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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 286: DON'T UNDERESTIMATE HER

Mu Liang was absolutely right. Maybe he was the only person who could understand Mu Lan as much as herself.Truth be told, Mu Lan had no interest in Yu Weiwei's missing sister. She just wanted to help her and she knew that Mu Feng was enough to rescue Yu Meili. However, the moment Mu Lan saw the photos of that young man, she changed her way of thinking and made up a plan.When Mu Lan was told that she had no family, she couldn't believe Mu Feng's words one hundred percent. So when she saw the man's photos, she straightly gazed at Mu Feng and saw his dumbfounded expression. Next, she glanced at Mu Liang and saw his stunned expression as well even though he tried to hide it very well.Then she realized that there were some things about her which even the Mu Family didn't know about. The rest of the day, she calmly did her works but she periodically kept looking at the photo which she had taken from Hugo In the photo, the man was hugging Yu Meili and they looked like a 'happily ever after' couple. Just by looking at him anyone could tell how intelligent this man was. He had a razor-sharp gaze which would make people think that he could read through their minds inside out.'Could a man like him, actually let his girlfriend be in danger?' That's what Mu Lan thought.Mu Lan had heard from Hugo that Yu Meili was in love with a guy from the detective branch she was working in. 'So he too works in the detective branch. If he does, he might know very well about Yu Meili.' Mu Lan thought. 'Yu Meili after all works in the detective branch. Since she is smart enough to fall for the trap, she might have actually sent out some text messages to him as well. Yeah, as reckless as she is, she fell for the trap on her own.'So Mu Lan planned to lure the criminals out. She took Yu Weiwei out and went for shopping. She knew that they would be attacked for sure. So, firstly she turned on the GPS signal of the car and turned on the red button in the car which was only used when she was in danger. She knew everything about the car because it was her car gifted by Mu Liang.She heard the blipping sound when the car toppled upside down. 'So it works really well. Mu Liang is always right.' She thought. Her body was in pain. She looked at Ronald and wanted to tell him, 'don't go out'. But before she could, Ronald was already shot thrice. Mu Lan's whole body shook. She desperately tried to unbuckle the seatbelt. After she managed to get out, she took away Ronald from the car. She felt nauseated at the smell of blood.There was a sharp pain in her head which made her to let out a loud cry. She closed her eyes and her mind saw some scenes of her running with some people in a dark alley and then she heard gunshots. She wasn't sure if it was real or she was imagining things because of her current position.She glanced at her clock and calculated the time. 'It won't be long for brother Feng and Liang Liang to arrive. Ronald will be alright. I need to chase those kidnappers.'Mu Lan heard the sounds of the police siren from afar. She knew that they were closeby. So she had to leave early if she wanted to see that young man. Before leaving, Mu Lan murmured to Ronald's ear, "Hang on brother!" Then she took his pistol and left in another car. Her calculations were totally right because just after she left, Mu Feng and Lu Feng reached the destination.

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