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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 303: the title is a spoiler

[A/N: The name of the chapter in the Author's Note in the end of the chapter.]Mu Lan's mind went blank.'What? Love? When? How?' Her head was full of these questions.After a moment of silence, Mu Lan asked her friend, "How do you know that I love him?"Hearing her question, Xue Lin almost fell off the chair. 'Is she for real?' She thought inwardly while glancing at Mu Lan.For the second time, Xue Lin understood that even a genius could become an idiot when it comes to love.She asked Mu Lan, "Well, if you don't love him, why are you seducing him?"Mu Lan's face became red in an instant. She stammered, "H-how..?"Xue Lin sipped her tea and replied, "Yan Su was very excited when she went shopping with you. She called me to accompany her. Do I need to know the details to understand what was going on?" What she said wasn't false. Yan Su indeed called her to accompany them to the shopping mall. The rest of the story she got to know from Mu Liang. Of course, she wouldn't mention that.Mu Lan covered her head. This was indeed lots of information to process. Finally, she arrived at a conclusion. She realized that she liked Liang Liang. To be more precise, she loved him.Wasn't that the reason that she was missing his touch, his softness, his warmth, his smell and his pampering?Feeling embarrassed, joy and peace all at once, Mu Lan began to laugh all of a sudden. "Haha I love him haha"Xue Lin stared at her friend blankly who was going insane. She got a headache. She rubbed her forehead and prayed, 'Buddha, please don't let me fall out of laughter. I don't think I can handle this insane girl.'Mu Lan giggled for a while. Her face was red in shame and her eyes were wet. She circled her arms around her stomach, because it hurt while she laughed.After a long time, Mu Lan stopped laughing because she didn't have any energy left.Xue Lin pushed a bottle of water . Mu Lan saw it and grabbed it and drank a mouthful water.Xue Lin asked, "So what are you going to do?"Mu Lan gazed at her with red eyes and asked her back, "So what should I do now?"Xue Lin controlled her anger and said, "I think you should confess to him.""How?" Mu Lan asked again. Xue Lin doubted if Mu Lan heard anything which she said till now.She answered, "I'm not an expert in that section. You should ask Yan Su." Xue Lin got up and tried to leave. She couldn't stand Mu Lan's stupidity anymore. After all, she admired Mu Lan for her intelligence. Now it was all gone.Mu Lan immediately grabbed her right wrist and said softly, "But I'm shy."Xue Lin's whole body shook in rage. She gritted her teeth and took deep breaths twice. She asked Mu Lan, "How is your alcohol tolerance?"Mu Lan glanced at her blankly not understanding a word. Then suddenly, her transparent black eyes brightened up.------Mu MansionMu Liang was in the study room. He finished working on a project related to the Middle East. His eyes became heavy. He rubbed the area of his eyebrows.Someone knocked the door and entered. It was Butler Leo. "Young Master, your dinner is ready." He said politely.Mu Liang didn't look at him. While closing his eyes, he asked the Head Butler, "Did Xiao Lan come home?"Butler Leo said, "Yes, Madam Mu came. She already had dinner outside. So she isn't joining you."Mu Liang frowned. 'Why is she doing this? Doesn't she know that she needs a lot of nutritious food?' Feeling upset, Mu Liang got up and went to the dining room.Mu Feng still hadn't come home, so Mu Liang had his dinner alone. After he stopped eating with Mu Lan, Mu Liang's eating time was extremely boring. He thought that the time he spent on eating also increased.After finishing his dinner, Mu Liang went to the third floor. Before he went to the bedroom, he stopped in his tracks. He took a deep breath and tried to be mentally prepared. 'Since Mu Lan came beforehand, she must have arranged something.' He thought.Mu Liang touched the doorknob and opened the door. The light of the room was turned on. He didn't look anywhere and went straight to the washroom with his night shirt and pajamas. After he changed into his night dress, he came to his bedroom. When he came towards the bed, all of a sudden, his legs paused.Mu Liang frowned after what he saw.The bed was empty.'Where did she go?' He asked himself. 'Butler Leo definitely said that she came, then'Mu Liang recalled, before he went to his room in the east wing, he caught a glimpse of Mu Feng's west wing's room. The door was opened.Mu Liang's face darkened. He turned around and got out of his room. His pace quickened as he walked. He looked towards the west wing and he was right. The door was indeed open. Mu Liang's lips pursed into a thin line.With a loud noise, Mu Liang opened the door and saw Mu Feng's dazzling bar. There was a classical music piece playing in the background. In the corner of the bar, Mu Lan was sitting and her head was down on the table. There was a red wine bottle in front of her. It was expensive and very rare and more importantly, it was Mu Feng's favorite.Someone was going to scream and cry after he would come home.Mu Liang sighed in relief to see her in her usual silk nightgown, no more transparent gowns.Mu Liang strode towards Mu Lan and said, "Xiao Lan!" He was extremely angry and his voice roared.Startled, Mu Lan straightened her back and saw with her dizzy eyes who it was. Recognizing the man, her face shone and she gave him a bright smile while saying, "Liang Liang!"Instantly, Mu Liang's heart melted. He recalled the first time she spoke to him after she woke up from coma.Before he could say anything, Mu Lan said affectionately, "Liang Liang, I love you. Let's make some babies."

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