Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 293: LOVE CRISIS

Mu CorporationMu Lan was annoyed at Mu Liang. She knew that he was worried about her but he could have just let her rescue them before leaving. That way even Weiwei wouldn't be sad.Mu Lan recalled how much fun they had and sighed with disappointment. 'How can I make her feel happy again?' She was lost in her thoughts. She did some paperwork and even arranged for some meetings. Later, she reported some problems to Mu Liang.Mu Liang glanced at her for a while and said, "Lan."If it were some other times, Mu Lan would melt after hearing his voice. But right now, she was mad at him. She answered professionally, "Is there something else, Sir?"Mu Liang's face fell. He motioned her with his right index finger and said, "Come here."Mu Lan wouldn't fall for the same trick again. So she walked towards the door while saying, "I'm busy. If you don't have anything important to say, then I'm leaving.""Where is my kiss which you were supposed to give me every hour?" Mu Liang asked. He hadn't got a single kiss the whole day.Mu Lan almost flustered but kept her feelings under control. She turned around and looked into Mu Liang's deep ocean blue eyes. She said straightforwardly, "Sure, first let me and Weiwei make up and then you will get your feast." Mu Liang sighed and asked her, "Why are you acting like this?""Didn't you say that we should not hold back our feelings? I'm just expressing mine." She said."Does it mean that if I didn't tell you to show your feelings to me, then you would kiss me even if you didn't want to?" Mu Liang asked her seriously.Mu Lan did not answer this question of his. She turned around and left the room.Mu Liang fell into a deep contemplation mode. His head was a mess. 'What is going on? Does it mean all that I did to her in the past was only out of my feelings, but not her? She always said no, but I never listened. Was she really unwilling? She only agreed to marry me out of consideration and that she is grateful to me, but has no romantic feelings for me?'He recalled what happened the other day.---Mu Liang hugged her tightly and complained, "But you don't love me."Mu Lan felt like her heart was torn apart. She replied, "Who dared to say that to you? If I didn't have any feelings for you, do you think it was possible for you to get any sort of pleasure?"---'Does it mean that she has feelings for me and yet she didn't realize it?' Mu Liang got excited while thinking about that. 'If she really disliked me, she would refuse me for sure.' If Mu Lan's brother would hear what Mu Liang was thinking, he would have cheered his future brother-in-law and would say, "Now you are on track!"Mu Liang had a good understanding on human psychology and he could guess what Mu Lan thought most of the time. However, this time he was feeling a little lost. Because he thought of all the possibilities.'She agreed to marry me because I gave her a new life. What if she agreed on loving me back because of the same reason? I don't want her to be grateful to me for the rest of her life! It is partly my fault that she lost her memory. If she were to know that' He couldn't imagine what would happen next.'What can I do?' He thought.What could he do?After being tormented for a while, suddenly Mu Liang thought of something. He immediately called Lu Feng.Lu Feng was busy with his research but he answered the call. "What's up?""How is Ronald?" Mu Liang didn't forget to ask about his subordinate. "Oh, he is doing pretty well. He just got out of coma and is under intensive care. But is this the actual reason why you called me? You could have called Hugo for that." Lu Feng said while sipping his new creation 'magical tea'. It drove away his tiredness."I need a psychologist. Hire the best one for me." Mu Liang straightly said.Lu Feng nearly choked on his 'magical tea' to death. "Cough! Cough! Cough! What happened?" This was the first time Mu Liang asked for something like this."Marriage problem." Mu Liang curtly said. He didn't want to disclose any more information. He knew that Lu Feng always meant well for him, but Mu Liang didn't want to burden his friend with his personal feelings.Lu Feng's head became clear. "Oh, it's about your girl." He thought of someone and said, "Hmm, I can choose the best one for you, but paying that person would be very difficult.""I will pay that psychologist as much as he or she wants." Money was nothing to Mu Liang. He was in a love crisis, not money crisis."That's exactly the problem. That person never accepts money." Lu Feng said as he scratched his head.Mu Liang frowned. "What does that person want?" He would give that psychologist anything if his problem was solved."Anything that person finds useful and also, you have to go to that person, not the other way around." Lu Feng said."Too bothersome." Mu Liang said.Lu Feng proudly said, "That psychologist hooked me up with Yan Su." That meant that no one would be better than this psychologist.Mu Liang instantly said, "Hire that psychologist of yours.""Gladly." Lu Feng hung up the call.------Mu Liang was sitting in the cafeteria of Mu Lan's campus, right in front of the psychologist his friend hired. Beside him was Lu Feng himself.Mu Liang didn't know what to say. He was silently looking at this skinny, short girl who was wearing big glasses and looked much younger than Mu Lan herself. He was never a man who judged a book by its cover. He wanted to hire this psychologist especially when she had already hooked up Lu Feng and Yan Su. He also liked how sharp her eyes were. However, he was really worried this time. Because this girl was none other than Mu Lan's friend, Xue Lin.

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