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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 301: SHE IS SEDUCING ME

Hahaha. I can't believe you guys actually fell for it!! Oh! My stomach hurts after reading your comments. It must be karma!I knew that I would be busy on 2nd January, so I wanted to upload 300th chapter on 1st January. But it couldn't be uploaded because I wanted to apply for free chapter.Anyway, I talked to Webnovel officials and they said that I couldn't upload it without premium. I just thought, no one is going to read this Interview after the last time!!!I loved writing these interviews and there are 5 more ideas in my head that I want to write in future. How did you guys believe this?? XD Wish it was April Fool! Hahaha!I love to write and I definitely love my loyal Readers. I can't just stop writing because of the rankings :D you guys think I'd be so immature. That was just an interview with Weiwei and if you guys remember she's just a cute kid. So had to write according to her!What am I going to do without you guys!!!!!!Ok, I spooked you and I had fun. Let's go to the novel and see what our Lan and Liang are doing. ;)_____________________________________________________________________That day started with a nightmare. Mu Liang got out of the bed with a solemn face. He went to the washroom. After he closed the door with a loud sound, Mu Lan couldn't hold back anymore and burst out laughing. She couldn't stop herself as she rubbed her belly. Her stomach hurt.She had noticed everything from the start. When Mu Liang came to the bed and then, had such a desirable dream and after that, he called out her name in a husky voice. He was moving too fast. Mu Lan was slightly afraid that the bed would break at any moment. Fortunately nothing happened.Since Mu Lan had an exam that day, she couldn't accompany Mu Liang to work. After an hour of 'normal' exam, Mu Lan went to the office without notifying Mu Liang about it."Oh, Ms. Lan you are here! You shouldn't have come today." The second secretary said.Mu Lan did feel something was amiss today and she couldn't find the problem."What happened?" She asked."I really don't know the details. But, today boss is extra oppressive. His face was scarier than the horror movies. He scared us all. None of them could get into his room. He told us not to disturb him." The secretary said.Mu Lan now understood the scenario. She saw the employees acting very rigid and they weren't talking or having fun. They were acting like robots. It was totally different from what she saw yesterday.Mu Lan bit her lower lip. She felt a little guilty.She scratched her head and went to the washroom and changed her dress. She wore an official white shirt and a pencil skirt. She finished reading some of the files and she had to take it to Mu Liang for his signature.Mu Lan saw the two secretaries face were deadly pale.'I have to do something for these people.' She thought.Knock! Knock!Mu Lan didn't ask for permission and went inside the room. She saw that Mu Liang was drowned in the sea of work. He didn't look at her when she went inside the room."Sir, there are some files that need your signature." Mu Lan said politely.Mu Liang looked at her with surprise and his heart went up to his throat. His eyes became dark. Mu Lan was wearing a fitting shirt and the buttons were open up to her cleavage. She wore a red brassier which could be seen. Her pencil skirt ended up above her knees. Her lips were red and her eyes were slightly wet.Mu Liang's body tightened and he gulped down a mouthful saliva. He couldn't look at her anymore and moved his eyes to the files she was holding.He was stunned to see her here. He didn't except that after exam she would come back to the office wearing such a dress.Before Mu Liang said anything else, Mu Lan put down the files in her hand. Mu Liang's eyes accidentally swept through her chest area and warmth spread through his body.She was standing beside him and he could smell her vanilla scent. His palms on the handle of the chair tightened their grip. Mu Liang remembered Xue Lin's words and calmed down a little.'I have to give her some space. I have to give her some space.' Mu Liang repeatedly told himself.'What's wrong with him? Can't he even look at me a little?' Mu Lan thought. 'If I can't even entice him with this, what else should I do?'Mu Liang told her to leave and after she left, Mu Liang immediately got up and ran towards his washroom. Did he do something to offend Buddha?Mu Liang didn't know.He experienced hell today. Every time Mu Lan came to his room, he had to see something he didn't wished to see, at least not when he was trying to control himself.Mu Liang looked at the screen of his cell phone. There was a word written in white on a black background. It was 'SELF-CONTROL'.However, it wasn't enough to control his little brother though. But he had no other option left for him.Mu Lan on the other hand was pissed off. She had used so many methods but she still couldn't melt his heart.She revealed her cleavage. She showed him her brassiere. She leaned down to take the fallen pen from the floor and showed her buttocks just as Yan Su told her to do.However, Mu Liang was like a statue. He didn't move, he didn't even glance at her.'What am I lacking?' She asked herself.Meanwhile, Mu Liang was chatting with Xue Lin through messages.'I don't think I can control myself any more.' He sent a text after Mu Lan left the room for the fourth time.Xue Lin was drinking mint tea she got from Lu Feng. She saw the text and sent a reply. '.What happened?''She is seducing me.'Xue Lin saw the text and choked on her tea and immediately sent a text. '???''She wore a transparent nightgown last night and today after exams, she came directly to the office and wore a revealing uniform.'Xue Lin was astounded. 'What the hell is going on?' She wondered.

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