Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 305: KISS ME

"I know." Mu Lan grinned like a mischievous kid.Mu Liang glanced at the woman in his arms and couldn't help kissing her. The kiss was sweeter and longer than any other kiss they ever shared. Their breaths, tongues, whimpers and moans tangled together. Their kiss was going on for eternity. Neither of them wanted to leave each other's lips. When Mu Liang moved his face away, Mu Lan would not let him go and capture back his thick lips and when Mu Lan lacked oxygen and moved her face away, Mu Liang would grab her lips not wanting to let go.Mu Lan shuddered while kissing him passionately. She felt that her legs lost their strength. Mu Liang also noticed it. He grasped her legs, then took them up and encircled around his waist. His erection reacted strongly, but he tried to ignore it and continuously kissed her.After a very long, the storm steadily calmed down. Both of their faces were red and they panted heavily. Their lips were swollen and numb. Their foreheads were touching together as they gazed into each other's eyes.Mu Liang finally noticed that they were still in Mu Feng's private bar. He slowly walked towards the door and left the west wing along with Mu Lan whose legs were still encircled around his waist. She said nothing. She hugged Mu Liang's neck and her head was in his shoulder. She kept on inhaling Mu Liang's mesmerizing manly scent.Mu Liang came into their bedroom and turned off the light. In the dark night, Mu Liang put her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. Afterwards, he laid down beside her and hugged her again.Mu Lan quietly glanced at him. She was expecting something. Feeling her gaze, Mu Liang's ocean blue eyes deeply looked into her transparent eyes."What?" He asked hoarsely. He didn't want to do anything in her drunken state. It would be very disappointing if she wasn't in her normal state."I want to kiss you." Mu Lan said. Her eyes were full of naughtiness. Mu Liang's eyes lit up again. His mouth was dry. He couldn't help recall the first time he saw her in Germany four years ago. Mu Lan was always a cheerful girl and would always smile. She would encourage others to do their best. She would try to punish those who were troublemakers. She often was a troublemaker too. In the final round of the competition, she suddenly disappeared from the hotel and made everyone worried to death. In the last minute, she came after a great adventure touring Berlin city. She was always like that.Now that she found someone she could rely on, she let go of her weariness and showed her real self to him.Mu Liang came over her and their bodies were stuck together again. He huskily said, "I'll kiss you as much as you want. But say again that you love me."Mu Lan pouted. Her eyes were greedy but she complained. "How many times do you want to hear?""As many times you want my kisses." Saying that Mu Liang lightly kissed her. He let go of her lips when she was about to respond to his kiss."Not fair." Mu Lan cried out.Mu Liang pressed his body against her while grinding his lower part to hers, making her lust even more obvious. He threateningly said, "Say it.""I love you." Mu Lan said softly."Once more." Mu Liang said. His voice was low."I love you." She said it again."Again." His voice was dangerously low.Mu Lan tried to control her reaction towards Mu Liang's body. His smell was hypnotizing. She said in her honey voice, "I love you."When she said it for the third time, Mu Liang actually believed that he wasn't dreaming. They were in bed. His most beloved woman was in his arms and she actually confessed to him.And now that it hit his head, he shuddered. How many days did he wait for this moment?How many times did he pray for this day?How much did he wish for her to confess her love for him?How many sleepless nights he had?How many times did he have those cold shower?Unexpectedly, a pearl like tear fell from Mu Liang's right eye to Mu Lan's left cheek. He became very emotional.His tear made Mu Lan sober up a little. She looked at him in surprise and cupped his cheek. "Liang Liang, what's wrong? Are you sad?" She asked worriedly.Mu Liang bent down to capture her swollen lips. Then he replied, "I'm so happy that I couldn't stop my tears flowing down." He cupped her face and said, "Promise me that you won't leave me.""I won't." Mu Lan shook her head. Then she encircled her arms around his neck and glanced at him coyly.Mu Liang knew what was coming."Kiss me." She said seductively.Mu Liang's didn't wait any longer and kissed her hungrily.------The next day, the sky was clear and there was no snowfall. It was a beautiful winter morning. The weather was very harmonious.Mu Liang opened his eyes and saw his sleeping beauty on his chest in his arms. He recalled last night. Immediately, his heart melted just like snow melted in spring. His heart was full. She wasn't just a girl who wished to marry him as an obligation anymore. They mutually loved each other.With a smile full of spring, Mu Liang gently stroked her hair. Suddenly, his hand halted as he remembered something."Let's make some babies."Mu Liang's body got rigid instantly.'How could she say such things so daringly? What if I actually lost control and did something to her yesterday?' Mu Liang shook his head.Last night, he tightly hugged her to control himself. Now that he recalled something very romantic, his body was reacting again. His body wanted to break free from all shackles.

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