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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 297: ASURA CAME AND POSSESSED BOSS

After dinner, Mu Lan went to bed. She surprisingly saw that Mu Liang was in bed earlier than her. Before, Mu Liang would always wait for her.Maybe she was too late to come to bed. She wanted to read Weiwei a bedtime story, that's why it took her so long. She was also feeling tired after chasing butterflies with Weiwei in the garden.She laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. Just when she relaxed her body, Mu Liang grabbed her from behind and pulled her into his embrace. Before she could react, his hot kisses fell on her smooth neck."What are you doing? Let go!" Mu Lan said. Her body was trembling because of the strange sensation."I won't." Mu Liang answered stubbornly. "What do you mean no? Because of you, I'm dead tired now and you can't even let me sleep now? Don't we have to go to office tomorrow?" she frowned. Mu Lan was really annoyed this time. Mu Liang was always like this, forceful and acted according to his own desire. Never did he think about her feelings.'Doesn't he think of me as a human?' She thought.Unfortunately, she didn't know how many times Mu Liang had held back his desire for her. If he hadn't, she wouldn't be a virgin till now. Mu Liang was a gentleman in that area.Seeing Mu Lan trying to struggle out of his arms, Mu Liang felt upset. He asked, "Where is my 'good night' kiss?"Mu Lan was stunned at his shamelessness. She said, "Kiss your brother! Good night!" She moved away from Mu Liang and covered her body with the quilt and then fell asleep.'Who would kiss Feng? So gross!' Mu Liang thought while frowning. 'Wait for tomorrow morning, my wife.' He closed his eyes and fell asleep.Next morning-It was a snowy day. First snow of December. The temperature had gone down tremendously.Mu Mansion woke up at the usual time. The maids and butlers began their job.Mu Lan woke up at half past eight. She opened her eyes and stretched her hands. Then she looked around but couldn't find Mu Liang. Sometimes, Mu Liang would stay beside her in the morning until she woke up or he would wait for her in the drawing room.Mu Lan got up from the bed and went to the washroom. She freshened up and changed to a white shirt and black coat and pant. It was her official dress which Mu Liang had ordered for her. Mu Lan came downstairs and went straight to the dining room. There she saw Mu Liang was sitting alone and had just began his breakfast. Head Butler Leo and the two other butlers were there. Seeing Mu Lan coming down, they bowed and greeted her."Good morning, Madam Mu hope you had a wonderful night. Please sit down." Butler Leo said.Mu Lan was astounded by Mu Liang who was eating without looking anywhere. This was the first time that he was having breakfast before she joined him. He would always wait for her.Mu Lan frowned. 'Which string is he pulling now? I'm so not going to fall for it this time.' She bid everyone good morning and sat down to eat.The three butlers were already stupefied when Mu Liang started his breakfast before Mu Lan came and above all Young Master and Young Mistress weren't talking to each other now. It instantly became the hottest topic in the Mu Mansion now.Actually, Mu Liang was waiting for Mu Lan in the dining room. He began eating only when he heard her footsteps. As per Mu Liang's first mission, he had failed because he hadn't completely listened to Xue Lin. She told him to finish his breakfast before Mu Lan woke up. But he just couldn't do it.After having breakfast, they waited for Hugo to come. Ronald was still in the hospital and so Hugo was the one driving the car when Mu Lan was around.In the car, there was a chilling silence. No one was talking. Now, Hugo was the one in huge pressure. He felt suffocated. He gave two large sighs."What's wrong?" Mu Liang asked in a cold voice.'Holy Mother Mary! Boss turned as cold as South sea, just like before. What happened between them?' Hugo's sweat dropped.He answered after gulping down his saliva, "Nothing Boss, just missing Ronald, that's all."There was another round of silence. Then Mu Liang asked him, "Why don't I send you to the bed next to Ronald's?"'Is it a warning? Oh Jesus!' Hugo realized that his boss became the same demonic boss like before.He hurriedly answered, "It won't happen again, Boss." His voice was firm though there was a tiny fear in his voice.Mu Lan was stunned seeing this new Mu Liang. She never faced the real Mu Liang who was known as the Demon King. Now that she was seeing the other side of him, she was left astounded.Mu Liang typed a text to Xue Lin. 'I'm sorry that I couldn't listen to you. I started having breakfast when I heard Mu Lan's footsteps. I just couldn't finish breakfast before she woke up.'Xue Lin who was studying in the library saw the text. She broke into a beautiful smile. 'Foolish man!' She thought.Originally, Xue Lin wanted to test Mu Liang and Mu Lan, both of their feelings. She wanted to know how deep their feelings were for each other. She thought that Mu Liang could guess her trick. However, this love struck man was so worried about his marriage life, that he didn't even notice her trick.At the Mu Corporation, everyone was acting vigilant. All the employees understood that something had happened to their Boss. He was inspecting every department and was pointing out their mistakes."Do you want to get fired?""I think you don't want to live anymore.""I really doubt if you have even passed elementary school.""You should go home and take care of your children and let your wife do the office work."Mu Liang's cold words gave all the employees a shudder. And those who got scolded?Forget it!None of them were saying anything. But they were silently weeping in their hearts. 'Boss, did Asura come to your house last night and possess you?'

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