Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 308: VINEGAR JAR

Back to the present-"Are you sure about choosing her?" Mu Liang wasn't interested in someone else's business. But the person he was talking to was his best friend. Also, he was personally doubting Xue Lin's motives."Stop acting like my wife. I don't like men." The grey eyed man calmly said.Mu Liang had a hard time finding the right words. "Do you want to know what she asked me in return as her payment?""Yes please." The mysterious man unhurriedly said.Mu Liang's lips curved slightly as he said, "She wants the citizenship of France."There was a brief pause before the man said, "Don't give it to her." He had a bad feeling about the payment. He tried to conceal his excitement but failed miserably. "Sorry, I'm a man of words." Mu Liang hung up. Mu Liang thought, 'Since you have the time to mock at me for my sexual taste, I'm sure you have all the time for thinking about your own problem as well.' He glanced at the bathroom door and asked loudly, "How long do you need?""I'm almost done." Mu Lan said from the bathroom.A few minutes later, she came out of the washroom and found that Mu Liang was waiting for her in the bedroom itself.Mu Liang gazed at her after he heard the sound of the door opening and instantly, his mouth was dry.Mu Lan was wearing the same seductive uniform which she had bought with Yan Su. It was a perfect fit and was showing all her hidden curves pretty well. What attracted Mu Liang the most was her cleavage and curvy collarbones.Mu Liang gulped down and asked, "What are you wearing?" His eyes became darker.'She is definitely testing my patience.' He thought.Mu Lan smiled coquettishly. She said, "Why? Don't you like it?" She stood by the frame of the washroom door and stood there curving her body while supporting with her hands. Mu Liang had a repulse to do something which he didn't want to do. He came closer to her and leaned down to her ear. He smelt her vanilla scent and he almost shuddered. Therefore, to control himself, he closed his eyes and turned his eyes away from her. He replied, "I do love them very much. But you can wear it only when the two of us are together alone. Because, when I see you in a dress like this, I only want to eat you up fully." His voice was low and husky. It made Mu Lan get goosebumps. Her body nearly became numb.Mu Liang asked her, "Why did you buy it? Do you think you need this to seduce me?""Ah, you know me so well." She circled her slender arms around him.Mu Liang helplessly looked down at her. He felt like he was defeated even before the war began. He said, "You didn't answer my question."Mu Lan made a face and sighed while answering, "What to do? You are such a bottle of vinegar. I had to melt you with my sweetness.Mu Liang's heart was stirred up by her words. He stood up straight and saw Mu Lan's sly face. He tenderly rubbed her hair and said, "Go change it. I'll dry your hair after that."Mu Lan took another set of uniform and went back to the washroom again. While changing she recalled that she bought this uniform from cosplay store. 'What a waste!' She thought. She finally decided on wearing it once in a while. She couldn't just throw away such an expensive and useful outfit. She wanted to use it to seduce Mu Liang after all.After scheming inside the washroom, Mu Lan got out and Mu Liang dried her hair. It was quiet a harmonious time. Just then Mu Liang asked, "You took Ronald's gun, didn't you?"Mu Lan sheepishly glanced at Mu Liang through the mirror before her. She answered, "I have it. In the closet."She took it from Ronald's car when Weiwei was kidnapped. From then on it was with her till now.Mu Liang said, "Take it with you today. We are going to see him in the hospital. He woke up."Mu Lan already went to the hospital once, but that time, Ronald was unconscious. Today, she would go to see him and also give back his gun.------When they came down to have breakfast, Butler Leo and the others were all stunned. They didn't know what had happened last night, but they all sighed in relief. They became cheerful and greeted the couple with a smiling face.In the corner, Butler Leo called Mu Feng and said, "Second Master, the storm has calmed down. You can come back home anytime."Not only the house members were relieved, but also the employees felt that a heavy stone fell off their shoulders. They were also happy, even though they didn't know what turned their boss into the king of winter all of a sudden and then what changed him into the king of spring.The employees called for a party at night. Since Mu Lan had plans to go to the hospital, she politely refused the offer. Unknown to her, many male employees felt dejected.After work, Mu Lan and Mu Liang headed to the hospital. Ronald was happy to see them. Mu Lan bought some fruits for him. Hugo cut them into pieces for him and made sure Ronald ate them all.Mu Liang went to meet Lu Feng at his office. He saw that Lu Feng was looking at an x-ray report. Hearing the knock, Lu Feng looked up and saw Mu Liang. He said, "Here to see Ronald? He is fine now. His fractures in the chest are improving. It is a good sign."Mu Liang listened carefully and sat in front of Lu Feng. He said, "Do a test on Xiao Lan's body too. I want to know how far her head injury is improving." He needed to know how much time he had left with Mu Lan. He was hoping for the best, and getting ready for the worst.Lu Feng looked at his childhood friend and then nodded. He felt sympathetic towards his friend.Later, Mu Liang said, "Prescribe some medicines that improves a woman's stamina after love making."

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