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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 298: PRESIDENT MU VS ASSISTANT MU

Mu Lan was getting ready for a meeting when she overheard the two secretaries gossiping about Mu Liang."What happened to the President today?" The first secretary said. She managed all the department's rules and regulations and she would take care of the employee's affairs as well. She was very capable and popular."I don't know either. He looks as fierce as before." The second secretary said. She was responsible for all the projects."I miss his gentle side." The first secretary lamented."I saw him visit every department and scold everyone.""How many mistakes did they make to get him so mad?""Do you remember Mr. Kennedy? He only asked for a week off for Christmas. Do you want to know what the President said?" The second one asked excitedly."It's normal for asking for holidays on Christmas Eve. What did the President say?""He said, 'you should go home and take care of your children and let your wife do the office work.'""Oh my God!"Mu Lan heard them whispering in the corner and she couldn't believe what they were saying. She thought, 'How is that even possible? Liang Liang is so gentle. They are just gossiping. No matter how bad he is, he will never treat his employees this way.'Then she recalled Hugo and Mu Liang's conversation in the car and frowned. 'Well, Liang Liang must be joking. He loves to tease people.'Little did Mu Lan know that Mu Liang would only tease her. He would never bother himself with others.Mu Lan silently heard the secretaries gossiping but continued with her works. No one saw the doors of the presidential lift opening behind them.A cold voice said, "If you have enough time to gossip, why don't you resign and work as reporters of some magazine?"The three women jumped in fright. Even though Mu Lan did nothing wrong, she also trembled."I-I'm so sorry, sir." The first secretary bowed and went to her desk."I-it won't happen again." The second secretary also did the same.Mu Liang's eyes swept through Mu Lan who was looking at him in a daze like she discovered something new about him."Have you seen enough?" Mu Liang asked her in a chilling voice.Mu Lan immediately stopped gawking and bowed her head. "I'm sorry." Then she resumed with what she was doing earlier. "Done with the reports?" Mu Liang asked.Mu Lan answered right away. "Yes, sir." "Bring them to my office." Mu Liang went inside his room.Mu Lan collected all the files and got up."Good luck." The second secretary who was close to her desk, said.Mu Lan drank a mouthful water and went inside the room after knocking."Sir, the report" Mu Lan described everything in detail, not missing even a single point.Mu Liang glanced at her with a warm gaze. 'She is a fast learner.' He praised her in his mind."That's all." Mu Lan looked at him and met his cold gaze."Keep it here and leave. You can continue doing your other works." Mu Liang said. He began working on the laptopMu Lan put it down on the desk, but she didn't leave and stood there.Mu Liang gazed at her and saw that she was still standing. He asked, "Is there something else?"Mu Lan directly looked at Mu Liang and asked, "Why are you doing this?" To tell the truth, when she heard him scolding his secretaries, she couldn't believe that he could say something like this. Then she realized what the second secretary said was indeed very true. She couldn't believe that she ignoring him would have such an effect on him and cause such a huge trouble in the office.Mu Liang raised his right eyebrow and asked, "What am I doing?""You are saying such ruthless words to your own employees. As the President of a huge company, you shouldn't act like this." Mu Lan's heart was beating faster while she said this. She was very unfamiliar with this President Mu.Mu Liang relaxed his body in the chair and asked her sarcastically, "Assistant Mu, are you here to teach me how to manage my office?"For the first time in her life, Mu Lan heard him calling her 'Assistant Mu'. It sounded so distant. But for some reason, she was thrilled. "President Mu, I'm only saying what the truth is."'Is he playing with me? Then I will do the same.' She thought.None of them realized how intimate their conversation actually sounded."Assistant Mu, what is the truth?" Mu Liang asked. Mu Lan straightly said, "That you are being childish."There was hint of smile in his eyes, but he didn't let it show on his lips. "Oh! and how am I being childish?""Just because your fiance didn't want to talk to you, you shouldn't be upset about it at work. You should draw a clear line between personal and professional matters." Mu Lan answered.The room was quiet for a while and then Mu Liang said, "Assistant Mu, you are thinking too highly of my fiance. We aren't that close. You are new in here and that's why you don't know how your boss acts in the office. Get used to it from now on." Mu Liang would never explain himself to others, not even his own brother. But since he needed to show his other personality to her, Xue Lin advised him that it was the best time to do it.However, in Mu Lan's head his voice was ringing. 'We aren't that close. We aren't that close''We are not close? Fine. I will see for how long you can act like this.' Mu Lan gritted her teeth. She said, "Then I must have mistaken. Sorry for wasting your time." She bowed and left.'Is she bothered by it?' Mu Liang exactly knew very well what she was bothered about. A secret smile came on his mouth.Mu Lan got out of the room and sat on her chair. Her face was red. She didn't know what she was feeling, rage or embarrassment.'He said we are not close.' Thinking of that she kicked under the table with all her force. There was a loud sound. The two secretaries felt pity for her.

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