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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 312: MESMERIZING ODOR

[WARNING: Restricted for under 18 because they're finally doing the deed!!!]After a deep kiss, Mu Liang opened his eyes and looked at Mu Lan's transparent eyes. Her black eyes weren't clear anymore. They were a little hazy, looking at him in anticipation.Mu Liang leaned down and teasingly touched her lips with his. He felt her trembling. He repeatedly teased her, making her want more.Impatiently, Mu Lan tiptoed and tried to kiss his lips. Mu Liang held his head high, so she couldn't. Her eyes were on fire and her red lips were open and inviting. Her breasts were pushing Mu Liang's body, making Mu Liang understand that he was in an unfavorable position to tease her.Mu Liang could feel her body was lingering on him. Her lustful eyes, wet and open lips, long neck, curved collar bones, deep cleavage and vanilla scent almost made him to lose his reasoning. He gulped down and leaned down to her left ear."Do you want it?" His voice was husky.Mu Lan glanced at Mu Liang's left ear which was in front of her lips. She didn't answer him. She directly bit his left ear.A person's ear is always a sensitive spot. Mu Liang was notl different. He immediately trembled. Mu Lan didn't let go even after she noticed his reaction. She nibbled his soft ear and licked it a few times. This time, Mu Liang groaned.Mu Lan whispered, "Do you want it?" She gave his words back to him. She grinded herself onto his lower part. He gave an immediate reaction.Mu Liang groped her buttocks and grinded more, then both sighed in ecstasy. Mu Lan felt shy at his sudden outburst. She tried to move away. However, his hands were still on her buttocks. He closed in and kissed her. This time, he didn't tease her. The fire inside him couldn't be put down now. He entered his tongue.Their lips and tongues were like magnets. (Just like how the opposite poles of a magnet attract each other likewise even their tongues were glued to each other. Soft, warm and wet tongues teased each other. Their face grew hot and their breaths were warm. Mu Liang suddenly felt very hot. He took off his tuxedo and bow tie.They sighed in pleasure as Mu Liang's hands began to roam around her body. Mu Liang found the hidden zipper of her dress on her back. He gracefully pulled it down. Then his left hand touched her naked back. Her skin was so smooth that, his hand became greedy.Mu Lan's legs gave out, so Mu Liang had to grab her legs and then he tried to put them around his waist. However, Mu Lan's dress was a slim fitting one. So he couldn't wrap her legs around him. He let her hold onto him and then he touched the thin laces of both side of her dress. After that, he took the dress off slowly. After the dress slid down, he was able to see her transparent red bra and panties. The design was so sexy that Mu Liang immediately wanted to tear them apart and have there right then and there.Mu Lan saw that his gaze was glued to her body and she was very embarrassed. To hide her feelings as well as her body she clutched his shirt and kissed his throat. She wanted him to focus on the kiss not her body. If it weren't for, Yan Su, she wouldn't buy it. Mu Liang's dark eyes were burning. His erection was poking her hard. He took her legs and wrapped them around him without any obstacle now. They kissed each other madly.Mu Liang slowly walked inside the bedroom while kissing her and then put her down on the bed. The bed was filled with rose petals but it didn't bother them.The large bedroom was decorated with in red rose petals. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room. The bed sheet was of red silk, even the curtains around it was made of red net. The four sides of the bedroom was decorated with thick and large red candles. They were slowly burning. Their yellow orange hue dyed the whole room. Even the couple who were now sighing and moaning were also illuminated by the red candle lights.After their long lingering kisses on the lips, Mu Liang now began kissing her entire body. While he was kissing her collar bones, his shirt buttons scratched Mu Lan's body."Hurts!" She cried out.Mu Liang immediately understood. He quickly took off his shirt and then the belt and after that his pants. 'There is no point of keep wearing it now.' Thinking of that he also took off his underwear. The most handsome man was fully naked in front of Mu Lan's eyes. Even though she had pleased him before and had seen every corner of his body, her face dyed red in shame. She closed her eyes.Mu Liang hovered over her and huskily said, "Darling, look at me.""No!" Mu Lan's refused."Haven't you seen me like this before? We bathed together, remember?" As he said, he bit her right ear and then entered his tongue in the hole. "Ah!" Mu Lan tried to move away, but she was held captive. Mu Liang traced her throat, nape, collarbones and in the end her cleavage with his lips and tongue. He didn't forget to leave his kiss marks while he was licking, nipping and kissing her.He found the bra on his way south, even though it was transparent and he could see everything, it was still bothering him. He saw the hook was in front, so he unlocked it. Instantly two beautiful round shaped supple breasts popped out before his eyes. While they were bouncing, Mu Lan felt a cold sensation on her chest. She was about to hide her chest, just then her tips were covered by Mu Liang's mouth and hand."Ah!" Mu Lan arched her back in pleasure.Mu Liang never hurt her. He softly bit, nibbled, licked