Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 314: MY WIFEY

The next time when Mu Lan opened her eyes, it was two in the morning. She had slept for straight fourteen hours and had no idea about it. This time, she had no tiredness or pain. Her mind was fresh. She yawned and stretched her hands after she sat down.When she looked around, she saw that a dim yellow light was turned on and Mu Liang was nowhere to be seen. She glanced down at her body and saw that she was wearing a nightgown and she was thoroughly wiped."Oh, that's unusual.' Mu Lan thought. For the past few days, she had missed her clothes and smell of soap and shampoo. She got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.When she was out of the bathroom, she saw that Mu Liang was sitting on the bed. He was wearing a white sweater over a black t-shirt and black pants. He saw her coming and gazing at her.For some reason, Mu Lan recalled the incidents of the past few days and blushed. To cover up her embarrassment, she said, "Hey."Mu Liang didn't say 'hi' back to her. He silently looked at her for a while and then said, "Are you hungry?"Mu Lan shyly nodded. She couldn't glance at his gorgeous eyes. "Do you want to eat here or in the dining room?" Mu Liang asked her.Mu Lan immediately said, "In the dining room." She had hardly seen the whole house in the past few days. She didn't want to stay here for the rest of the life.Mu Liang smiled at her quick response and stood up. Then he walked towards her and carried her in his arms. Mu Lan gasped in surprise and circled her arms around his neck. She put her head on his right shoulder and was silent. Her heart was racing.Mu Liang saw her nervousness and his arms tightened. He didn't want her to be timid all the time, so he gave her some peace of mind and took her in the dining room.Mu Lan glanced around the house while she was carried away. In the second floor other than their huge bedroom and ultramodern bathroom, there was another room full of white canvas. The door was opened and she saw that beside her white canvases there was a huge table with two computers and lots of files. She realized that this room was for both of them, it was a working space. The room was divided with a thin glass.On the first floor, there was an entrance and then the drawing room. There was a staircase between drawing room and dining room, and after the dining room, there was a kitchen with ultramodern culinary machines. There was another door attached to drawing room and it was the gymnast with windows all over.Mu Lan noticed that there were many large windows which were covering the area from the ceiling to the floor. From the house you could see everything outside, but from outside one could not see anything.This house was only for the two of them and it had a very homely feeling which the mansion didn't have. Here, they could do whatever they wanted and no one was there to look at them.Mu Lan also found out that there was no surveillance camera in the house.Mu Liang took her in the dining room and made her sit on one of the two wooden chairs. The table was also small, only for two people.'This place must be the best honeymoon spot a couple can ever dream of.' Mu Lan thought as she praised the architecture in her mind, unknowing to her that the architect was her own fianc. The dining room was attached to the kitchen and the room was filled with delicious foods. The dining table was spread with corn soup, vegetable pasta, chicken dumplings, chocolate cupcakes and orange juice.Mu Lan's stomach growled. She glanced at Mu Liang who sat opposite of her with a stunning expression. She asked, "Liang, did you cook all this?""Only pasta and soup." He answered and filled her soup bowl. "Here finish it while it is hot."As they started eating, Mu Lan suddenly said, "We should go to the mansion."Mu Liang glanced at her and asked, "Why?" He asked as if, he had no interest in going to the other side of the world.Mu Lan never would have thought that Mu Liang would be so reluctant to go out. She said, "Because the food stock will be finished soon. We have to bring more for future, right?"Mu Liang smiled as he understood what she meant. She wanted to flee from his love making session. He said, "Don't worry, my wifey. There is a year food stock in the storage under the house. I won't starve you to death."Again with the wifey thing.Mu Lan was so embarrassed that she couldn't look at Mu Liang anymore. She drank all the soup which was in her bowl.Mu Liang called her 'wifey' and forced her to call him 'hubby' multiple times. When she didn't want to call him 'hubby', he made sure that she was punished thoroughly.After they finished eating, they went outside of the house for the first time and enjoyed the winter night. Both of them were wearing heavy woolen clothes, so they didn't feel cold. At dawn, they went to the large balcony which was facing the south side and the lake. There was also a wooden swing where one could sleep. They sat there and enjoyed the sun rising while drinking hot chocolate.It was very peaceful. Both of them had a wonderful feeling in their hearts. They could get used to it and stay here forever.However, Mu Lan was feeling itchy. She wanted to taste something more exciting than the bed activities. She glanced at Mu Liang and said, "Liang Liang, why don't we take brother Feng and Xiao Ying with us in Italy. Wouldn't it be great to meet them together? Your family will definitely be very happy."

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