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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 307: HELPING A FRIEND

Lu Feng was so not in the mood to gossip. He shortly said, "While we were talking, we were drinking my new invention 'mint tea'. This tea can cure your dizziness and headache. So she asked for it. I have to give her a month's supply of mint tea package at the beginning of every month.""Isn't it expensive?" Mu Liang asked."It is expensive. But when I wake up next to Yan Su in the morning, I feel like I cheated Xue Lin. She deserved something more expensive. Maybe I should give her my new invention." Lu Feng stroked his chin while he said that."Okay, that's all I need." Mu Liang said.He was about to hang up, but Lu Feng hurriedly asked, "Wait, what are you giving her as your payment?""Citizenship of France." Mu Liang said that and hung up the call. He frowned and thought logically about Xue Lin.'She doesn't value anything which she thinks as unnecessary. She knows what she wants. Her desire is simple but expensive. She doesn't want anything which won't help her in achieving her goal. Her path is hard and she cannot complete it without someone's help. So when she sees an opportunity coming her way, she grabs it without hesitation.' He paused for a while before thinking, 'What is she planning? Did she coincidentally meet these three girls or was it all planned?'[A/N: Unfortunately, Xue Lin's real thoughts and her plans won't be revealed in this novel. You have to wait for my third novel which will be written when "Handsome CEO's Darling Wife" will be close to finish. The novel will be about Xue Lin and her grey-eyed man. You'll love both of their characters. I'll work hard for it.]Mu Liang already did what he wanted to do. He dialed a number and called.Someone answered the call in the first ring itself and asked, "Have you done what I asked you to do?" His voice was serene.Mu Liang was in a good mood because of last night. He asked back, "Is this how you treat your best friend?""You seem happy." The man from the other side commented.Mu Liang proudly said, "I'm not a single dog like you.""So, her plan was successful." The man suddenly smiled a little.------Ten days ago, it was the day before Mu Liang went to the school campus to meet Xue Lin.At the Presidential office of Mu Corporation, there was an elegant man sitting in front of Mu Liang."You visiting France is very unusual." Mu Liang stated.The man's grey eyes flickered. He calmly said, "I need your help.""You need, my help?" Mu Liang was surprised but he hid it well. However, he was curious of what his best friend needed help with."I want you to go to someone and ask for help." His friend said.Mu Liang deeply looked into his friend's eyes and asked, "Who is it?"The man said mysteriously, "You know her. She is your fiance's close friend. Her name is Fa Xue Lin."Mu Liang raised his eye-brow. He said, "Female? Rejected." He definitely didn't want to approach any other woman except his beloved wife Mu Lan.The man was still relaxed. He smiled lightly while saying, "I observed that your fiance is ignoring you."Mu Liang frowned and asked, "What are you talking about?""Since your relationship isn't that good, why don't you go to her. She studies psychology. She helped Lu Feng and Yan Su to get together." The man's grey eyes glittered."Huh, I don't need help from someone else when I know how to take care of my own matters." Mu Liang said arrogantly.The grey eyed man calmly said, "I know that you can take care of your own matters.""Then, why would I go to someone else for help? Don't tell me you are interested in her." Mu Liang said. His lips almost broke into a smile.The grey eyes of the man was glued to Mu Liang's ocean blue eyes. He calmly said, "I am very much interested in her."Mu Liang, ".."He continued saying, "I started to like her."Mu Liang, ".."He finally said, "I want to marry her."Mu Liang, ".."In the end, Mu Liang asked, "What made you fall for her?""Have you ever seen a girl going to a bar with her friends in a less eye catching outfit and conceal her beauty with her glasses? Have you seen a girl who was drunk and was sleeping soundly, but on hearing an unknown man's voice, forced herself to wake up and went back to her campus? I'm infatuated by her."Mu Liang, ".." He recalled the time when he went to the bar with his best friend and childhood friend and saw the drunk girls' group. 'So they met at that time.' He thought."Will you help me?" Then the man asked.Mu Liang asked, "What do you think you'll accomplish by me asking her for help? Observation? Do you want to know what kind of a character she is?""Yes." His friend nodded.Mu Liang asked while frowning, "Why don't you do it yourself? Have you got any problems. You can as well ask her for help." He still wasn't interested in other's affairs.The grey eyed man said flatly, "Because she thinks I'm a security guard. I can't approach her as you said."Mu Liang almost choked blood hearing that. He then suggested, "Lie to her."The grey eyed man sharply looked at Mu Liang and said, "I don't want to deceive her. Now, tell me. Do you want to help me or not?"Mu Liang was still unwilling, but in the end, for the sake of their friendship he gave up on fighting. He coughed slightly and said, "Since you are my best friend and for the first time you are asking something from me, I will definitely help you."The grey eyed man smiled once again.The next day, Mu Liang went to meet Xue Lin with Lu Feng. His original plan was to observe her thinking and character. That's all he had to do.Who knew that she would be a great help to Mu Liang?

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