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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 287: ACCORDING TO THE PLAN

Mu Lan drove to Latin Quarter. She saw the vans going in its direction. Latin Quarter was one of the most famous tourists spots in Paris and it was usually crowded in the evening. In the next ten minutes, Mu Lan drove the car in the street leading to the dock. There were people all around. She searched for the vans and found them beside a three storied building. Her eyes narrowed.There was a large boat. In front of the boat, the labourers were taking large wooden boxes from the building to the boat.Mu Lan frowned. 'Who uses wooden boxes these days?' She looked around and found nothing suspicious. There were tourists walking on the streets and the boats were floating on the river Seine. 'Of course they can't attract any attention.' Mu Lan slowly walked to the building. She noticed that there were two guards in front of the door. Mu Lan changed her direction and went behind the building and discovered a back door. She turned the door knob and noticed that it was unlocked.'So they saw me chasing them and wanted to trap me as well. So interesting!' Mu Lan sneered again. Then she looked at her wrist watch again and counted how long it had been since she left the scene.'Liang Liang should be on his way.' She thought. 'As for him' She opened the door and went inside the room.It was a pitch dark room. Even a rat wouldn't live in a place like this. There were some noises coming from the next door. Mu Lan entered inside and closed the door behind silently. She walked towards the source of these sounds.After walking for a few steps, she suddenly tripped on a wooden box and fell down with a large 'crack' sound.Mu Lan almost let out a scream but held it back while covering her mouth. Then she realized that she was still falling.Startled, she looked around and it was dark and she could see nothing. Then her body slammed on to a soft bed."Ouch!" Mu Lan whimpered. She rubbed her head and glanced up from where she fell. 'So is this the way they tried to trap me? They will perhaps try to sell me too.' She thought. She gazed at her surroundings. This room was less dark because there was a dim light turned on. She could vaguely see the furniture and she could tell that those furnitures were quite expensive.Mu Lan got out of the bed and came close to the only door attached to the room. She found a key-hole and eavesdropped. She heard some people talk in the next room."These Chinese detectives are very smart. They followed us all the way to Paris." Someone said. He sounded agitated. "So what if she followed us? She is in our hand right now and so is her sister." This person sounded relaxed."I think we should kill her and drown her in the ocean." Another one said."Why? She is a pretty Chinese girl. If we sell her in Africa or Middle East, we will get lots of money." It was the relaxed person."Why don't you let me taste her first? She is a hot chick. I bet she is very tasty too." Another one with a loud voice said."Haha Gerald, you always steal my words." "Isn't that why we are brothers?" Everyone laughed loudly. "Boss, what do you say? Can we taste her?" The loud mouth asked.The relaxed man smiled a little and said, "I don't mind at all."Everyone screamed with joy.

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