colors into your life. I will stay by your side and bring you happiness. I will be your one and only Hua Lan.*When Mu Lan figured out the message, while decoding the last two words, she was dumbfounded. From when she woke up from her vegetative state, her brain had never stopped working. But now, it felt like her brain definitely stopped working.She went to the bathroom and took a cold shower for fifteen minutes. In this fifteen minutes, the cold water washed her tears away. Then she took a hot shower to prevent herself from falling sick. Before she went to sleep, she even took a medicine for not catching cold. The next day, she woke up with a heavy heart. She already realized that the girl Hua Lan was probably her and that's why Mu Liang suggested her to play this game. However, she was confused.Why did he give it to her? Was he giving her hints to remember her past?Mu Lan rejected that idea. Because she knew that he had all the details on who she was and he was just hiding the truth from her to protect her.She was confused about another fact, and that some?? the message.'Did I gift it to Liang Liang and did I confess to him with this game? But he doesn't have neither cold eyes nor lonely eyes. Is it someone else?' No matter how much she tried to find out, she never got any information.Mu Lan was devastated and didn't know what to do. She buried all her questions and feelings in her heart and never let her close ones to notice that something was wrong with her.It was a good thing that she got to meet her younger brother and she found out some truth about her past life.Mu Lan found out that she blindly fell in love with a cold hearted man who made her life a living hell. Her life was so terrible back then that Liang Liang and even her brother had to hide the truth from her.She then realized that the game she created in the past was because of that man. Maybe she was planning to give it to him, but she ended up sending it to the Mu Corporation.Mu Lan didn't know how she got in contact with the Mu Corporation.Later, on searching, she found out that the Mu Corporation always organized Online Video Game Contests. She got curious and on searching further, she discovered that four years ago four students from the Beijing University had won the contest with the highest points on the ranking list. None of the previous winners had got such high points before. Mu Lan searched more of it and later found out that it was the first and last time any Chinese university ever won the game. She got further excited.'If I was a participant in the contest, then I definitely would have their contract. This is the only possibility.' Mu Lan got excited and went to the Game department of Mu Corporation. She was already Mu Liang's Assistant and she had no problem to get access to the information about the winners of that year.However, she was stunned when she noticed that there were names of only three students. The other one, their team leader's information wasn't there. Even the contract between the Mu Corporation and Car Race4-99 was not there.In the Mu Mansion, when Mu Liang wasn't present, she tried to look into Mu Liang's computer and didn't find out anything on what she was looking for. Although, she found out something else.When she tried to unlock his computer, she was in a huge problem. Even with her high IQ, she couldn't find out the password to unlock his computer. If she couldn't do it in a minute, that would be the biggest shame of her life.In thirty seconds, she tried almost ten passwords and none of them were correct. When it was nearly the fifty fifth second, she closed her eyes feeling ashamed of what she was going to type. She typed 'I love Lan'. In the fifty-ninth second, she unlocked the computer.When she realized that she had done it, she wanted to dig a hole and bury her head in it. She was finally aware of how deep Mu Liang's love for her was. The next day, she confessed to him in her drunken state.

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