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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 302: IDIOT, YOU **** HIM

Dear Readers, you have already become more than my family and my friends. In fact they don't even live anywhere closer than you guys. I'm rather a lonely person. I didn't go anywhere on Christmas or New Year. Having fun with you my you on my list. So I wanted to have fun with you guys. Fooling you wasn't my intention and I also thought that after 200th chapter which was again an interview, I thought you wouldn't probably buy this interview. But now I realized that I offended you. So I'm apologizing to you guys.I'M VERY SORRY.I'll never do this again. I was just becoming friendly with you guys, and I realized that I shouldn't have done that. I was rude to you. I'll try to be more professional from now on. I'll give you a mass release, but not now. I'm a little busy now and I've my exam on 15th and 20th January. You'll get a surprise mass release when you least expect it. Let's go back to the original chapter.________________________________________________________________________________________________Xue Lin was deep in thought. She knew that Mu Lan would never be desperate if she wasn't into Mu Liang. Moreover, Mu Lan would not try to seduce anyone, unless it was Yan Su's idea.Xue Lin's lips stretched into a smile. She typed a text and sent it to Mu Liang.'Aren't you mad that Xiao Lan wore such a revealing uniform? Other men can see her too.''You think that I didn't think of that? But you said that I should not show my concerns for her and pretend that I didn't have any feelings for her.' Mu Liang replied.'Good. Be that way.'Suddenly Xue Lin had an urge to see Mu Lan. She wanted to see with her own eyes how Mu Lan would fight for her love.That night, Mu Liang went to sleep earlier. When Mu Lan saw him on the bed, she wasn't shocked. She was definitely a little upset. She changed into a nightgown and went to bed. Mu Lan closed her eyes and tried to sleep. However, she couldn't. She turned around and glanced at the man's back who was sleeping next to her.'It has been a long time since I slept in his arms.' She thought.Gazing at Mu Liang's wide back, Mu Lan got an idea. Slowly, she came close to Mu Liang and then touched his back. She felt his warmth and it spread from her palm to her entire body.'You don't want to hug me? Fine. I'll hug you.' Thinking that Mu Lan hugged Mu Liang's strong body. Soon, tiredness came over her. After a very long time, she had a great sleep.Mu Lan couldn't see a warm smile on Mu Liang's face which she was waiting to see for a whole week.That night, both of them felt extra warm.The next day, Mu Lan was in the office. She was working on her desktop. Suddenly, she saw an advertisement. It was about an online gaming competition.Getting intrigued, Mu Lan looked into the details and found that it was in Germany. It was to be held in January. It would be sponsored by a Chinese business organization. The company name wasn't mentioned though.At the end of the advertisement, it was also written that France wouldn't be competing in this contest.Mu Lan was surprised. Then she shrugged. She didn't plan on competing. However, she was certainly excited. Mu Lan mentally calculated. She had her exams in December and the result would be published in February. She could go to Germany in January with her friends. Yan Su and Qi Ying wouldn't mind. They could also get help from Xue Lin since she was studying German Language.But before that, she wanted to take care of Mu Liang's sudden change of attitude business. After office, Mu Lan went to the dormitory. In the canteen, Mu Lan was sitting in the corner. In front of her, was Xue Lin.Xue Lin felt like dj vu. "I need your help." Mu Lan said.Xue Lin didn't blink even once and said, "I'm listening.""It's about Liang Liang. He" Mu Lan told her everything.Even though Xue Lin heard everything from Mu Liang, she patiently listened what Mu Lan had to say.After Mu Lan explained everything to her, she asked to Xue Lin, "What should I do now?""Why don't you express your feelings to your fianc?" Xue Lin suggested to her."My feelings?" Mu Lan didn't know what to say.Xue Lin became annoyed. 'This girl is completely head over heels in love with him and she can't realize that?' She was fuming inside.Xue Lin took a deep breath. 'Okay, if you don't understand, I'll make you understand.' She thought in her mind.Xue Lin started her action. "Do you feel grateful to him that he saved you?"Her sudden change of expression startled Mu Lan. She immediately answered, "I am."Xue Li continuously probed her further, "Do you hate it when he touches you?""No.""Do you dislike it when he kisses you?""No.""Do you kiss him when you don't want to?""No.""Do you like it when he touches your body?""What!" Mu Lan's face turned red.Xue Lin's voice became sharp. "Answer my question!"Mu Lan became timid while answering, "Ah.. yes.""Do you feel an obligation to marry him?" Xue Lin asked her more."No." Mu Lan shook her head negatively."Do you get excited when he touches you?"Mu Lan took time to answer it. ".Yes." She didn't dare to look into Xue Lin's eyes anymore."Do you miss him when he doesn't touch you or pamper you?"".I do." Mu Lan's heart started racing while thinking of their previous romantic session."Do you feel that he is caging you?""I don't""Does your heart race when you two do something romantic?""It does.""Do you want to reject his love?""I don't." Mu Lan hurriedly answered. She didn't want to let go off Mu Liang, not in million years."Do you want him to love you more?""I do." This time, Mu Lan didn't hesitate to answer."Do you feel secure when you are with him?""Definitely.""Idiot, you love him."

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