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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 309: WAR AT DINING TABLE

Mu Liang's request was so shameless that Lu Feng was left speechless for a while. Even an idiot could understand for whom he was asking it.When he recovered, he said, "Increase her food intake to three times a day. Make her eat delicious and nutritious food and make sure she takes the vitamin tablets I have given her. She doesn't need any other treatments. However, you must also ensure that you are gentle with her. Don't break her bones. This is my only request as her doctor.""Do you think I am a beast?" Mu Liang frowned after hearing his advice. Lu Feng almost said, "Of course I do." But he changed his words into, "Not even once did I think like that. It's just that, a clear blue sky is always followed by the thunderous rain."Mu Liang thought about it while he was getting back from the hospital. He agreed with Lu Feng's statement. He had been waiting for this day for so long. When the time came, could he control himself?He was worried about his strength. He glanced at the woman in his arms who was attentive while reading a document in the car. She had no clue about what Mu Liang was thinking in his mind.When they reached home, Mu Lan hugged Weiwei tightly. Mu Liang coldly glanced at the little girl who was also looking back at him. Her eyes were triumphant. She still didn't have a clue that Mu Liang and Mu Lan had recoiled. Mu Liang sneered and went upstairs. His eyes showed neither jealousy nor even a tiny bit of rage. His eyes were full of ridicule. Weiwei was a smart kid for her age. She clearly understood that Mu Liang was mocking at her. She pouted and hugged Mu Lan tighter.At dinner time, everyone thought that it was a competition. Mu Lan felt like she was an ancient ruler and at both sides were her two concubines trying to woo her and win her favorOn her left side was Mu Liang and on her right side was Weiwei. Mu Liang was filling her with more food, seeing that Weiwei thought that he was trying to win over Mu Lan on his side. So, she also began to fill Mu Lan's bowl every time it got empty.Both Mu Liang and Weiwei's eyes were on Mu Lan's bowl. Whenever they saw it was a little empty, they would try to fill it up. Weiwei was innocently thinking of being filial, but Mu Liang had completely different thought in his mind.When the dinner was over, Mu Lan couldn't get up from the chair. She was so full that, her body wouldn't move at all. She had never eaten so much since she woke up from coma. She swore that day that she would never try to make others happy and make herself suffer from it.When Mu Liang saw her condition, he hid his smile and took her in his arms. Before he left the room, he glanced at Weiwei who was pitifully looking at them.After Mu Liang left with Mu Lan, she gazed at her hands. Now she realized how incomparable she was. She glanced at her sister Meili and said, "Jiejie, I want to be as powerful as him."Meili sighed and said, "Enough of your games. I can't take it anymore. I'm planning on going back to China tomorrow. You can stay here alone if you want.""But Princess Mulan-" Weiwei still refused to leave this fairyland."Your Princess Mulan has her General Sheng (Mu Liang). Do you think she needs you? Can you carry her like the way General Sheng did?" Meili was very patient while she was teaching her ten year old sister. "Come on, let's go to sleep." She took Weiwei's little hand and dragged her to the guest room.Weiwei was sad. She kept looking at the stairs.The next day, Weiwei and Meili said goodbye to the members of Mu Mansion. Weiwei and Mu Lan had a heart breaking goodbye, but none of the members of the mansion felt bad. Instead they sighed in relief. She was the very reason why Mu Liang and Mu Lan had bad times. However, no one other than Mu Liang and Mu Lan knew that because of this little girl they were closer than ever.However, even after Weiwei left, one thing didn't change. Mu Lan oddly observed that her meal was increasing day by day. Mu Liang was even observing if she was taking her medicines properly too.At first she thought that Mu Liang was doing it because of her work and study. So, she didn't mind. Later, she noticed that most of her works were done by the secretaries, she only had to do her signatures. Even, her exams were coming to an end.Mu Lan couldn't find a way, why Mu Liang was becoming more and more obsessed with her eating lots of food. She also discovered that she was becoming chubbier. When Mu Lan complained about it, Mu Liang said, "Chubbier the better. It feels good to sleep with you that way."Mu Lan was speechless.Mu Feng also came home and encouraged Mu Lan to eat a lot.After her second last exam, she went to the campus and met her three friends.Yan Su screamed the moment she saw her. "Congrats, my Lan dear. You did well. From now on I can go back to my Feng's house. Because of second cousin, it was almost impossible to live there. Now there is finally peace."Mu Lan asked, "What did bro Feng do?"Yan Su eyed Qi Ying once and said, "He captured Ying dear from the campus and took her to my dearest's house. Then, they made the house impossible to stay even for a second."Qi Ying's face was beet red. She couldn't look at her friends.Yan Su smirked and told Mu Lan, "If you want to know the details, I can enlighten you with the details thoroughly."Before Mu Lan could agree, Xue Lin from the side coughed loudly. It made the talkative Yan Su silent.'Party pooper!' Both Yan Su and Mu Lan thought at the same time.

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