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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 306: XUE LIN'S PAYMENT

At that time, Mu Lan woke up. Seeing Mu Liang's dazzling face, first thing in the morning, her heart raced. There was a hidden ecstasy in her heart. She also felt shy. All the emotions welled up together. When she saw him glancing at her dearly, she got close to his face and gave him a kiss while saying, "Liang Liang, good morning to you."Mu Liang tried hard to conceal the ignited fire in his heart. He tried his best to smile at her and said, "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"Mu Lan smiled while saying, "I had a very good sleep. What about you?""Me too." Mu Liang didn't want to get up from the bed. He wanted to hold her tight and sleep another round. Now that their feelings were mutual, his heart was in peace. However, his lower part was getting harder and harder. The beautiful woman ignited his fire which could only be calmed down by her. But he didn't want to do it that way. He had other plans. He continued, "We should get up soon. We have lots of work to do. You have an exam tomorrow too, right? Don't you have to study?"Mu Lan felt Mu Liang's behavior was unusual. She noticed that something hard was poking her abdomen and Mu Liang's body was getting as rigid as wood. Finally understanding what was going on, she smiled seductively and asked at the same time, "Liang Liang, can you feel me?"Mu Liang, ".."Mu Lan's eyes glinted. Her left hand slowly touched Mu Liang lips, then her fingers trailed down his throat, chest, muscles, abdomen and her hand went further south without any hesitation.Mu Liang quickly grabbed her hand and growled, "Lan, are you threatening me?" The fire he tried to calm down, was ignited yet again by her."What? Don't you want it? The Pleasure?" Mu Liang smiled while saying."Do you know what you are saying?" Mu Liang's voice was hoarse. His heart raced and body became warmer. "I did tell you last night, didn't I?" She said mischievously. She tried to remind him about what she said along with her confession. 'Let's make some babies.'Mu Liang gritted his teeth. He planned a long time ago that their first time would be very romantic. Although, they just confessed to each other and the weather as well as the mood right now was very romantic, he wanted their first time to be a very memorable one. He couldn't just do it right now. However, this mischievous woman was spoiling his plans.Very naughty!Mu Liang flipped over and pinned her under him. Then he leaned to kiss her passionately. He didn't stop until she nearly fainted because of the lack of oxygen.Seeing her swollen lips, he gently kissed her forehead and said huskily, "Be good." Then he got up quickly before he would do something out of losing control.After Mu Liang freshened himself and came out of the bathroom, Mu Lan went to the bathroom to use it. He slowly changed his clothes and called Xue Lin.Xue Lin was going to the library. She saw that Mu Liang called her. She answered the call, "Mission accomplished?""What do you want for your success?" Mu Liang directly asked.Xue Lin got his queue and sighed in relief. 'Thank goodness that they are okay now.' She thought in her mind. She asked him, "Will you give me anything?"Mu Liang's eyes became sharp. He coldly said, "As long as I am capable of giving that." He still couldn't trust her completely."I came here to France with a Student Visa. What I want from you is the citizenship of France. Nothing more, nothing less." Xue Lin was waiting for this opportunity from so long. She couldn't let it go.Mu Liang was speechless. He had only met her twice. Once in the bar and second at the ball. At the bar, he didn't give her much attention. In the ball, he saw her wearing a gorgeous dress designed by Qi Ying and her simple but exquisite jewelry came from Mu Lan which was bought by Mu Liang himself. So he had slightly a negative attitude towards her. Though he didn't think much of her, he couldn't let go of his jealous feelings. Therefore, he almost thought that she would ask for lots of money, or expensive jewelry, or maybe a luxurious life. Since Lu Feng had already warned him of her unusual demand from her clients.In the end he replied, "Ok.""Don't you need my passport?" Xue Lin asked."Not necessarily." Mu Liang didn't say anything anymore and hung up. Then he called Lu Feng. He suddenly got curious about what Lu Feng gave her.Lu Feng was sleeping soundly with his beloved woman in his arms at a hotel. His peaceful sleep was broken by Mu Liang's call. He answered the call and sleepily asked, "What did your wife do this time?"Mu Liang was speechless. Then he asked, "Why are you sleeping in so late this morning? Don't you have a morning duty?""I took a break. I'm at the hotel." Lu Feng stretched his left hand while his right hand was clutching his cell phone."Why are you at the hotel?" Mu Liang was curious. Lu Feng complained, "Because your brother is messing around at my place. After he leaves, tell your servants to take care of my little house."Mu Liang came back to the main topic. "Will do. I called you to ask what the psychologist asked from you as payment.""My invention, mint tea."Mu Liang, ".."A few seconds later, when Lu Feng didn't hear a sound from the other side, he asked, "Are you there?"Mu Liang recovered from his astoundment. He said to confirm, "Say that again.""Mint tea?" Lu Feng only got up from his sleep, so his brain was working slowly. He didn't catch Mu Liang's surprise."Why did she want mint tea?" Mu Liang asked.

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