Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 283: SHOPPING

Mu Lan sighed in relief. She thought that Mu Liang would be angry. What she didn't know was Mu Liang's jealousy had already reached the next level.Mu Lan and Weiwei went to one of the largest shopping malls of Paris. The shopping mall was even having Christmas offers. They bought dresses for Weiwei and other people of the Mu mansion. Mu Lan didn't forget to buy a Santa Claus outfit for Mu Liang and two elf outfits for Mu Feng and for herself.Later, they got back into the car. While they drove they enjoyed the view of the decorated city. Mu Lan and Weiwei's eyes were shining in the night light. Ronald also got into the festive spirit. He even played Christmas carols.After a while, Ronald noticed that a car was following them. Ronald was trained by Hugo himself. His intuition was never wrong. "Misses, please wear your seat belts. "Saying that he made sure that they listened to him and then he sped up and took a sharp turn. Mu Lan also got alert. She took out her cell phone to call Mu Liang.Just then, another car suddenly came out of nowhere and crashed into their car. It was a hard crash. It made the car go upside down.The cell phone flew off from Mu Lan's hand. Even though they were all wearing their seatbelts, they were hurt. Mu Lan bumped into the front seat and Ronald bumped into the safety equipment of the steering wheel. Their heads were dizzy. The glasses shattered around them and cut their skins. Fortunately, Mu Lan hugged Weiwei tightly so she wasn't hurt anywhere. But the little girl was scared and her screams were like ringing bells in the morning.The two vans gathered around Mu Lan's car and a few people came out of those vans. They opened the door where Weiwei was. With a knife, they cut the seatbelt and took her away harshly. Weiwei didn't stop screaming. Ronald saw that Weiwei was being taken away, so he took his pistol, opened the door and went out of the car. Before he could do anything, one of those men fired at him thrice. Ronald fell on the floor.Mu Lan dizzily saw that Weiwei was going further away. She tried to talk but she couldn't. When she saw that those men started the engine and were going away, Mu Lan recalled Weiwei's cute face when she was eating the pastry. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She looked around to find her cell phone but she couldn't. Feeling devastated, she tried hard to unlock the seatbelt. As the lock of the seat belt was broken, she couldn't get through. So she moved her body this time. Her whole body was in pain. Therefore, Mu Lan let out a whimper. By the time she managed to get out of the car, those two vans drove away.Mu Lan supported herself with the car and moved Ronald's body away from the car. She was afraid if the gas tank of the car was going to burst."Ronald, can you hear me?" Mu Lan tried to talk to Ronald. Tears welled up in her eyes. This young man was very friendly and she liked him a lot.Ronald was already in a pool of blood. His breathing became very shallow and his eyes were closed. He didn't have much time left.Mu Lan let out a cry. She then looked in the direction in which the vans were headed. Suddenly, her heart became calm as sea. She looked around and saw some cars in the parking lot. She took Ronald's pistol and went close to the cars. She opened the door of the first car. She looked closer and saw that the keys were hanging in the car.

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