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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 296: GOING AGAINST MU LIANG?

The next day was a weekend. So everyone were at home, including Mu Liang and Mu Lan. Assistant Ju Long hadn't come back from his holidays yet. Therefore, Mu Lan was yet to leave her job as Mu Liang's Assistant.In the morning, Mu Lan studied for about two hours and then finished some paper works and reorganized Mu Liang's schedule for the following week. She took three hours to finish her works. Later, she went to look for Weiwei. Weiwei was playing beside the huge lake behind the mansion. She was with her older sister Meili, enjoying the scenery.Just when Mu Lan went there, Weiwei stopped smiling and became remorse. A little girl with a pure heart was waiting for her Disney Princess Mulan to rescue her, but she was disappointed. How hurt was she!On the other hand, a child lover Mu Lan got to meet a child after such a long time for which she was very happy. But now, she hurt this cute child. Seeing Weiwei upset, she also felt upset.Mu Lan tried hard to befriend Weiwei but she failed miserably. She pouted and went back to Mu Liang's study to work some more. She reported to Mu Liang about tomorrow's schedule and Mu Liang took care of some projects. After working for a while, Mu Lan let out a sigh and said, "I'm so lonely."Mu Liang gave her a scornful gaze and thought in his mind, 'You got a full course meal right in front of you and you dared to say that you are lonely?' He gritted his teeth.Mu Lan didn't even care about what Mu Liang was thinking. It was his fault for not letting her rescue Weiwei in the first place.Mu Liang took a break. He was feeling forlorn. He went to the vegetable garden and sat down on the bench near the fish pond. He took his rod and tried to catch some fish. In a slow motion, Oscar came close to him. He sat beside his Master, close to Mu Liang's legs. He was also feeling lonesome because his wife went to Italy to see their children. Moreover, Mu Lan was busy with that 'damn' little girl. Mu Lan wouldn't even play with him, he tried to catch her attention but failed miserably. He was very upset."Feeling lonely?" Mu Liang asked."Grr." Oscar showed his annoyance towards Weiwei."I wanted to get her out of the mansion as soon as possible but my wife wouldn't let me." Mu Liang answered."Qui." Oscar made a distressed sound."We have to draw her attention away from that disturbing kid." Mu Liang coldly said."Grr." Oscar agreed with his Master. He looked like an abandoned puppy.Mu Liang took out his cell phone and dialed Xue Lin's number. He took it from Mu Lan's mobile in the morning when she was asleep.Xue Lin finished her test and went back to the dorm. That's when she got a call from Mu Liang."What happened?" Answering the phone Xue Lin asked."She isn't talking to me." Mu Liang said. He felt outcast."She didn't even talk to you for once?" Xue Lin was stunned."She did talk about work. But nothing else." Mu Liang said.Xue Lin thought for a while and then said, "Okay, I'm going to tell you what you have to do from now on. Don't do anything which I forbid you to do. We are going to test if she likes you or not."Mu Liang turned rigid and serious at the same time. He said, "I'll do according to your plan."Xue Lin said, "I have already drawn out a plan. You will start from tomorrow. What you have to do is" She explained everything in detail step by step.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He understood that his chance was just fifty-fifty but he had to follow it. Without this plan, he had no other option left for him.In the end, when Xue Lin finished, Mu Liang asked, "Will it work on her?""According to her personality, she loves to solve complicated things. You also said that she is fond of adventure since she was a little girl. The one, who loves solving mysteries as simple as a math problem, no doubt she will definitely fall for the trap. But the catch is that she might guess that it is a trap. So, you have to be very patient while executing this plan. The whole thing depends on your patience. Do you get it?" Xue Lin asked. Her tone wasn't friendly or distant. It was more like she was talking to her patient.Mu Liang tightened his grip on his cell phone and said, "I understood.""Good." Saying that Xue Lin hung up abruptly.Mu Liang was startled. No one ever spoke to him this way, let alone hanging up on him. He wanted to ask her about the payment. Looking at the screen he typed out a text message. 'What do you want as payment?'Soon, he got a reply.'According to the result.' Depending on the resultMu Liang tried to narrate her words. 'So she meant that after he succeeds, she would ask for the payment.'A cold wind blew past the master and the pet.Mu Liang coldly said, "Let's get back Mu Lan.""Huff!" Oscar wiggled his tail excitedly.Mu Liang went inside the mansion with Oscar. In the dining room, they saw that Mu Lan was eating cookies with Weiwei and Meili. Christmas was just around the corner and the servants were busy decorating the large Christmas tree. Weiwei was having fun. Mu Lan found her so cute and she couldn't help but hug her.Mu Lan's back was facing the door. Therefore, she didn't see Mu Liang. But in her embrace was Weiwei, who clearly saw Mu Liang's face which had turned dark as the bottom of a pot now. She stuck her tongue out and showed it to Mu Liang as if mocking at him. Then she gave a satisfactory smile and hugged Mu Lan's neck.Instantly, the temperature of the room went down. Mu Liang's expression was so cold that even North Pole's coldness would lose to him.Oscar was about to run and tear up Weiwei's face. Just then, Mu Liang walked out. Looking at his master, Oscar forlornly walked to his own room.'I will show you what happens when you go against me, you damn kid!' Mu Liang thought to himself.

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