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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 30: HISTORY OF MU FAMILY PART 1

Florence, Italy.

Mu Family Residence.

In the past, this house was the main house of Mu Family. But after Mu Liang took over he wanted to move their head house to France. He planned to do that to give his elders some peace.

Mu Liang, as the eldest, had the duty towards his family. But not out of duty, he really cared his family. His family always took care of him and put him and his brothers before work. So when he was the head of Mu Corporation, he just wanted them to relax.

Ten years ago, when Mu Liang was only eighteen years old, his father Mu Jin fell sick after the car accident, whole Mu Family went upside down. Though from outside, it looked very normal, inside everyone of the Mu Family were fighting for the throne of Mu Corporation.

All the cousins of Mu Jin were highly potential like him and their cunning moves were quite impossible to handle, because no matter what they did, they never left any tiny evidence.

Their only fault was they underestimated their eighteen years old nephew who already had European Underworld under his clutch. It was a tradition that the one who took the throne of Mu Family would

become the King of European Underworld. So they didn't know that Elder would trick them this way.

Generally, Mu Jin was supposed to be the King but his father Mu Cheng, the Elder, didn't let him handle it for his poor health. Mu Cheng was used to manage the underworld and he let his favorite grandson to help him. Then secretly with Mu Liang's consent Grandpa Mu Cheng made him the King of European Underworld.


Mu Cheng was the elder son in his family. Unlike any others in his family he had a great foresight. When his father made Mu Cheng head of the Mu Household, Mu Cheng could feel his five brothers' jealousy. So he was practically determined to have only one son in his life.

Mu Cheng married his long-time crush Mu Ling who was practically his younger uncle's beloved daughter. That made the whole Mu Household uproar, because every cousin and brother of Mu Cheng had a secret crush on her. Mu Ling was her father's only child and her father had no objection in this marriage. Not only Mu Cheng was head of the household, Mu Ling loved him since they were children.

People is born with love, hate and greed. Some people are greedy for love, some people are greedy for jewels, some people are greedy for money and some people are greedy for powers.

Same thing happened in Mu Family. Normally, the harmonious family turned a family of scheming.

After marriage Mu Ling gave birth to healthy Mu Jin. Everything was going well until Mu Cheng's second cousin's wife poisoned Mu Jin. Mu Cheng whipped out his second cousin's whole family including cousin and cousin-in-law's parental family.


His wreath was quite frightening but since then no one dared to lay a finger on his family. Though Mu Cheng punished the sinner, his only son Mu Jin had weak health then on.

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