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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 294: RELATED TO MU LAN

The cafeteria was shut down for now because it was way past lunch time. No students were here. Only the three of them were here with a few workers. The workers were working on their own, none of them disturbed them.There was silence around them. None of them seemed to be talking. Xue Lin was straightly looking into Mu Liang's eyes and Mu Liang was sizing her, while Lu Feng seemed to feel awkward.Mu Liang still wasn't sure if he could trust her or not and Xue Lin could easily understand his discomfort.After a while, Xue Lin closed her book and said, "Since you both are wasting my time and don't have anything to talk, I am going to leave." She was about to get up."Looks like Miss Psychologist is very busy." Mu Liang said coldly. He knew her name, but he tried to test her. He wanted to see how she would react.Xue Lin deeply glanced at Mu Liang and asked, "Do you think only your fiance is attending this exam?""No?" Mu Liang's eyes narrowed."No. Only the top students from each department can take this exam." Xue Lin said.The exams they are taking is for skipping grades. If they are not one of the top students, they can't take the exam.Xue Lin continued, "Also, if you want a professional psychologist, then you are wasting your time here. I'm still an undergraduate student. I never thought that you would come to me for your personal conflict.""Who said that it is a personal conflict?" Mu Liang asked. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle.His sharp gaze tied with hers. "You are not here for money obviously. Since my connection is with Xiao Lan, as her fianc, you may come to me for that special reason."'Bulls eye!' Lu Feng coughed while thinking.Mu Liang's expression relaxed a bit. But he didn't let his guard down. He said, "I'm sorry for my rude behaviour. I'm here to ask for help.""But you don't even trust me." Xue Lin stated."Then earn my trust." Mu Liang ordered. He could never talk with other women normally.Lu Feng wanted to die in shame. At first, Xue Lin didn't want to come, but he insisted. Now his best friend was acting like a child."I don't have time to play with you Mr. Mu. Even though, Xiao Lan is my friend, you mean nothing to me." Xue Lin got up from the seat.Mu Liang felt relieved to see her so upfront. He had already begun to put faith in her. He also stood and bowed. "I'm sorry for my attitude. Please sit down.""So, no more playing hide and seek? Are you going to put your trust in me after testing me for a few minutes?" Xue Lin asked.Mu Liang gaze became steady and said, "I'm satisfied. If my friend can believe in you, so can I."Xue Lin and Lu Feng became speechless. Just a moment ago, Mu Liang couldn't trust her, and now he changed his attitude."You are shameless." Xue Lin said. She sat down and looked at Lu Feng. "Mr. Lu, don't you have work to do?" She made it clear that she would talk to Mu Liang, but she wanted privacy.Lu Feng glanced at them and said, "I can stay, I'm his best friend." Xue Lin asked without blinking, "Then why don't I share your feelings with Mr. Mu about Xiao Yan Su?"Lu Feng stood up and said, "I'm very busy. I have to go to work. You guys carry on." Then he hurriedly left.Xue Lin turned her head towards Mu Liang and said, "Let's hear your story."Mu Liang stated, "I'm having problems in understanding Xiao Lan's thoughts.""It is not my job to tell you about her thoughts. She is my friend and I won't disclose her private matters to anyone." Xue Lin straightforwardly said.'Lu Feng, some great psychologist you hired for me.' Mu Liang grimaced in his heart."Cursing won't solve the issue. If you want to know about her thoughts, first tell me everything you know about her. I cannot promise you that I will help you after I hear everything, because she is my best friend. But I can promise you that, I won't disclose the fact that you came here to meet me." Xue Lin said.Her attitude eased Mu Liang's mood. Her straightforward attitude made him trust her. He nodded and took a deep breath. Then he began, "The first time I met her four years ago" Slowly he described Xue Lin, how he saw her, how he was drawn towards her, how he got her every single news, and then how Mu Lan ended up in the hospital, her memory loss and her new life. In the end, he said, "Now, I'm not sure, if she is with me because she loves me or it is because she is grateful to me."After he finished, none of them said anything for a long time. Mu Liang gave Xue Lin some space to absorb everything.Even though Xue Lin didn't show her personal feelings, deep down her feelings changed randomly. At first, she was amazed by Mu Lan's talent, then happy, after that she felt pity and sorrow and after that, she was excessively angry at President Li. Then she started pitying Mu Liang but she was also upset at his various actions. However, she could understand his sufferings. Afterwards, Xue Lin opened her mouth. "Mr. Mu, did you realize, even once, that you have actually caged Xiao Lan?"Mu Liang's whole body froze. He never thought of that and others didn't mention it either.Xue Lin narrated her words, "After she woke up, you made her believe that she was an orphan and made her feel helpless. Then, your brother took her gratefulness for granted and forced her to be your marriage partner. However, you played to be a nice guy and admitted her to school, gave her a room in the dorm and took her out many times. Whenever, you felt alone, you forced your feelings to her and became physically attracted. Have you ever considered her feelings?"

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