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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 276: I CAN'T ENDURE THE PRESSURE

Lu Feng treated Weiwei's wounds and told Mu Lan, "Really? How brave of you! Looks like you have lots of stamina. Are you taking your medicines properly?"Mu Lan was speechless. 'Does he always have to be so stingy? No wonder, brother Feng doesn't like him at all.' Nonetheless, she had to admit that Lu Feng was a good doctor.Mu Lan ignored Lu Feng's question and glanced at Mu Liang. She asked, "Shouldn't we buy a dress for Weiwei?"Before Mu Liang could answer, his secretary knocked on the partition and came inside. She said, "Sir, I got everything you had asked me to."Mu Liang coldly said, "Leave it here."His secretary nodded, put the packet down and left.Out of curiosity, Mu Lan took the packet and looked inside. There was a dress and a pair of shoes for Weiwei. Mu Lan took them out and said to Weiwei, "Weiwei, look, this big brother gave you a beautiful dress and shoes. Why don't you thank him?"Weiwei cutely bowed and said, "Thank you big brother."Mu Liang's gaze softened and said, "My pleasure."Mu Lan took Weiwei in her arms and said, "Let's go and get changed." Weiwei hugged Mu Lan's neck as they both left.Lu Feng looked at Mu Liang and said, "This little girl seems to be quite attached to your girl.""She likes children and the children like her too." Mu Liang recalled the time in Beijing when Mu Lan used to play with the children in her area. She used to be very popular among children. The children would call her 'big sister'. She used to play with them every weekend.Lu Feng glanced at his friend and said, "You know, she is recovering well.""I can see that." Mu Liang said softly."She might come to me anytime and can ask me if I can help to get her memory back What will I do that time?" Lu Feng was helpless. As a doctor, he was supposed to cure his patients. But as a friend, he wanted to delay Mu Lan's treatment as long as possible. He was in a dilemma.Both the friends didn't say anything for a long time. Later, Mu Liang answered, "Give me some time."Lu Feng nodded and said, "Sure, but don't take too much time. I can't endure this kind of pressure for too long. She is also Yan Su's best friend."Just then, Mu Lan came with Weiwei and smiled brightly. She said, "Gentlemen, let me present you the star of tonight."Lu Feng's solemn expression immediately changed and he said, "Weiwei, you look like a princess. So beautiful!"Weiwei felt shy and said, "Thank you doctor uncle." Her expression was soft and she was acting normal around them. This made Mu Lan sigh in relief. She proposed an idea, "Liang Liang, why don't we eat something and head out first. You can come after you finish the party?""...Sure." Mu Liang took some time to answer. Tonight, he wanted to propose to Mu Lan in front of everyone and he wanted to make sure that she wouldn't call him 'boss' or 'sir' anymore. That's why he had arranged a grand party in one of the most romantic restaurants. However, it looked like that he had to wait for the moment. That little girl Weiwei destroyed his plan. Mu Liang had an urge to send the girl with Mu Feng, but then, as he glanced at Mu Lan, he saw she was so delighted just like years ago. He wasn't able to refuse her. Lu Feng coughed and excused himself. He could understand Mu Liang's motive behind holding the party just before Christmas. He felt sorry for his friend.Mu Liang silently saw that Mu Lan and Weiwei were having fun. He tore his gaze and continued talking to some stakeholders.

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