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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 282: LET'S GO FOR SHOPPING

"After your exams, I'll take you to Africa." Mu Liang promised."Really?" Mu Lan was still gloomy."I promise." Mu Liang said truthfully. If she wanted to do something adventurous, why wouldn't he let her?Mu Lan was happy to hear that, but she didn't let her happy expressions show on her face. She meekly said, "Okay." Then she went back to work.After work, Mu Lan and Mu Liang went to a pastry shop to buy a cake for Weiwei, which was of course Mu Lan's idea. The moment they reached home, Mu Lan looked for Weiwei. She was worried about her.However, everyone praised Weiwei as a well-mannered girl. So Mu Lan relaxed a bit. She directly went to the guest room where Weiwei was and knocked the door. When she entered, she saw that Weiwei was sitting beside the window in her room and looking at the sky.Mu Lan felt heartbroken for this little girl. She smiled and said, "Weiwei, look your sister Mu Lan is here."Weiwei turned her head in Mu Lan's direction and her face became brighter than the morning sun. "Big sister Mulan!" She ran towards Mu Lan and hugged her tightly.Mu Lan hugged her back and gave her a big kiss on her red cheek and asked, "Did you miss me?""I missed you lots." Weiwei said while hugging her."Look, what I bought for you." Mu Lan opened the pastry box and there was a Disney Princess Elsa cake. She said, "This is for you."Weiwei glanced at the cake and giggled out of happiness. She bowed and said, "Thank you big sister Mulan."Mu Lan was shocked as she saw her cuteness. She hugged her again and said, "You are most welcome." Mu Lan asked a maid to bring in a plate and a spoon for Weiwei to eat the cake. While Weiwei was eating, Mu Lan asked, "Weiwei, do you want to go shopping?"Weiwei looked at Mu Lan. Her lips were covered with cream. She asked, "Is it okay?" Mu Lan gently wiped the cream from her lips. She said, "Of course, dear. Let's go after you finish eating.""Okay." Weiwei said and then began eating again.After she finished eating, Mu Lan asked Ronald to get the car and the three of them drove off.-------Mu Liang showered and came out of the bathroom. He looked around and found that Mu Lan was not there. 'Was she still with that outsider?' While frowning Mu Liang thought. He wore cotton pajamas and cotton t-shirt and went downstairs.He saw Head Butler Leo who was walking out of the guest room where Weiwei was currently staying. He asked, "Is Xiao Lan still there?"Butler Leo looked at Mu Liang with a surprise. He answered, "Young Mistress left with little miss Yu Weiwei a few minutes ago."Mu Liang's expression changed. He asked, "Where did they go? Why didn't I hear anything?""They went shopping. Ronald is with them. I thought Young Mistress had informed you before leaving.." Butler Leo was a little scared for neglecting his duty."It's fine. You can go." Mu Liang said. Then he went to his study room and called Mu Lan.Mu Lan answered the call and said sweetly before Mu Liang could scold her, "Liang Liang, we are out for shopping. Don't worry. Sorry I forgot to tell you.""Come early. Be careful on the road." Even though he was angry, he kept it down."Sure, Liang Liang. Don't worry about us." Mu Lan said.'Who is worried about all of you? I'm only worried about you.' He said nothing else and hung up the call.

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