Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 284: SILENT PRAY

Mu Lan sneered for the first time. Later, she got inside the car, started the engine and drove in the direction in which the vans left.She didn't noticed a red light and a blipping sound in their car.------Mu MansionButler Leo knocked the door of Mu Liang's study room and then entered. "Young Master, the dinner is ready."Mu Liang didn't take his eyes off the computer screen and asked him, "Did they arrive?""No, Young Master." Butler Leo politely answered.Mu Liang frowned. 'They are late.' He thought and pursed his lips in annoyance. He said, "Wait for them.""Yes, Young Master." Then, Butler Leo left.Mu Liang opened a file and while he was flipping a page, his finger got a slight cut. He absent mindedly looked at his finger and saw a thin line of blood formation in the place of his wound.Mu Liang felt a little uneasy. He took his phone to call Mu Lan.Just then, his cell phone rang. It was Mu Feng.Mu Liang answered the call. "What?""Big brother, where are you?" Mu Feng asked. His voice sounded tensed."Home. Why?" Mu Liang's heart started racing."Home? Then why is your car outside?" Mu Feng was confused."Xiao Lan is outside with Weiwei. Ronald is driving." Mu Liang answered. Then he asked, "What happened?""What! They are outside! Oh God!" Mu Feng was about to burst in tension."What happened?" Mu Liang asked again. Suddenly the temperature around him dropped dead cold to minus levels."The car might be attacked. I just now got a red signal. I'm going where the GPS signal is right now. I'm sending you the address." Mu Feng said. He was actually driving the car.Attack!Mu Liang stood up and got out of the study room. He found Butler Leo on the way and told him, "Get the car."His frosty expression frightened Butler Leo. However, he was professional and was used to Mu Liang's busy-body as well as his frosty nature. Without questioning further he immediately arranged for a car and gave Mu Liang an overcoat. Mu Liang took the overcoat and got inside the car. He drove away. Just then, he got a text from Mu Feng who had sent him the address.Mu Liang looked at it and then called Lu Feng.Lu Feng was on duty. He immediately answered the call. "Yes?""Send an ambulance. I'm texting you the address right now." Mu Liang said.Lu Feng understood that something was wrong. He quickly answered, "Right away." Then he hung up and ordered his driver to bring out his emergency first-class ambulance.Meanwhile, Mu Feng called Hugo. Hugo, who was searching for the young man who looked exactly like Mu Lan, answered the call, "Hello.""Search the GPS signal of big brother's car and find out what happened." Mu Feng instructed.Hugo could feel the tension in Mu Feng's voice. He asked, "And the man I was searching-""Leave it. It's not important for now." Mu Feng interrupted."Ok, I'm on it." Hugo answered and both of them hung up at the same time.In the meantime, Mu Liang was calling Mu Lan. But in vain. All he could hear was just thee sentences, 'Sorry, the number you are calling is not reachable. Please call again later. Thank you.'He tried twice and the call didn't get through. Then he tried to call Ronald and Mu Liang heard it ringing. He wanted to sigh in relief. However, unfortunately no one answered.Mu Liang's heart was turning cold. He didn't want to think of anything worst. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel."Please be alright. Please be alright." He silently prayed.

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