Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 310: CHRISTMAS EVE

Very soon it was Christmas Eve. On twenty fourth December, Mu Liang was busy with the party arranged at the Mu Corporation. As his assistant, even Mu Lan had so much to do. However, all her jobs were taken care by the secretaries. She was with Mu Liang, greeting the guests. After the tiresome events, they went home and slept early. On the next morning, it was Christmas. Mu Lan saw her meal and she couldn't take it anymore. "Liang Liang, why is my meal quantity increasing everyday? I can't take it anymore. I will surely become ugly." She complained."You won't become ugly. On the rooftop there is a huge gym." Mu Liang coaxed her as he gave her another piece of steamed dumplings and said, "Here, eat more."Mu Lan was speechless. In the end, she was stubborn like a three year old kid and said, "I won't eat anymore. I'm full."Mu Liang's eyes darkened. He looked towards his right side where she was sitting stubbornly. He leaned closer to her left ear and said, "If you don't eat well now, you won't be able to take it when I eat you at night." His voice was husky. It made Mu Lan's body go numb.Mu Feng was sitting opposite to Mu Lan. He was eating with chopsticks. Even though, Mu Liang's voice was lower and he whispered in Mu Lan's ear, with Mu Feng's great hearing sense, he heard everything his brother said. The dumplings in between his chopsticks fell back into his soup bowl and the hot soup splashed on his face and chest. In the midst of the winter, it felt like a volcano."Hot! Hot! Hot!" Mu Feng jumped out of his seat and ran to the kitchen.Mu Lan clearly understood what just happened. Her face turned beet red. She glared at Mu Liang. Her eyes were full of complaints.'Beasty Liang Liang.' She thought in her mind.Watching Mu Lan's cute face, Mu Liang's blood started to boil. He could understand that he could not wait any longer. He took the shrimp from his bowl and stuffed it inside Mu Lan's pouty mouth. "Eat more." He said deeply.Cook Eve's cooking was excellent as always. Mu Lan couldn't help but chew all the food remaining in her bowl while Mu Liang was feeding her.Later that evening, Yan Su, Lu Feng, Qi Ying and Xue Lin came to the Mu Mansion. Except for Xue Lin, others were all seated as couples.Even Ronald, who just got discharged from the hospital was also present with Hugo. Everyone was celebrating his recovery.Ronald was talking to Hugo at the corner. Mu Feng was flirting with Qi Ying, who was flushed at the moment. Yan Su was sitting on Lu Feng's thigh and drinking wine and enjoying Lu Feng's fingers touching and moving around her naked waist. Lu Feng was talking to Mu Liang about some upcoming product. Mu Lan was in Mu Liang's right arm chatting with Xue Lin.Xue Lin gave a blind eye to them and continued chatting with Mu Lan. As her orange juice was finished, she got up from the sofa and went to the side table. She refilled her glass and glanced at the people who were sitting on the sofa.Looking at the flirty moves of the couples, she sighed and complained inwardly, 'Stupid couples.' It would seem like she was cursing those men, but her eyes had a ray of hidden gentleness which glinted in the night. Xue Lin didn't go back to the sofa. She instead went to the balcony attached to it. From the balcony, Mu Feng and Qi Ying's flower garden could be seen. The area was filled with the smell of flowers. Xue Lin took a deep breath along with the scent and smiled a little. She glanced up at the clear sky. The moon was blessing the whole area with her silver light. The mansion looked very peaceful. Xue Lin gazed at the moon for a long time and her thoughts went very far away. She was dragged back to reality when someone knocked the glass door of the balcony.Startled, Xue Lin turned around and saw Mu Liang standing in the door away. There was a cold aura around him. He was trying to read Xue Lin's thoughts."Is there something you want to talk to me?" Xue Lin asked emotionlessly. She had no interest in him at all."Sorry to disturb you at this time. I came here to give you this." Mu Liang handed her an envelope.Xue Lin took it and opened it afterwards. She found out some paper regarding the citizenship of France. She read the documents and found out that she had acquired the citizenship of France.Xue Lin blinked a few times before realizing that what she saw was indeed true. She finally got what she wanted. Her eyes carried a ray of warmth. She glanced at Mu Liang and said, "I haven't even filled up any form."Mu Liang coldly gazed at her and said nothing.Xue Lin asked no more and bowed her head saying, "Thank you very much.""What are you scheming?" Mu Liang suddenly asked. Mu Liang checked her background. He was worried about his best friend.Xue Lin was stunned at the moment and immediately her eyes turned cold. She answered, "In which way is that your business?"Mu Liang said nothing and turned to leave.Xue Lin said from behind, "Next time, I don't want to see you in the dormitory or I'll fill up complaints about you. She also has her personal space, don't cross boundaries."'Want to check up on me? Take this.' She thought.Mu Liang gritted his teeth and regretted that he even asked her the question.The rest of the party went on smoothly.Time flied away quickly. Mu Lan finished her last exam and spent her free time with her friends. She didn't have much to do at office or at home. Hence she had lots of free time.Meanwhile, Mu Liang was taking care of another matter. On New Year's Eve, he wanted to gift her a duplex house which was situated at the north side of the Mu Mansion.Behind the Mu Mansion, there was a huge lake with a fountain. If someone crossed it, they could see a beautiful duplex house with a flower garden. Mu Liang ordered Butler Leo to take care of it before the new year.

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