Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 291: HIS FEELINGS

He scratched his head and said in a confused tone, "Far from it actually. Before you, he never tried to talk to any other women except his mother. He isn't a playboy. He never even kissed you. To tell you the truth, I don't know his motives. But I can tell you one thing for sure, no one ever hurt you the way he hurt you." "Why would he do that?" Mu Lan frowned and tried to think of an answer from this clue."I think that the answer lies with you." He said."So I now have another reason to try to get my memory back." She already needed money to get her freedom. She wanted to become someone who could stand beside Mu Liang proudly and she wanted it before she could meet his family. So she was eager to earn money. However, now one more thing was added in the to-do list and that was to ask Lu Feng to treat her on getting back her memory. "Be sure to be on guard when you are with him. But I don't think Mu Liang will ever let you meet him. I would do the same if I were him though." He grinned."Why wouldn't Liang let me meet him?" Mu Lan asked.He sighed and said, "You are good at everything, however, when it comes to romance, you suck.""Cut it out and answer my question." Mu Lan snapped at him.He sighed again and answered, "Because he is worried that you will fall for that monster again. He is feeling insecure."Mu Lan blinked and replied, "But I won't.""Why are you telling me this? Tell him." He said and then continued, "That time, I couldn't come to the surface to help you because I didn't have that power. I could only watch you suffer alone. I was guilty to death. Your disappearance was a good thing for both of us. You lost your memory and now you're living a good life. And, I was pushed to the bottom line. Now, I can protect you."He took out a bottle and told Mu Lan, "Drink it."Mu Lan glanced at the silver thing and asked, "What is this?""Nano transmitter. If you drink it, I'll monitor your nerves, body functions and your location without your cell phone." He answered.Mu Lan frowned and said, "Sounds like a high-end technology.""It is. If you get sick or nervous or excited, I will find out in a second. If you are in danger and for some reason, Mu Liang isn't around you, I will come and save you." He replied excitedly."Did your team make it? It's amazing!" Mu Lan wondered."I stole it." He said bluntly.Mu Lan's eyes were like tennis balls. She asked, "From where?""From my future brother-in-law's Intelligence office." He grinned.Mu Lan couldn't utter a single word for a few seconds. "I'm glad that you are smart enough to save you a**. But I'm not drinking it." Of course she wouldn't drink it. If she were to do something romantic with Mu Liang wouldn't her brother find it out? She could never let others know what she was doing, not even her own brother.He could understand her completely. He smirked and said, "Haha, don't worry. I don't have the time to peek on your romantic times. Fine. If you don't want to drink it now, take it with you. When you are in danger, just drink it and I will know what to do.""Okay, give it to me." Mu Lan said.He tied the glass tube with his silver chain and put it on her neck. "Don't lose it and Meili and Weiwei are in the room next door. Take them with you." He gazed at his watch which was now blipping. "Looks like my future-brother-in-law is here." He smiled. After that, he took off his jacket and it revealed a French police uniform and he also wore a police cap.Mu Lan nearly puked blood. "You were prepared from the start." She stated in disbelief.He grinned and said, "Who knows you better than me? When I didn't get the camera, I already realized that it must be the Mu Team who took it. And if you have seen the pictures, you would definitely try to find me. Come on Lannie, you are my sister. Certainly I know how reckless you are since your childhood."He rubbed her head affectionately for the last time and turned around to leave. When he came close to the door, he stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Let me tell you one thing for trying so hard to find me, I'm two years younger than you." Then he left making Mu Lan completely dumbstruck."You dare to act like an older brother, you jerk!" Mu Lan exploded.Just then, someone barged into the room. She saw that it was Mu Liang. He glanced around carefully and saw Mu Lan in one piece without any harm and sighed in relief. He didn't care about those dead bodies and walked towards her. Then, he pulled her into his embrace."Are you scared?" He asked.Mu Lan shook her head. "No.""Are you mad?" Mu Liang asked again.Mu Lan nodded. "I am." Mu Liang gently patted her head and asked further, "Who made you mad?""My brother."Mu Liang looked into her transparent eyes and questioned her again, "What did he say to you?""He told me that he wouldn't say anything to me which I already knew and he also told me that I better not get my memory back. He also told me that you were feeling insecure because I used to like some other guy." Mu Lan said in one breath.Mu Liang's body stiffed. He clearly looked nervous.Mu Lan's anger subsided seeing him like this. She asked softly, "Why do you never tell me how you feel?""You don't share your pain with me either." Mu Liang calmly stated."We both are idiots, aren't we?" Mu Lan giggled.Mu Liang didn't say anything and kept looking at her without blinking.Mu Lan sighed and hugged him tightly. "What are you afraid for? Did I ever tell you that I will leave you?"

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