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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 304: SAY THAT AGAIN OR BE PUNISHED

Mu Lan wanted to wait for a while before confessing. But the warm liquid in her stomach made her very impatient and more nervous. The moment she saw the solitude Mu Liang, she blurted out her deepest feeling.Meanwhile, Mu Liang was getting ready to scold her. Exactly at that time, he heard something he didn't think that he would hear in this lifetime.Mu Lan said, "Liang Liang, I love you. Let's make some babies." When Mu Liang heard her calling him 'Liang Liang', his heart automatically melted by half. But when he heard the most unexpected sentence, 'I love you', his mind went blank. Neither could he believe it nor could he accept it. His heart skipped a beat. His body turned extremely rigid as a stone. He forgot to breathe. And the last sentence she said, 'Let's make some babies', it just went inside his right ear and escaped out his left ear.Mu Liang was so worked up with the sentence 'I love you' that he didn't notice her last sentence was more intense than her confession.Mu Liang blankly glanced at Mu Lan and forgot to blink even once.Mu Lan was annoyed to see Mu Liang so impassioned. She got up and moved closer to Mu Liang. When she came in front of him, she encircled her arms around him and seductively asked, "Liang Liang, don't you love me?" Mu Liang subconsciously grabbed her waist and hoarsely said, "Say it again."Mu Lan slowly blinked with her long eye-lashes. She asked him, "Say what? I asked you a question." Her rosy lips were wet and colored with red wine, her face was flushed because she was warm, nervous and shy. Her eyes were a little moist. She looked very alluring. When she talked, there was a strong smell of alcohol.However, Mu Liang's mind was elsewhere. He wanted to hear something which he almost thought that he mistook. He said, "Didn't you say something at first? I want to hear it." His voice was deep.Mu Lan's eyes shone. Her eyes glittered with mischievousness. She smiled sweetly and asked him, "Oh, did I say something?" Her head was dizzy. She felt like the world was spinning around her.Mu Liang's heart almost jumped to his throat. He asked her back, "Did you not?" His hands tightened around her. Finally, when he started to see the details of her face, his body began to react.Mu Lan was playful. She pretended not to remember anything at all. After a while she said, "I don't remember at all."Mu Liang eyes were on fire. Leisurely, his hands started to move. Mu Lan, who was deprived of his touch for more than a week started reacting. She looked at him with eyes full of desire. Mu Liang couldn't hold himself back anymore. He leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. He sucked, nibbled and licked her lips hungrily. Mu Lan clutched his nightshirt and kissed him back with the same passion.When both of them were at the peak of pleasure while kissing each other, Mu Liang abruptly let go of Mu Lan's swollen lips.Mu Lan panted heavily and glanced at Mu Liang. Her expression wasn't good. Her eyes were glued to Mu Liang's warm lips. Dissatisfaction was written all over her face.Mu Liang was panting lightly. With his burning eyes, he looked at Mu Lan and said huskily, "Say what you said to me at first. Then you can have my lips.Mu Lan pouted. She tip-toed and tried to reach his lips. However, Mu Liang was taller than her. How could she reach his lips?After trying for three times, Mu Lan gave up. She looked at Mu Liang's ocean blue eyes and said, "Fine you win. I said that I hate you." Mu Liang' face darkened. He warned her hoarsely, "Say it clearly, or I'll punish you all night."Even though Mu Lan wasn't with Mu Liang for years, he still had a basic idea of Mu Lan's behavior. He certainly had a clear idea of Mu Lan's drunken state. He knew that while she was drunk, she would turn into a kissing demon. She took his first kiss after all.Mu Liang also knew that while she was drunk, she would show him her deepest desire. When she was drunk, if her heart was happy or in peace, she would let it show, if she was in pain, she would cry for it and would complain to him.Mu Liang had seen her like this before. Moreover, he was the victim.Mu Liang was still in a normal state because he also knew that after she would wake up tomorrow, she would remember everything.Mu Lan's eyes glinted. She smiled coyly and said, "You want to punish me, Liang Liang? I want to be punished by you."Mu Liang was already losing his mind. He closed his mouth to her right ear and said, "I will ensure that you will pleasure me all night and force you to drink me. Are you prepared?" Then he licked her ear and then bit it.Mu Lan's face became pale after what she heard, but she couldn't help but moan when he played with her ear. She panted while saying, "Fine, fine. I will tell you."She rubbed her body to his and felt his heartbeats. She said in a sultry voice, "Liang Liang, I L-O-V-E you."Mu Liang heart skipped a beat once again. He was silent for a while and then slowly said, "Once more, say it again."Mu Lan softly listened to him. "I love you.""Once more." Mu Liang's voice became softer.Mu Lan said once more, "I love you." Her voice was sweeter than honey which spread warmth through his body.Squeezing her tightly in his arms, he gently called her name with full of affection, "Lan?""Yeah." Mu Lan replied.Mu Liang confessed, "I love you too."

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