and chewed. When his tongue swirled and his fingers worked out, Mu Lan cried out, "Liang!"Mu Liang was burning at that moment and he didn't stop being busy. His other hand traced her lower part through her panties. Mu Lan cried out his name again. This time, Mu Liang stopped and said, "Open your eyes and look at me."Mu Lan opened her tightly shut eyes Her eyes were moist. Mu Liang kissed her tears away and mumbled in her eyes, "Where do you feel good? Here?" He touched her tips. "Or here?" His right hand went inside the last bit of her clothing left. There was a hidden mischief in his eyes.Mu Lan moaned aloud every time he touched and played with her sensitive areas. She breathed heavily and her breasts would jump out as she did.Mu Liang's erection became bigger than before. He hoarsely asked, "Darling, are you teasing me?""Per vert Li ang ah!" Mu Lan quivered in pleasure as she felt the wild sensation. Her fingers clenched the bed sheet full of red roses."Babe, you made me so." Mu Liang shamelessly acknowledged his crime, but he didn't stop what he was doing.Something warm spread in their bodies from their hearts. They were on fire. Their eyes were full of lust. Their faces were red in ecstasy. Their bodies were sweaty. Mu Liang's fingers worked inside. After moaning for a few times, Mu Lan let out a scream. Her whole body became numb. "You are so wet." Mu Liang said huskily as he licked his fingers."Dont say th at. It is em ba.. r. ras.. sing." Mu Lan didn't have enough energy to fight against him. She was grasping for air."Here, taste yourself." Mu Liang entered his tongue in her open mouth and danced around her tongue.Later, Mu Liang took off her one last cloth and spread her legs wide. Even after hearing her soft protest, he dug his mouth."Ah! Liang! Stop! Ah!" Mu Lan's whole body shuddered. Subconsciously, her hands touched his messy head. Her strength dived his head even deeper. His tongue swirled on her honey spot. Suddenly, Mu Liang changed his position and moved his lower part in front of her mouth and said, "Babe, lick me." Mu Lan's mouth was already open as she was panting hard, so he had no problem to put it in inside her mouth. "Ack!" Mu Lan was startled. She was expecting this tonight. But since she had been practising to pleasure him for some time now and, there her tongue and lips automatically locked him."Ah!" another outburst of Mu Lan, Mu Liang moved away because he didn't want to dirty her mouth. He saw that both of them were wet enough and it wouldn't hurt her too much. He made his position between her legs and hovered over her."Darling, I'm starting. Try to remain relaxed, alright?" Mu Liang's voice was hoarse and urgent. He could barely stay normal. He was already wild for more than two times, but he had controlled himself)What relax?Meanwhile, Mu Lan was still recovering from her second flow out. She didn't hear a single thing what he said.Mu Liang understood it. He thought that it might be best if she didn't feel the pain too. He positioned himself and slowly tried to enter her. His heart raced like a marathon as he was nervous.Even though it was wet, it had never held a man before and Mu Liang's was not a normal one, and because of lust it became larger."Uh!" Even though, Mu Lan's was half conscious, she felt the tightness.Mu Liang tried to calm himself, even though it was impossible. He whispered in her ear, "Relax. Relax" He kept repeating himself.His deep voice was like a mantra. Even though she felt the pain, she subconsciously relaxed herself.Mu Liang sighed in relief. As soon as he found out that she had dropped down her guard, he entered her completely. When she felt pain, he heard a scream of Mu Lan. Even he gritted his teeth."Pain! Pain!" Mu Lan bit her lips tightly.Mu Liang was about to die that time. He knew that she would be in pain if he was slow, so he did it faster. Seeing her crying like a kid, his heart suffered. He tried to forget about the throbbing he was feeling inside her, and kissed her deeply.After a minute, he asked worriedly, "Should I stop?" Mu Lan cried bitterly and said, "I dare you to stop."Mu Liang smiled a little. He knew in his heart that she said that for his sake. His heart filled with love for her and gratitude for God. He took her numb hands around his neck."I'm going to move now. If it pains you too much, then bite my shoulder as hard as possible." He said. He was almost out of control."But I'll hurt you." Mu Lan pitifully said. She tried to adjust herself. She realized that he was worried about her.Mu Liang lovingly glanced at her. He kissed her forehead and dearly said, "Silly girl, don't worry about me right now. Worry about yourself."After that, he started to move. Mu Lan bit her lips and Mu Liang warned her, "Don't bite your lips, or I'll stop." Mu Lan scratched his back without her knowing. This time, she tried to clench her teeth to endure her sufferings. Mu Liang immediately stopped. 'It is more tiring than making love.' He thought."Okay, I won't endure." Mu Lan instantly said.Mu Liang's moves became faster and faster. Pain and pleasure mixed together. Mu Lan stopped biting his shoulder and let out moans. Both of them felt an unexplainable feeling at the same time. 