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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 272: DROWNING IN THE SEA OF SHAME

"What kind of training?" Mu Lan asked further. She was getting curious and excited at the same time."Let's sharpen your skills which will enable you to earn money." Mu Liang looked at her and asked, "Have you ever tried to design a game?""No. Why would I design a game and not painting?" Mu Lan asked."You play the new game pretty well and you understand the codes too. Why don't you try to create a game after exam? If you need any help, you can ask me." Mu Liang said."No, I won't take your help. I'm already earning enough money from the game Car Race4-99 right now. I can do it on my own." Her eyes sparkled.Mu Liang smiled as well. He asked, "Are you forgetting something?""Hmm? What?" Mu Lan asked."You will also get a salary for being my Assistant for this month along with a Christmas bonus." Mu Liang answered.Mu Lan laughed gleefully. "Oh right! My salary for working as your Assistant haha I totally forgot about it haha when will I get my salary?"Mu Liang's face fell. 'Dose she only care about her salary?' He thought."You won't get your salary if you don't kiss me right now." Mu Liang abruptly said.Mu Lan was left speechless.'What the hell! What does my salary have to do with me kissing you?' Her head was about to go upside down. Then she thought again, 'It's okay to give him a kiss, but, let me make more money out of it.' She calculated how much money she needed to design the new game.After doing her calculations for a while, Mu Lan said, "Fine, I'll give you a kiss. But you'll have to double my bonus in return." Her eyes glittered.Mu Liang gazed at her without blinking. Finally he said, "I'll give you triple the salary plus triple bonus."Mu Lan found it suspicious. She asked, "What is the price?"Mu Liang smiled and replied, "My wife sure is very smart."Mu Lan directly said, "Don't beat around the bush. Spill it.""You'll have to kiss me once an hour, every day and the money is all yours." Mu Liang said and waited to see her reaction.Mu Lan, "..."'Shameless! How can he say that with a smile on his face?' She wondered."You want me to sell my lips?" Mu Lan asked with disbelief.Mu Liang corrected her saying, "I want you to show me your love and affection which is exclusive to me only.""...Can't you be less shameless?" Mu Lan felt helpless."I don't mind drowning in the sea of shame only for you." Saying that Mu Liang bent and kissed her soft lips giving her no time to protest.Mu Lan's ears turned red in shame. She wanted to bite Mu Liang's lips. Just then, she heard the sound of door opening. Startled she pushed him away and saw Mu Feng come out of the bathroom. His face was pale. He looked weak because he had vomited for so long.When Mu Feng saw the couple being all lovey-dovey and flirting while he was in this state, he glared at them.Mu Lan felt pitiful and wondered what had tamed this King of the European Underworld. She wanted to move away but Mu Liang said, "Ignore him." And continued to kiss her lips. Mu Feng who was stroking his stomach and glaring at them, felt something was wrong and ran inside the bathroom.'Going to the bathroom and puking is better than this dog food.' He thought.When the storm came down, Mu Lan was panting on Mu Liang's chest. Mu Liang looked down at his adorable wife and rubbed her swollen lips."Is it painful?" He asked with affection.'Painful your butt!' Mu Lan got annoyed at herself for not having control over herself. She bit Mu Liang's thumb.Chomp!

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