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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 315: DEFEATED MU LIANG

Mu Liang glanced at her and kissed her forehead. He replied, "You can tell it to them. If they also agree to come with us, I don't have any problem with it. As long as you are happy, I'm happy too."Mu Lan had a guilty feeling. She knew that Mu Liang had a habit of spoiling her, and now she was going to take an advantage of it.She drew circles using her index finger on his built chest and in a spoilt manner she called him, "Liang Liang."It was very unusual of her. Mu Liang got alert but hugged her closer and asked softly, "What is it?""Will you be sad if I don't go with you to Africa this month?" She looked at him with puppy eyes.How could Mu Liang refuse that. He didn't have the heart to make her sad. He smiled and rubbed her head. He asked deeply, "Why? Don't you want to?"Mu Lan straddled him on the swing and rested her head on his left shoulder. She said, "It's not like that. I just made a plan with my friends that we would go somewhere else."'Where did she learn this trick?' He thought. Then he asked, "Where do you want to go with them?""To Germany. We will be there for a week. After that, I will come back to you as soon as possible." Mu Lan was coaxing him as she lightly kissed his nape."What?" Mu Liang was stunned.------It was the day before Mu Lan's second last exam, she went to the dormitory and met her friends.Mu Lan said, "Are you all free in January? We haven't gone anywhere in a while."Yan Su said, "Yeah, we are all pretty worn out with the exam. Lan dear, do you have any plans?"Xue Lin refused, "I will be busy. I'm writing a thesis."Mu Lan already had an idea to make Xue Lin fall for her trap. She said, "We are going to Germany and none of us can understand German language. As our friend only you can help us."Xue Lin glanced at her and said, "Why are you suddenly planning on going there?"Mu Lan scratched her head and her friend understood her plan. She replied, "There is an Online Video Game contest happening in January. I'm attracted to it. I'm also pretty good at playing video games. So I am thinking of going there. And of course, you wanted to apply for Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the best university for Psychology. I can guarantee that we will visit there. Now, tell me, if you get a chance to visit Germany for free with lavish food and luxurious hotel suite and also safe companions, will you still not consider it?" Her eyes were glowing.Xue Lin said, "Of course not."Qi Ying happily said, "It will be so much fun!"Yan Su said, "Me and Ying dears have visa, but Lan dear and Lin dear don't have it. Leave the visa and ticket matters to me. My dad is going to Germany in January. We will go together on our private plane.Xue Lin asked, "How long are we staying there?"Mu Lan had already calculated beforehand. She answered, "Seven days."Xue Lin already began to plan for her next move.------Hearing the name 'Germany, Mu Liang's body stiffened. He could guess, exactly why she was planning to go there. He immediately said, "Don't go. I mean, before we go to Italy, we will all go to Germany including your friends. Then we will invite them to Italy. It will be more fun."Mu Liang's suggestion was good. Even, Mu Lan had the temptation to agree to it instantly. However, she wasn't going to visit Germany for no reason. There was an Online Video Game contest. She badly wanted to visit there.She repeatedly kissed Mu Liang's nape and throat and said, "But it has to be in January. There is an Online Video Game contest. I want to go there. Please, please Liang Liang, don't refuse it. I want to go to Germany. Look, how I was hurt a few days ago. I haven't been allowed to go anywhere since I went to the neighboring city with my friends. I love you Liang Liang. Don't refuse it-""Fine you can go. But Hugo and Feng will go with you and protect you from the cover. You can't say 'no' to it." Before Mu Lan could finish, Mu Liang accepted her request.The moment she said her purpose, Mu Liang's head was totally alert. He was going to say 'no' in a cold voice, but then, Mu Lan said, 'I love you'. Just three words and Mu Liang was defeated. He couldn't help but sigh inwardly. He couldn't accompany her, because many of them knew him there and he had already rejected the contest. He wouldn't give Li Corporation any chance to shine. He still didn't know why President Li threw Hua Lan in the pit of hell, and now he was trying to find her. However, Mu Liang wouldn't let him find her. In Mu Liang's eyes, Hua Lan was dead the moment she was in the pool of blood. From the day she woke up, she was Mu Lan. He was going to be her first and last man.Mu Lan's eyes sparkled like stars and she kissed Mu Liang's warm lips. "Thank you hubby!" She screamed in joy.Mu Liang smiled in satisfaction as she called him 'hubby'. 'The training was indeed worthy.' He thought.He kissed her back with the same passion and soon the air around them warmed up. He said in a hoarse voice, "Since I agreed so easily, let's do it five times tonight. Why don't we do it here?" His eyes were already burning.Now Mu Lan realized that she woke up the sleeping lion. She underestimated herself. She had no idea what her actions did to Mu Liang."Li-Liang, why don't we go to sleep?" She pretended to yawn and said, "I'm very sleepy."Mu Liang saw through everything. He said, "Sure wifey, after we do it five times in the balcony."'Horny Liang Liang!' She screamed in her mind.

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