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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 274: WEEPING IN THE WASHROOM

Mu Lan chose to wear a Caf Sweetheart neck beaded dress 93765 by Jovani. Her hair was styled in a fishtail braid half updo. She wore pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and her engagement ring. With a light makeup, she looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.Mu Liang glanced at her in a daze. Afterwards, he came closer and wiped off her lipstick. "Don't wear it." He said. He definitely didn't want other guys to lust over her lips. Her lips were his alone.Mu Liang took her to Pur' - Jean-Francois Rouquette. It was one of the most romantic five star restaurants in Paris. The whole floor was hired by Mu Corporation and Mu Lan saw many familiar employees there. Everyone knew her as Assistant Lan. The employees greeted their boss and his assistant.It was already evening and the lights were all turned on. The restaurant looked magnificent. It was decorated for Christmas and the whole place radiated a festive atmosphere.Mu Lan glanced at the large chocolate christmas tree in awe. The entire Christmas tree was decorated with chocolates.Mu Lan asked the man beside her, "Liang Liang, won't the lights melt the chocolates?"Mu Liang looked at the tree and replied, "It won't because these are LED lights.""Marvelous!" Mu Lan exclaimed.Mu Liang smiled and said, "If you like it so much, then we will take it to our mansion.""It would be great! I can eat the whole tree with my friends." Mu Lan's eyes glittered. Mu Liang hid his laughter and sipped the fine red wine. Then his gaze fell on Mu Lan who was drinking red wine from the second glass. He said, "Don't get drunk."Mu Lan answered, "I'm not worried about it, because you are here."Mu Liang had an urge to kiss her then and there, but looking at his employees around them, he controlled himself.An hour later, Mu Lan got tipsy and went to the bathroom. She sprayed water on her face and became a little sober. Just then, she heard sounds of someone weeping.Immediately Mu Lan became alert. Her previous episodes with Ru Xin, Louise and Ruddy were enough for Mu Lan to become aware. She searched for the source of the sound. She found out that it came from the toilet which was situated in the corner.Mu Lan walked there. She tried not to make any sound. She eavesdropped and heard the sounds of a young girl weeping.Nobody else was in the washroom. There was only this girl weeping alone. Mu Lan felt sympathy for her. So she knocked the door.Immediately, the girl got wary and she stopped weeping.'Maybe, she is scared.' Mu Lan thought. She said with a lively tone, "Hello there, are you alright? Consider me as a sister. You can tell me if you have a problem."Mu Lan patiently waited for an answer but she heard nothing. After a few minutes, when Mu Lan decided to give up, she heard the girl's voice, "Who are you?" Her voice was timid as if she was very cautious.Mu Lan answered softly, "My name is Mu Lan.""Are you the Disney Mulan?" The girl asked.Her innocent question made Mu Lan giggle. Then she replied, "No dear. But I want to help you. Do you want to tell me why you are crying? Are you in pain?"The girl didn't answer her. 'Is she disappointed that I'm not the Disney Mulan?' Mu Lan thought. She was about to lose hope, when the girl unlocked the door.As the girl opened the door, Mu Lan saw a small girl about ten years old. Her pink dress was worn out and her hair was disheveled. Her eyes were puffed since she cried so much. Her left knee was bleeding and she was barefooted.The girl looked at Mu Lan pitifully.

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