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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 295: MANY PROBLEMS TO SLOVE

Mu Liang's body shook. His expressions changed dramatically. He never thought that Mu Lan could be in pressure.Looking at his guilty face, Xue Lin softly said, "No one is perfect Mr. Mu. Everyone makes mistakes and so did you. That makes you human, doesn't it? I can see that you are worried that she might feel alone and feel terrible and that's why you wanted to keep her company. Am I right?"Mu Liang slowly nodded. He didn't look into her eyes. Xue Lin's eyes became gentle. She continued, "You love her and that makes you to nearly devour her. But still, you didn't go to the last step thinking about her feelings, which means you still have a conscience left. It is very nice of you, that you still considered her feelings before going to the last step. Most of the men become aggressive and many of them **** their lovers. But you held back. You deserve my respect."Xue Lin sipped her coffee which had turned cold in the chilly weather. After that she continued, "However, you should tell her the truth because she is stronger than other women or should I say stronger than other victims. Other victims who suffer from amnesia go crazy, but she is adapting well. It shows how high her IQ and EQ is. You should put more belief in her." Mu Liang said after a long time, "But I'm afraid."Xue Lin said, "It is normal. A girl who can die for a man, after regaining her memory, she may go back to her. But she has already promised you that she will marry you. Don't worry about it." "That's what I am worried about. If she is doing it because I saved her, then I want to tell her all the truth and afterwards, I would ask her to give her own opinion and follow her instincts.""It will put her in a huge pressure. Can't you see it?" She said."What should I do?" Mu Liang was in a dilemma."Mr. Mu, do you think Xiao Lan trusts you completely?", Xue Lin asked.Mu Liang answered, "She depends on me more than anyone.""But that doesn't mean that she trusts you completely. If she did, she would never hide her feelings. You made a good decision to be clear-cut with her about each of your feelings. But your indecisiveness also made her not to trust you one hundred percent." Xue Lin took a breath and asked him, "So, tell me now, what do you want?"There were many loopholes in Mu Liang and Mu Lan's relationship. Their relationship started with lies and decisiveness which made them not to believe in each other completely. Their relationship was hanging on this thread. After talking to Xue Lin, it was clear to Mu Liang.However, he had come here to solve one problem, but now it seemed he had many problems to solve.Mu Lan's trust, love, feelings, way of thinking, everything was vague to Mu Liang. He thought he knew her best, but it seemed that he was mistaken completely.Now, what did Mu Liang want?After thinking for a long time, Mu Liang answered, "I want to know what she feels for me right now."Xue Lin's face relaxed. She directly looked into his eyes and wanted to read his inner thought through her sharp gaze. She opened her mouth to say, "Fine, go home."Mu Liang was puzzled. 'Won't she help me?', he thought.Xue Lin smiled at him and said, "Act normally as you do now and report me everything that happens between you both. I have an exam tomorrow, so I'll be off now. Bye." She stood up, bowed and then left the cafeteria.Mu Liang glanced at her. After she went away, he realized that he neither took her number nor did he ask about payment. He got up, got out of the cafeteria and walked towards the entrance. When he went close to his car, he saw Lu Feng was standing there talking to Yan Su. They looked very intimate and a very loving couple. Many students glanced at them, their eyes were full of jealousy.Mu Liang thought, 'When will I be able to act like this with Lan?' For the first time in his life, he had dog food. When he got closer, he coughed to announce his presence.The love birds were startled and kept their distance. Yan Su wanted to leave immediately, however, Lu Feng pulled her closer and gave her a deep kiss.Mu Liang's eyes dangerously narrowed. He took out the key of the car and unlocked it. After he went inside the car, he slammed the door.Hearing the loud sound, Lu Feng quickly let go off Yan Su and went inside the car. Mu Liang drove off silently."So was it helpful? Did she give you some advice?" Lu Feng asked. He was really curious what Xue Lin had told Mu Liang. His trust in Xue Lin's ability was one hundred percent.Mu Liang didn't answer him. After driving for sometime, he stopped the car abruptly. Confused Lu Feng glanced around and saw that it was out of nowhere. He gazed at Mu Liang and asked, "What's wrong? Do you have anything to do here?""Not me? But you." Mu Liang answered coldly. He looked at the puzzled expression of Lu Feng and said, "Get off."Leaving the dumbstruck Lu Feng in the middle of the road, Mu Liang drove away the car mercilessly.It took Lu Feng ten minutes to understand Mu Liang's sudden ruthlessness. It was because he and Yan Su gave him dog food.'So cruel! Didn't I let him meet a psychologist? I will never help him again.' Lu Feng looked around him. It wasn't a place where taxi usually came. He had to walk to the nearest bus stop which was about half a mile away. Mu Liang calculated very well.'Serves him just right! Dear Sweet Bunny, punish him more.' Lu Feng cursed his childhood friend.Actually, Lu Feng didn't have to curse his friend more. Mu Liang was already living in hell. This time, Mu Lan completely ignored him even in their home.

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