Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 313: CALL ME HUBBY

[WARNING. This chapter is the continuation of the previous chapter. But since it would cause you too much of SS, I stopped there and didn't write in detail. If you want to know the next spoiler, keep an eye on the Discord channel. ] Mu Lan's eyes fluttered before she opened her eyes. She tried to move. Surprisingly, she had no physical pain. However, she was dead tired, even though she slept more than she usually did. She yawned and looked around. 'What day is it? Is it Monday? Or is it Tuesday?' She didn't know it, because from the last two or three days, she didn't leave the bed, or rather she didn't get the chance to leave the bed.The red curtains had covered the outside world from inside. Beside her was Mu Liang hugging her closely to his warm chest.Glancing at his peaceful face, she suddenly smiled. After that, she snuggled closer to him. Her entire heart was filled with peace and love. It was a feeling she never felt before.Mu Lan smiled unknowingly and kissed Mu Liang's naked chest. At the same time, Mu Liang's hand around her waist tightened."Arousing me as soon as you wake up, huh? Do you want me that badly?" Mu Liang's husky voice blew in her ears, making them turn red. He had just then woken up and found her snuggling closer and kissing him.Which man could refuse such an inviting temptation of his one and only beloved woman?Mu Liang was no different. His erection began to arise.Mu Lan was too tired to deal with his intensity at that moment. She wanted to just snuggle up closer to him and sleep for some more time.However, Mu Liang had other plans in his head. Since the day he tasted her deepest part, he promised himself not to take anymore cold showers, not even in the hottest season.Mu Lan tried to retreat from him when she sensed the danger. But, Mu Liang had already hovered over her."Feeling shy?" His deep voice burnt her whole body. Mu Lan shuddered and said, "H-hey, stop it!"Mu Liang's hands were already touching all over her body. "What? Won't you even say 'good morning to me?" He lightly bit her right ear. Ecstasy ran through her body."I will ah.. say it i-if you don't touch me." Mu Lan could hardly utter another word.Mu Liang's hands were already on her chest area. He kneaded them equally, earning some alluring moans out of her and he said, "Call me, hubby and I'll stop moving my hands."'What does it have to do with me calling him 'hubby'? We are not even married!' Before she could voice out her thoughts, Mu Liang's lips covered one of the pink tips. Mu Lan gasped in surprise and arched her back, giving Mu Liang a better access."Babe, you hardened me already. Can you feel me?" Mu Liang's shameless words left her speechless. The training she was now getting almost every day, made her very perverted. Her body began reacting merely by his touch.Mu Lan tried to fight back, but her hands were pinned down by his left hand. There was a clear look of mischief playing around in his ocean blue eyes, a soft smile was hanging on his lips."Call me hubby, my darling wifey." Mu Liang's right hand went further south and teased her."Ah! Why should I? We aren't even married yet!" Mu Lan's eyes were already moist and she was panting hard. She shuddered violently as she was teased in her experienced sweetest part. There was a thrill in her body which made her blood boil like hot water. Mu Liang didn't answer her and quickened his fingers work.Mu Lan couldn't handle it any longer and her moans became louder than before. Even though it was the extremely chilly, snowing winter season, their stimulation made them feel so hot that they sweated a lot. Maybe, even the cold weather was too shy to enter through the red curtains of the bedroom.After a loud moan, Mu Lan climaxed while arching her upper half of the body and then collapsed on the bed. "Wifey, you are so wet." Seeing Mu Liang licking his wet fingers while simultaneously gazing to see her reaction, Mu Lan pouted and almost cried.Mu Liang didn't pay any heed to her pouty face, because he found it absolutely cute. He kissed all over her face and drew numerous hickeys on her back and chest. Later, he spread her legs and put his between them. Afterwards, he lowered his body and said, "Call me hubby and I won't touch you."His husky voice aroused her lust from the bottom of her heart. She knew very well that Mu Liang wouldn't stop and Mu Liang knew very well that she wouldn't let him stop.Mu Lan glared at him with her furious, moist and red eyes. "I dare you to stop in the middle." She repeated the exact same words she had said before their first time.Mu Liang deeply kissed her and her tongue invited him inside. While they were feeling each other's wetness and numbness, he entered into her deepest part.Mu Lan screamed in pleasure. Even Mu Liang couldn't help but groan.Mu Liang began to move slowly, like he was trying to taste every reaction of her body while also memorizing every part of her in details.However, Mu Lan already had enough of his touching, kissing and making love. She could feel his presence even if he was meters away from her, let alone his touch. She was getting impatient about his slow moves. When she nearly lost control, she screamed in frustration, "Move faster!"Mu Liang had a hard time to control his laughter. He stopped moving and bit his lips. The he looked at her eyes and said, "Call me hubby and I will give you what you want."Mu Lan nearly vomited blood. 'Just to hear the word 'hubby' from her, he at first promised not to touch her and now he promised to touch her only if she called him hubby. Fine! Just great! Perverted Liang!'Mu Lan was really pissed off this time. He was hanging her for nothing. She gritted her teeth and softly said with a seductive smile, "Hubby, I want you."Her voice was full of lust which made Mu Liang lose his control. Their steams mixed up together and the room filled up with unspeakable sounds.Before Mu Lan fell asleep, she whispered, "Beasty Liang Liang." Even though she complained, there was a satisfactory loving smile lingering on her lips.

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