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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 292: LET'S NOT HIDE OUR FEELINGS

Mu Lan sighed and hugged him tightly. "What are you afraid of? Did I ever tell you that I will leave you?"Mu Liang hugged her tightly and complained, "But you don't love me."Mu Lan felt like her heart was torn apart. She replied, "Who dared to say that to you? If I didn't have any feelings for you, do you think it was possible for you to get any sort of pleasure?"Somewhere in the street, Mu Lan's younger brother choked while laughing hard. "Ah, my sister is such an idiot. She fell for him but she still cannot understand him." He turned off the transmitter. He didn't want to hear anything more.Mu Liang looked at Mu Lan deeply. Then he asked, "Then, are you ready to become Mrs. Mu?"Mu Lan immediately replied, "Let me get on my own feet and then talk about our marriage. I don't want to be called a gold digger woman."Mu Liang raised his right eye-brow and asked, "Whose feet are you standing on right now then?""Economically, yours." Mu Lan gave him a witty answer.Mu Liang smiled and leaned to kiss her forehead. "We should head back home first."Mu Lan suddenly thought of Ronald. "How is Ronald?" Her voice was full of concern."His operation was successful and he is in the hospital where Lu Feng works." Mu Liang answered.Mu Lan sighed in relief. Just then she remembered that Meili and Weiwei were in the room next door. She said, "Wait, we have to rescue them." She was about to walk there, however, her hand was caught. "Wait, what are you-" She couldn't finish.Mu Liang's lips cut her off. Gradually, she closed her eyes and responded to him with the same passion. Soon, her legs lost their strength. Mu Liang let go of her lips and cupped her injured face while saying, "Let's not hide our feelings from now on, okay?""Liang Liang, please say those words while I'm not a jellyfish." Mu Lan panted while saying, her face was slightly red.Mu Liang took her in his arms and walked towards the door out. "Hey! What about them?" Mu Lan nearly screamed."Feng will rescue them. Don't worry much. First, we need to take care of your injuries." He said."How can you say-" Again she was cut off."Cough! Cough! Get a room you two. Sigh! I miss Ying so much." Mu Feng said painfully.Hearing his voice, Mu Lan pushed Mu Liang's face away and said, "Brother Feng, please take care of Weiwei and Meili. There are in that room." She pointed towards the room with her index finger."Okay, okay, I understand. You people have fun and I will become the hero who rescued two women." Mu Feng passed them."Bring them home." It was the last words Mu Lan said that night.------When Mu Lan woke up the next morning, she found herself in Mu Liang's arms. She whined as her face and hands hurt. She subconsciously touched her face and hands and saw that her injured hands and face were neatly patched up.She recalled the previous night activities. After going home, she was too tired to even lift her finger. So after she bathed, she directly went to sleep without even having dinner. She realized that it must be Mu Liang who took care of her injuries. She smiled as she glanced at his face. Mu Liang's handsome sleeping face was a feast for her eyes.His sleeping face gave her another motivation. She planned on going to the hospital to visit Ronald. She also wanted to talk to Lu Feng about getting back her memory.While she was thinking about that her stomach growled.Ah! Hunger!Mu Lan tried to get up, but Mu Liang's hands were encircled around her waist and back. Therefore she couldn't move an inch. As she touched his hands to take them off, Mu Liang opened his eyes and said hoarsely, "Where are you going?""Washroom, going to wash my face." She answered."You don't need to. Sleep for some more time." Mu Liang pretended to fall asleep again."I'm hungry." Mu Lan stated.Sigh. Mu Liang let her go and he accompanied her to the washroom and they both freshened themselves together. When they went downstairs, they met Meili and Weiwei."Good morning you two." Mu Lan smiled brightly.Meili glanced at them and gave a friendly smile. She replied, "Good morning. Thank you very much for saving us." She bowed just like Weiwei did yesterday.Mu Lan was very pleased with Meili's mannerism and beauty. She praised her nameless brother's taste in her heart. She answered, "Don't mention it. I'm glad that I could help you." Then she looked at Weiwei and said with a smiley face, "Weiwei, good morning."To her surprise, Weiwei didn't answer and completely ignored her. Her behavior stunned both Mu Lan and Meili. What just happened?They didn't know the answer.Mu Lan was worried and tried to embrace Weiwei. But Weiwei hugged her sister's leg.Meili asked, "What's wrong with you? Are you upset?"Weiwei nodded.Mu Lan asked her, "Why are you upset? Tell me, okay?""You came but never came to save us." Weiwei answered while she was weeping.Mu Lan blinked in confusion. Then she realized what Weiwei meant. She asked, "You knew I was there?"This time Meili answered, "Actually, Weiwei was really excited when she met me. She said that she had met Disney Princess Mulan and Mulan promised her to save me. At first, I didn't believe her but she kept insisting. Later, when she heard your voice, she giggled joyously and said to me, 'See? I told you that she would come and rescue us.' However, the one who rescued us was Mr. Mu Feng. From that time, she didn't talk much. Now I realize why she is so gloomy."Mu Lan glared at Mu Liang, blaming him madly. After that, she looked at Weiwei and said affectionately, "Weiwei, I'm really sorry that I disappointed you. But, see, I'm injured too. I was in pain."

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