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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 311: HAPPY NEW YEAR

[Before you start reading chapters 311 & 312, the Author kindly requests you all to hear the *orchestra of Beauty and the Beast*. On discord channel in #general Author has already sent the music. Those who are not on Discord can download it by searching for Beauty and the Beast music. To make your reading experience more enjoyable, the Author suggests that while reading the chapters, play the music in the background in a favorable volume and keep hearing the music repeatedly till you complete reading them . Hope you guys enjoy reading both the chapters.]It was New Year's Eve. The last day of the year. From the next day onwards a brand new year would begin. In the evening, after the dinner, Mu Lan wore a red party low cut dress. It showed all her curves perfectly. Her lips were red and she wore only a ruby locket with earrings. On her left ring finger was the engagement ring. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She looked gorgeous.Somehow, she was nervous. She had been noticing Mu Liang's wolfish gaze from the past few days. In her heart, she was feeling that something was going to happen tonight.Mu Lan came downstairs and saw that Mu Liang was waiting for her at the end of the stairs. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants, red tuxedo and a red bow tie. His dark brown hair was brushed onto the right side. His ocean blue eyes glittered in the light. He looked so dashing that Mu Lan halted in her tracks for a second.Mu Liang gazed at his lovely wife and his heart skipped a beat. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Noticing his stare, Mu Lan blushed slightly. She came down and nudged Mu Liang, "What are you looking at?" Her voice was soft as if she was shy.Mu Liang gulped his saliva and deeply said, "Let's go." He took her left hand walked out of the mansion. They went to the north side of the area and stopped at the dock of the lake.Mu Lan who didn't know Mu Liang's plan was stunned as she looked at the boat decorated with exquisitely delicate flowers. She didn't ask anything. Mu Liang said that he was going to give her a surprise so she waited for it. Mu Liang first got onto the boat and then took her in. He took off his tuxedo and wrapped it around Mu Lan whose naked hands and neck were cold due to the chilling weather. Then, he helped her sit on the wooden bench. Afterwards, he took the paddle and began to row.It was a quiet night. The lake was calm. The sky was clear and lots of stars were twinkling. The stars were reflecting on the clear water of the lake. It had been seven days since the snow fall stopped. It was unusual, but, a blessing for them.Mu Liang wasn't walking. There was only the sounds of water splashing as he was rowing. In the quiet night, it felt like music to Mu Lan's ear. The environment was so serene. Mu Lan didn't make a single sound and was just absorbing the quietness of the moment.Mu Lan thought that Mu Liang wanted to take her to the middle of the lake to enjoy the beautiful night. However, to her surprise, they went to the other side of the lake and there, a duplex wooden house came into her view. The whole building was lightened up. The path, from the dock to the door, was decorated with colorful light bulbs. The garden was decorated with low power green lights, making it more breathtaking. The whole place seemed like a fantasy land.Before Mu Lan could absorb the beauty of the place, Mu Liang rowed the boat and they had reached the dock. He tied the rope of the boat to the wooden railing and turned to Mu Lan.Mu Lan's stood up to debark the boat. However, unexpectedly, Mu Liang took her in his arms and got up.Mu Lan gasped in surprise. She subconsciously, encircled her arms around Mu Liang's neck. Mu Liang looked down at her. He wanted a moment to talk to her. But he was too nervous to talk at the moment. The lovely woman who was in his arms right now, was the one he loved so much. Her softness and vanilla scent were tickling his heart. His tongue was tied. He could feel his racing heart.Mu Lan discovered Mu Liang's unusual change and racing heart. Like a strange connection, her heart began to race at the same tempo. She held Mu Liang even more tightly.Mu Liang walked along the path to the duplex house carrying Mu Lan in his arms . There was a mesmerizing smell of wild flowers. It was a picture perfect vision. There was still ten minutes remaining for the new year to come.The door was already unlocked and opened for them to enter.Mu Liang didn't put down Mu Lan at the door way. He took her straightly to the second floor, to the bed room.Mu Lan immediately understood what was going to happen tonight. She suddenly felt a little nervous.Feeling her body tighten around him, Mu Liang halted for a second and then moved to the large wooden balcony. After that, he put her down.The balcony was facing the beautiful lake. From here, the lake, the fountain could be seen. The ripple sounds of water could be heard clearly. The mansion looked tiny, but still fairly visible.Mu Liang hugged Mu Lan's stiff body from behind. He nuzzled his nose on her nape. He asked in a deep voice, "Nervous?"Mu Lan felt his warm breaths in her right ear and right cheek. Her ears turned red as she shivered. She softly replied, "Mm.""Me too." Mu Liang tried to lighten the awkward moment. Then he deeply said, "Don't worry. I won't do anything if you don't want to."Mu Lan's heart flattered on hearing his words. To change the topic, he asked, "Do you like this house?""I like the environment. It's just perfect." Mu Lan said. She got back a little of her courage.Mu Liang smiled slightly. He said, "From tonight, we will stay here."Mu Lan turned around to him with surprise, "For real? Why? Didn't we already remodel your bedroom for us to use?"Mu Liang nonchalantly said, "We are in a mutual relationship. I don't want others to disturb our private space."Mu Lan found it reasonable. Whenever they were in the study room, bed room, dining room or drawing room, there was at least one maid or butler to disturb them. Mu Liang or Mu Lan couldn't complain because the servants were just doing their jobs.Mu Lan smiled and touched Mu Liang's left hand. She noticed that it was cold. She felt guilty and hurriedly took off the tuxedo. "Wear it. I am already warmed by you." She smiled sweetly.Mu Liang's heart tightened. He wore his red tuxedo without objection and then lightly kissed her forehead while taking her in his embrace again. Just then they heard a sound.Both of them glanced at the lake and saw beautiful fireworks. Butler Leo, Cook Eve, Ronald, Hugo, Anne and other servants were doing it to welcome the new year."Happy new year." Mu Liang huskily said to Mu Lan's right ear."Happy new year-" Mu Lan shivered as she said.Before she could finish, her lips were taken by Mu Liang. It was a passionate kiss.

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