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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 281: SOMETHING ADVENTURES

Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He collected those photos and gave them to Hugo and said, "Find out about him." "Wait!" Mu Lan said, "I want to see those pictures."Hugo glanced at Mu Liang. Mu Liang slightly nodded. Mu Lan took the pictures and saw the face of the young man attentively.Mu Lan had guessed it right. This young man indeed looked like her. His face was charming. He had the same transparent black eyes and the hazel tree colored hair just like Mu Lan. He was smiling brightly. He looked very happy with Meili. Those pictures were of a happy couple.For some reason, Mu Lan's heartbeats became faster. She couldn't take her eyes off the man's eyes. It was like she was captivated.The three men around her noticed her change of expression. Mu Liang's eyes became darker.Mu Lan took one of the photo and gave back the rest of them to Hugo while saying, "If I take one picture out of these, I'm sure it won't cause any trouble."Hugo felt awkward. However, since Mu Liang nor Mu Feng said anything, he silently took the rest of the photos from Mu Lan's hand."Look at this one." Mu Feng wanted to change the atmosphere. He held out a picture.It was a picture of two men talking. One of them had a scar on his left cheek, he was a Spanish guy. Another one was a blonde from Italy. There were few pictures of them talking and shaking hands. One of the photos showed that they were looking in the direction of the camera."So this is how, Meili was caught by them." Mu Lan said."Yeah, she certainly knows how to look for trouble." Mu Feng said.Mu Liang looked at Hugo and asked, "Had she taken up any case before leaving China?"Hugo shook his head and said, "She had just closed a case for which she was even rewarded. This was also the reason how her family found out about her job and took her home immediately."Then she took their pictures accidently." Mu Feng answered."I don't like those two men." Mu Lan said while gazing at the pictures.Mu Feng smiled and said, "I believe in your taste. You are right. They are the most wanted criminals all over Europe. Two years ago, I chased them out of France. Still they somehow dared to come in here. I'm thrilled." He gave a devilish grin.Mu Liang only said, "Well then, on that note, I'll leave it to you."Since it was Mu Feng's territory, Mu Liang didn't want to interfere. "As you wish, Your Majesty." Mu Feng bowed dramatically."I want to help too." Mu Lan suddenly said."No!" Mu Liang and Mu Feng said in unison."Why not?" Mu Lan had promised Weiwei to find Yu Meili."Dear sister Lan Lan, please don't give us another heart attack. We cannot take it." Mu Feng knelt down. He didn't want to get into more trouble by taking Mu Lan into their mission.Mu Lan was about to speak but Mu Liang interfered at the right time and said, "You can leave."When Mu Feng saw that his brother came to his rescue. He felt grateful and left with Hugo.Mu Lan glared at Mu Liang while asking, "Why don't you want me to help him in finding her?"Mu Liang helplessly looked at Mu Lan and asked her back, "Do you think that he needs your help?"Mu Lan couldn't answer him. However she was getting irritated since she felt she was caged in Mu Liang's arms, kissing him every hour. She wanted some change. She wanted something adventurous. Her face turned red with fury.Mu Liang sighed and asked, "How many more exams do you have?""Five." Mu Lan answered curtly."After your exams, I'll take you to Africa." Mu Liang promised.

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