'We are one. We are one.' The odor of roses, their sweats, her body and their liquids all mixed up together and made a mesmerizing perfume. Mu Lan became addicted to it. Her body also began to move with his. Mu Liang's blue vein popped up in his right temple as he tried not to lose control. He wanted her first time to be less painful. After this time, he would take the lead.Their hands were intertwined. Their bodies writhed at the same time. Their sweats mixed together. Their irregular beating hearts matched the tempo. They panted and their breaths entangled. Their lustful gaze changed into a gentle and lovable gaze. Their eyes didn't leave each other even for a moment. Just like their bodies, their hearts were connected as well. Red face, teary eyes, swollen rosy lips, sweaty body, disheveled hair looked enticing in the golden lights of the candles.Mu Lan reached her climax twice and Mu Liang did once. After that, they hugged each other and gasped for air. After some time, Mu Liang glanced at her and kissed her deeply. The fire inside them hadn't extinguished yet. Soon their tongues began to dance again and Mu Liang, who was still inside her, began to move. "Babe, let's do it in this position now." Mu Liang hoarsely said."Pervert! Ah! Don't! Where did you learn it?" Mu Lan's face became beet red. She wanted to quell all the lights."From my grandfather's book. I will teach you everything slowly." Mu Liang was losing his control. His eyes became hazy and thirsty."I don't like it. Ah! Ah!" Mu Lan's position was changed and now she was atop of him, straddling him. Mu Liang's hands were on her hip and they were working hard to move her up and down. In this position, Mu Liang had clear access inside her, so he could feel the warmth of her deepest part. Mu Lan who was in a sitting position moved and her breasts also moved up and down. Mu Liang couldn't resist any longer and captured the left tip and chewed it. Mu Lan screamed in pleasure and trembled vigorously. It was too much stimulation for Mu Lan. Her body became as soft as jellyfish after she climaxed for the third time. She had no strength left. However, that didn't make Mu Liang stop. First time he climaxed in fifteen minutes. He couldn't get excited pleasure as he was too tensed to hurt her. This time, he slowly let go. He strenuously pumped her, at the same time, he kissed her passionately. Their lips glued together. After forty minutes, he climaxed. At that time, Mu Lan could barely breathe. She slowly passed out.Mu Liang didn't get up. He just pulled his out. After getting so much of pleasure, for the first time, his heart was full. He glanced at the woman in his arms and lightly kissed her swollen lips."I love you." He whispered before he drifted to the dreamland. It was a long night.When Mu Liang woke up it was afternoon. He enjoyed his time while hugging his beloved. A strange calmness cooled down his heart. There was a sweet yet casual smile on his lips. Even their sticky bodies were giving him another kind of tenderness.However, thinking that Mu Lan would find it uncomfortable, he took her to the bathroom and gave both of them a warm bath. There he noticed the marks all over her body. He nearly lost his control. Afterwards, he put on a nightgown on her and sat her down on the sofa. Then, he changed the bed sheet and quilt. After that, he took her to the bed. Mu Lan was very tired or maybe Mu Liang was being very careful that she didn't wake up at all.In the evening, Mu Lan woke up by the smell of food. She opened her eyes and saw an unknown ceiling. While frowning she tried to recall what happened before she fell asleep. She blushed furiously. When she tried to move, there was a dull ache in her lower part. She almost choked."Easy. Don't move much. I have already applied medicine. You will be fine in no time." A deep voice said with a full of love.With tears, Mu Lan glanced at the man. Mu Liang came forward and hugged her tightly. He whispered, "Sorry for the pain I caused you."Mu Lan softly shook her head and said, "How's your shoulder?" Her voice was hoarse. She immediately stopped. Last night, she screamed so much that it caused her vocal cord damage."I'm fine now. I have got it treated. It doesn't hurt much." He glanced at her carefully and then kissed her lips lightly. He said, "Drink it. Your voice will be alright."Mu Lan took the mug and drank the ginger tea. Then she said, " night, w-we, I mean you didn't use-" Her tongue got tied up before she could use the word 'condom'."What didn't I use?" Mu Liang gazed at her in puzzlement even though he clearly knew what she meant."C-con.dom." her voice sounded like mosquito. Mu Liang held his laughter and answered, "Lu Feng already gave me a herbal medicine which works as a birth control measure. It doesn't have any side effect. You can have it.""T-then, you won't use c-condoms?" She was shy, and yet surprised.Mu Liang closed her mouth with a deep kiss. When she began to pant, he asked, "Aren't you hungry?"Instantly, her stomach growled.That night, Mu Lan took a proper meal and good rest. The next day became just like the new year night."Ah! Ah! Ah! Liang, no! Not this one!" Her voice cried out in protest."This is a good position babe. I'll move faster." Mu Liang's voice was hoarse. He was grinding her from behind.They were watching a movie together. Accidentally, Mu Lan's hand touched his lower part and immediately it gave a reaction, thus they ended up doing it on the sofa in the broad daylight.Before Mu Lan could take some rest, she already ended up in the bedroom and that evening, she had no way to get out of the bed as she lost her consciousness because Mu Liang lost his control. Not feeling the slightest guilt, Mu Liang held the woman in his embrace and massaged her body all over with the medicine he bought it from Lu Feng. His heart was brimming with love.

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