Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 299: BRING IT ON!

Mu Lan was so angry that she didn't talk to Mu Liang all day. Even Mu Liang didn't bother to talk to her. It made her even more angrier. However, Mu Liang was extremely calm, like he wasn't bothered by Mu Lan not talking to him at all.The ones who suffered the most were the people in the mansion. That is, the butlers and the maids. They didn't know what to do. Meili felt awkward to. She wanted to leave, but Mu Lan said that they should stay till the new year. Mu Lan thought that Mu Liang was just jealous, so he was acting like this. Hence she wanted to pour oil into the fire.'We are not close. Is that right? Bring it on.' Mu Lan thought in her mind.Mu Feng saw the situation in the house and he decided not to stay there anymore. The next day itself he was gone. He packed his bag and went to Lu Feng's house and forcefully occupied a guest room. Lu Feng couldn't even bring Yan Su to his house anymore and would go to a hotel to make love to her.Everyone were suffering because of these two. Yan Su told Xue Lin and Qi Ying about it. Qi Ying was worried but on the other hand, Xue Lin could do nothing except laugh.'Let's see Xiao Lan, for how long you can keep it in your heart.' Xue Lin thought with a mischievous smile on her face.She was right. Mu Lan couldn't keep it in her heart beyond three days. She lost her patience.The more Mu Liang was cold, the more Mu Lan felt restless.Mu Liang would never wait for Mu Lan to wake up or to have breakfast with her. He wouldn't touch her, or kiss her, or tease her, or hug her, or bath her, or dress her.She started missing him already though he was right in front of her.'Doesn't he miss me at all?' Mu Lan thought as she frowned.'How can I let such a handsome, rich, loyal man get out of my hand? I need to show him my true power.' Mu Lan thought.Hence, Mu Lan called Yan Su. After the third ring, she heard Yan Su's voice."Hello Lan dear, are you alright? I heard from second cousin that you two were quarreling."Mu Lan said, "That's why I need your help. He said that we aren't really close. I want to punish him for that.""Elder cousin said that? You definitely have to take action." Yan Su also got excited."Yeah, teach me how to seduce a man." Mu Lan said.Yan Su, "...."'What did I just hear?' She asked herself.After a while, Yan Su asked, "Umm Lan dear?" "What is it?" Mu Lan asked impatiently."Can you tell me what you are planning to do?" Yan Su asked."Sure, let me tell you..." Mu Lan narrated her plan.Yan Su's eyes shone. "Yeah, my dear became mature. Let's go shopping, right now."The two of them met at the shopping mall and went to a lingerie store. They bought some lingerie of Yan Su's taste. In the evening when Mu Lan came back to the Mu Mansion, her head was crowded with lots of advices. Wear a thick red lipstick.Short dress is better.Show your cleavage.Wear stilettos.Make your eyes wetter.Your lips should be slightly open all the time.Practice cat walking.Move you a** more while you walk.At work, don't wear pants, but skirt.Wear tight dress.Don't wear undergarments when you are with him.At night, a transparent night gown is a must!Mu Liang just walked downstairs and saw Mu Lan enter the mansion with lots of shopping bags. He raised his right eye-brow.'Does she lack dresses? What didn't I buy for her?' He wondered.Butler Leo came close and asked Mu Lan, "Madam Mu, shall I tell the maids to prepare your dinner."Mu Lan smiled and said, "Not necessary. I already had dinner with Yan Su." She passed by Mu Liang and went upstairs.Mu Liang frowned. 'What was there to go out with Yan Su and even have dinner with her? I shouldn't have waited for her.' He didn't doubt anything but felt annoyed. He quitely had his dinner.If only Mu Liang knew what was happening in his room right now.After dinner, Mu Liang went back to their room. He opened the door and found that Mu Lan was already asleep.He immediately frowned. The reason was tonight, she looked a little different from other nights.Tonight, the light was turned on beside the bed. The quilt was down to her waist. Her lavender nightgown was very low which showed her luscious collarbones and cleavage pretty well. Then Mu Liang realized that she was wearing a transparent nightgown and he could see that she wasn't wearing anything underneath the nightgown. Mu Liang's mouth became dry instantly. His blood started boiling. He could feel something was trying to surpass his desire.'So she is trying to seduce me. That's her plan. As if I will fall for it.'Mu Liang's eyes were burning.He closed his eyes and tried to forget what he just saw. But his memory betrayed him.Feeling stubborn, Mu Liang turned off the light, went back to the bed and showing his back to her, he covered both of their bodies with quilt. Then he tried to sleep.However, he could control almost everything, except his desire for Mu Lan, and for this reason, his little brother suddenly became very active. It didn't back down no matter how much Mu Liang cursed it.For the first time on a snowy night, Mu Liang sweated and had a sultry dream.When Mu Liang woke up, his mouth was dry, his body was sweaty all over, his breaths were irregular, his heart was beating fast, and finally he realized that his left hand was pleasing his active little brother.Mu Liang's expression immediately fell.Worst! Worst! Worst!

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