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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 29: A DEVIL DESERVES TO BE A DEVIL

What Andrew Smith didn't know, that Louise Fontaine was Mu Feng's close friend from school. They were rather close. No matter what Mu Feng requested in his life, Louise always fulfilled it without hesitation.

Mu Liang already asked her to go to her room for some rest on the phone after Andrew Smith left. She easily agreed without asking unnecessary things.

When the meeting ended, Andrew Smith left. He soon went to the university and called the principal. He had a lot of things to do.

Mu Liang called for Head Butler Leo. "Did she have her lunch?" He asked.

Butler Leo tried to forget the image he had of young master and mistress. He tried to reply normally, "Yes, young master. Young mistress is resting n-now." Even though he tried hard to hide his embarrassment, in the end of the sentence his voice crooked.

Mu Liang lifted his right eyebrow as he looked at the sixty six years old butler. First Mu Liang couldn't realize why Leo was acting like that, but soon he got the answer.

"You shouldn't bother yourself with 'that' kind of thing. It is normal for 'husband and wife'. Get used to it." Mu Liang went back his own room while Head Butler Leo was rendered speechless.

'Get used to? Young master, how can I suppose to live long after I encounter things like these every day?' All he could do was to complain in his heart but couldn't dare to say that loud.

In the evening, Mu Liang was preparing to going out and asked Butler Leo to inform Mu Lan to get ready to go out with him.

Seeing panicked and flustered Mu Lan in the living room, Mu Liang didn't seem to feel guilty at all. Moreover, he smiled slightly at her and praised the way she looked.

Mu Lan was wearing a floral casual dress. The dress was within her knees reach. It was off-white in color and there were red rose printed in the bottom. it had a 'v' neck cut and half cut sleeves. She was wearing an off-white heel and very little jewelry. She wore top earrings with a white pearl in the middle and a white-pearls bracelet.

But no matter how Mu Lan tried to stay simple, she looked so stunning even without a makeup that Mu Liang couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Mu Lan's face burnt at his intense gaze. She still couldn't forget the afternoon episode.

Seeing her miserable state, head Butler felt sorry for young mistress.

'Young master, if you act like this, young mistress will leave you for good.' Leo sighed inwardly then looked at Mu Liang and said, "Young master, the car is ready."

Mu Lan thanked Butler Leo in her heart as she looked at him. Head Butler smiled lightly when he saw her gaze. 'At your service, young mistress.' He assured her inwardly.

Thus the Head Butler, for the first time in his life, betrayed his young master.

Then Mu Liang came to sense and coughed lightly to hide his slight red face. With his long footsteps, he went closer to Mu Lan and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's go." He said sweetly while looking at her eyes. Mu Lan couldn't help but looked elsewhere. Seeing her reddish ears Mu Liang smiled again and took her out.

Mu Liang felt his touch made her stiff but he ignored it.

Behind them were two maids of Mu Lan. They felt pity for their Miss's state and thought, 'The devil has arrived. He won't even let his wife go. The devil deserves to be a devil.'

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