Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 28: PLANNING

Mu Liang looked down at the girl who was still in his embrace. Desire left his eyes and then he calmed himself slowly.

'If I scare her with my desire for here so early, she might run away from me for good. She just agreed to marry me after six damn months and I also promised her that if she finds a guy she likes she can cancel our wedding. I cannot risk that!'

Thought of other guys except him having romance with his 'wife', he controlled himself. Then he took her in princess style.

This time Mu Lan didn't argue or resist. Her face was still flushed and she was in daze. Fogginess didn't leave her eyes.

Mu Liang looked helpless. 'Please don't give me that look. It is already hard for me to control myself.'

Seeing her in such seductive face, Mu Liang could never take her at dining hall. So he took Mu Lan in her room. He gently put her on bed and helped her to lie down. Then he used bed sheet to cover her body.

Mu Liang combed her hair for a while and before he left he kissed her forehead lightly and said, "I'll tell one of your maids to bring your lunch here. So you can take rest." Saying his lines, he left.

The moment Mu Liang left her room, Mu Lan started to panic. She hid her face with bed sheet and started to squirm under the cover.

'What should I do? What should I do? How will I show my face in front of Liang Liang again?'

She couldn't help but scream. She was too busy to think about their hugging moment that she didn't realized that she screamed for real.

One of her maids rushed out to Mu Lam's room. It was Alice. She had a worried expression all over her face. "Miss, are you alright? Did anything happen to you?"

Mu Lan uncovered her face and looked at her worried maid. Looking at her beet red face Alice got even panicked and hurriedly got closer to Mu Lan. "Miss, your face is red. Are you feeling unwell? Should I call young master?"

Hearing Alice say 'young master' Mu Lan's face became another shade of red color. She quickly stopped Alice, "No! Don't call him. I-I'm fine, really."

When she saw that she couldn't convince Alice, Mu Lan changed the subject. "Alice, it's already 1:30. I'm very hungry." Mu Lan was slightly hungry but she used the word 'very' to divert Alice's thought.

"I-I'm very sorry, Miss. I'm going to bring your lunch." Alice bowed and left fast.

As soon as Alice left, Mu Lan eased down. She got up from the bed and sat on the chair. She took pen and a note pad to write down some necessary things those she would need in the university.


Mu Liang finished his lunch with Dean Andrew Smith and then went to study room for some conversation regarding Mu Lan.

Mu Liang went straight to the point. "She'll get her own room in the girls' dorm. And also, there must be another room attach to hers where she can paint. She needs necessary furniture. Everything will be provided by me."

Andrew Smith nodded. "Okay Mr. Mu. Everything will be the way you want."

"She can't have any unsatisfied thought. Decoration of her room, leave everything to me. Take care of the room today. I'll bring Louise Fontaine with me to take care of the interior decoration."

Andrew Smith was stupefied. 'Louise Fontaine is the most famous interior designer and right now she's in New York because of her work. Mu Liang is really very powerful to bring her here when she's that busy! As expected of Mu power.'


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