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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 290: NONE OF YOU THOUGHT ABOUT MY FEELINGS

Mu Lan's brother answered, "Why? That sturdy man, blonde hair, always wears black sunglasses.""You mean Hugo." Mu Lan said. "Yeah, Hugo Muller. He always follows you everywhere you go practically like your shadow. Very annoying." He said."He is my bodyguard. But why did you call him an Iron Man?" Mu Lan was curious."Because no woman can seduce him. Meili once had a bet with me and tried to seduce him. She was hopelessly defeated. That bodyguard of yours is really something. He always stays away from women. I think it's either because he is very horny, that's why he acts like that or he is gay." He commented.Mu Lan's mouth twitched. She was the one who was left utterly speechless now. "So tell me, did he find the camera?" He came back to his earlier point."No, it was brother Feng." Mu Lan answered. The man's left eye-brow rose up. He said, "Oh? Brother Feng? So close!"Mu Lan smelled vinegar and gave him an alluring smile. She said, "I haven't heard about my brother's name though."The man gave back the same alluring smile. Anyone could tell that they were peas of the same pod. He said, "I won't tell you anything which you already know. I will wait for your memories to come back."'Damn! He is so crafty!' Mu Lan was annoyed.She said, "Fine, don't tell me anything I know. But answer something I don't know."He asked, "What is it?""Can I trust Mu Liang?" Mu Lan asked him.He almost choked. He asked her back, "Aren't you betrothed to him? Why asking this now? Are you feeling insecure?"Mu Lan shook her head. She answered, "I don't feel insecure when I'm with him. Actually I feel very secure around him." She took a deep breath and then continued, "But, I think he is hiding something from me and I also believe that brother Feng tricked me to be engaged to Liang.""Are you angry?" He patted her head softly."No! I'm neither insecure nor am I angry. But they are hiding things from me and that's why I'm feeling puzzled and confused. I'm not sure what I am supposed to do." Mu Lan, for the first time, spoke about her inner feelings. She showed him that how helpless she felt."They are doing it because they don't want you to remember your past. They are doing it just as I would do for you. They really care about you." He replied to her softly.Mu Lan calmly looked at him and said, "Listen, brother of mine, no matter how painful my past is, I of course would want to know about my past and I would hate it if someone wanted to hide it from me. Do you think that I am not capable enough to take the blow? Do you know how does it feels to wake up to know nothing about yourself? Do you know how scary it is? Do you realize how weird it feels to live off someone else's life no matter who it is. Yes, I am leading a comfortable life, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to know about my own family and friends. It also doesn't mean that I don't miss them. Who do you think I am? Do you really think that just because I have lost my memory, I have no interest in my own family or I have zero feelings for them, or for you? Do you know how did I feel when I saw your picture? Can't you see how happy I am when I am seeing you right in front of me?" Pearl like tears rolled down her eyes. He gazed at her with an agonized expression. He tenderly hugged his sister and said affectionately, "Oh, Lannie, I'm so sorry. I didn't think about your feelings."Mu Lan wiped her tears on his shirt and said, "Yes, none of you actually have thought about my feelings at all. I should have hated all of you. But I know that you all want the best for me, so I won't. If it were someone else in my place, they would go crazy after waking up without memory. But I quickly adapted to the situation which means, I'm capable enough to control myself. I also have the confidence that I will be alright after I get back my memories too."He was silent for a while and then said, "But I'm worried." His hug tightened."You shouldn't." Mu Lan circled her arms around his back and patted him."But you almost died for a monster." He said.Mu Lan was puzzled. She asked, "What do you mean?""You were heart broken and almost died to save a monstrous evil." He said.Mu Lan asked curiously, "Did I love him?""Madly." He stated."How can my taste be so bad?" Mu Lan couldn't believe him.He looked into her eyes and said, "No one can blame you for that? He is handsome, rich and he pretended to be nice to you. He even took you to meet his family.""Indeed, he is a monstrous evil." Mu Lan frowned.He chuckled and replied, "I would be very glad if you can say the exact same lines after you get back your memories."Mu Lan moved her right palm from one side to another side, more like shooing that 'monstrous evil'. She replied, "Don't worry about my broken heart anymore. I'm going to marry Liang eventually.""Yeah, give me lots of nephews and nieces." He said."I'm not some production machine." Mu Lan punched his chest lightly.He made a fist playfully and said, "I believe in my future brother-in-law. He can be very possessive and impressive. I can feel it.""So, you are telling me to trust him completely." Mu Lan asked in a roundabout manner."I believe that you already know the answer." He answered in a roundabout manner too and then paused before saying, "He is definitely hundred percent better than that monster."Mu Lan looked deeply into his eyes and asked, "Do you know why was that monster pretending to be nice to me? Was he a playboy or had any other intention?"

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